Russian Federation

It is no secret that Moscow is the center not only of social and cultural life, but also the concentration of the business processes of the Russian Federation. Therefore, the share capital in the market of goods and suppliers is the predominant in Russia. Without going into detailed analysis of the suppliers of goods, we turn to our review, as was stated at the outset. Below we describe the types of services (ie what, what services are provided), and the one who provides them. Thus, in Moscow They may be individual or a private lawyer (often registered as individual entrepreneurs – sole proprietors), offices, companies and firms (most often registered in form llc or JSC), as well as lawyers working with the agency attorneys' offices, or members of the legal practices. In our review, we mainly touch upon the activities of various law firms and legal offices. According to figures published in the reference of telephone and internet – publications, lawyers advising Moscow in the following areas of law: – Services for business registration (registration company, JSC), services registration of ip (individual entrepreneurs).

Registration services for enterprises with foreign investment. And consulting companies in Moscow offer services ranging from consulting and one-off single compilation of documents to support the full cycle of registration, and even get other documents is a letter from Mosgorstat, staging a newly established organization or individual entrepreneur registered in the extrabudgetary funds, make a seal. Some companies offer additional services – 'Opening a bank account'.


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Business Correspondence In English

In recent years, it becomes easier and easier to establish links with various countries. This, of course, applies to business. And it is no secret that in most cases the communication is in English. And correspondence of course, plays a huge role in communicating, because the distances between countries are quite large, and by phone is absolutely impossible to solve all problems. And how much do we know about the rules of business writing in English? In most cases the answer is – very little. The most important types of business correspondence for international communication – electronic mail, faxes and letters. The English business correspondence, there is another important form – the memorandum.

True, they are most often used for all correspondence within the company, so in international relations, they do not play a special role, and even those of us who are learning English professional, is not particularly familiar with them. So let's focus on the first three types of business correspondence in English. Email has become the main type of correspondence. It is hard to imagine how we could do without just about ten years ago. It would seem that the e-mail messages to write easily format their computer almost without our participation. Wrote, sent, and no problems But it turns out, English has very stringent rules etiquette that must be followed when using email. And especially careful to be someone who conducts business via email. With regard to fax has its own rules.

It turns out that in the English-speaking world rarely faxes are sent without a special front page, which lists the recipient and sender, the date (with all that fax he sets a date for transfer), number of pages and some of what additional information. Besides, you need to know that the number of pages must include a cover page, although it at first sight is an integral part of the fax. Let's talk a bit about the letters They are someone may appear obsolete means of communication, but it is not so. Businesses in the English-speaking world communicate through letters in our time no less than through email. Invitations and greetings, for example, self-respecting businesses send by e-mail only in exceptional cases. Many e-mails and faxes are duplicated in letters. So it has decided to foreigners and for writing letters to comply with a huge number of fairly strict rules. In general, the rules of business writing in English are quite different from the rules in Russian. And if you plan to deal with foreign partners, you will not interfere with these rules look closer.


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