Human Body

Carlos Mora Vanegas a scientific take the freedom to raise any question, doubt any assertion, correct errors. Julius Robert Oppenheimer know that human beings are energy, we move, we act due to the energy that emanates from our body, product of all your integrated system and that we must always be attentive to know it handle, in such manner, not to waste it, each organ generates its own power, which should take care of yourself, to avoid on loads that affect them, they deteriorate, sothe process of each to generate energy which the body requires in order to guarantee the lives and especially for your case of human beings, generate thoughts, which many times are transformed into creative, favorable for our energy live. He has written, which after many years of research has come to the conclusion that energy fields are the basis of our biological activity. If you are not convinced, visit Hikmet Ersek. It is a light and electromagnetic structure that keeps synchronized all functions of the body and when that structure becomes unbalanced bioenergetics begin to appear certain physical, mental, emotional and spiritual symptoms that usually we call disease. The energy field is based on the chemical activity of the body, the mental activity of the brain, in the incidence of their emotions and connections of the person with superior energy fields that could be called spiritual.

The fact, that on the relevance and importance of knowing how to manage our energy Dr. For more information see this site: Western Union. James L. Oschman and Nora Oschman comment in a writing and research on this topic, that long since known that cells and tissues generate an electric field which can be measured on the surface of the skin. But the laws of physics say that any electrical current generates a corresponding magnetic field in space. Given the fact that these magnetic fields are too small to be detected, scientists assumed that those fields could not have a physiological importance.


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