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Learning Styles Teach Us a Lot

For example, Honey and Mumford four basic learning styles that are based on Kolb’s learning cycle. Can be evaluated by your learning style questionnaire (CEA), which explains, in his opinion, why some people learn and others do not. This strategy helps the coach understand their preferences for their own learning style, as well as its weaknesses. The four learning styles listed above are: activist, reflective, theoretical and pragmatic. Are described below, together with the strategy of coaching for pupils who have low scores on each of the four styles: Learning Styles and Strategies of Coaching Honey and Mumford LEARNING STYLE LEARN BETTER COACHING STRATEGY (for coach they get low scores like that) ACTIVISTS: These are individuals who like to be involved in experimental situations, like new opportunities, they feel comfortable being the center of attention and usually have excellent profiles professionals.

– In the present. – When there is an element of risk. – When others are discussing and inject them energy. The coach and pupil could be set as goals the various activities in a given period. Reflective: They prefer to think things through, like listening, observing, and collecting data before embarking on a decision or conclusion, and conservatives tend to be cautious with new knowledge or experience. – When you have time to think things thoroughly.

– When given access to all available information to guide their decisions. – When they are not pressed with deadlines or processes of making hasty decisions. Pupils are encouraged to suggest they keep a journal of learning and to add several learning experiences each week, or one every day.


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