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Organizational Change Programs

Lopez tells us that Richard Pascale recommended more emphasis on asking questions that seek answers in order to obtain continuous renewal processes successful, Pascale suggests that companies must become “engines of inquiry” if they want to get out of the changes and conflicts that come with them. Between 50 and 75 percent of organizational change programs, implemented by large companies, wherever they fail to see the director of any company what they find is change, if you target your look at any industrial sector can realize that successful firms are able to adapt not only him but those who have developed their skills to anticipate and produce, in short, innovation is everywhere and signing non-renewal is unlikely to be able to survive. It adds that the key to successful change management is to understand what can happen with each of the actors who are involved with the company, what will happen with customers, how suppliers behave?, Will they be the employees willing to change or resist, how move my competitors, shareholders will they be willing to maintain your investment, how can anticipate and manage each of these reactions? … It is therefore important recommendation Pascale, ask questions is more effective than search responses. Urge the Venezuelan reality that management will identify more with the scope, role that requires change management, test, diagnose and create the strategies, processes of change to rescue the serious problems currently facing the country’s industrial park, where , not to have faced the changes with the relevant actions to what the challenges call has led many companies no longer operate and this has seriously affected the country, which has become more importer exporter that could occur in the country , especially in agriculture. Final conclusions No doubt, as indicated by Carlos Lopez, the manager of change must be a leader, have broad, smooth communication and above all his ability to inspire people, because they must understand that although the manager does not have it all solutions and the people around you can make the change.

To this we add, it is fully identified with all the challenges, scope, impact in the country currently being manifested through the actions of the current government, as well as the demands of globalization demand in the current global scenario. We share what we said Manuel Delgado, on that tackling the challenges, create change, you must lose fear of change, to know oneself, know how to communicate and take a right time to act. Of course also have the right skills to ensure success. Industrial Engineer-manager, abogado.EGADE (ITESM) UC Graduate in business administration, management, education Ph.D. Professor of Graduate Education Faces UC. Consultant-Business Advisory


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