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Financial Portfolio

without noticing anything, and portfolio spend and be open to what she decides, but that is an ideal, it is not possible in practice, happens to us as well. Some couples manage it but not all … … Says Clear accounts provider, whether man or woman, who sustain the costs … It is indisputable that the problems of money, can only be solved with money: Or what do you think? But the conflicts that arise in relation to money in the relationships do not necessarily have to do with it, with the amount, with what is spent or not, but with a condition that represents something far more significant than the money itself … They are about control, power, taste, interest. So in a relationship there are many needs to cover.

We assume that for women, the most important thing is to have a domestic help that the release of certain routine activities such as cooking, cleaning and ironing. So, wants to hire someone to do it for her. However, the man has other interests, for example, have a better team video … because I think it's wonderful film and his love is the photo. In this small example, we can deduce that who has the ability to generate income or money for that spending will go. That is, it is the woman who has the power to decide on the money, will choose to hire a person who assists in those occupations which considers important. But it is the man who has the need to be portrayed everywhere will opt for the team photo …


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