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Portuguese Levels

The current enemy greater of the Portuguese, had to the fact of being responsible for the biggest number of mortal victims provoked by not natural causes, continues to cut with a scythe life the thousand of Portuguese, over all for benefiting of a property of ' ' assassin silencioso' ' , killing indiscriminately and without informing, from there the heading chosen for the present article. The seleco of this was not for mere perhaps, but determined with sight to illustrate the urgent necessity definitively to stop an origin of precocious death that seems not to soften in Portugal, good for the opposite. The cholesterol production occurs for share of the proper organism in the processing of the foods that are ingested and ' ' for defeito' ' , that is, in the normal conditions, it happens of adjusted form, being kept the ideal cholesterol levels. However, the alimentary incautiousness and sedentarismo provoke its uncontrol and finish for catapultar a series of decisive problems for the sprouting of fatal illnesses as the renal imperfection or the cerebral vascular accidents (AVC), this last proven as the main cause of death in territory luso. After the meals, the cholesterol travels for the intestine where if it establishes with proteins, quilomcrons, helping to the transport of the triglicerdeos until the o liver.

It would be here that the bad cholesterol would have to be exterminado, but such does not happen when its levels too much are raised, over all you leave because them biliary are incapable successfully to eliminate it in the totality, thus continuing through the sanguineous chain, something that would have to occur. However, it progresses in wires with a very bigger density that one where if it would become with the amount of equal cholesterol the recommended one, then, harmful. To prevent the ascent of the cholesterol levels and the problems inherent they, agree to prevent the extreme consumption of lacticnios of bovines and derivatives, red meats and products of this family. Diverse types of fish and fruits also generate cholesterol after its ingestion, even so in substantially lesser amounts, even because the cholesterol is necessary for the normal functioning of the organism, despite, as in everything, harmful when present in surplus in the temporary system of the human being. Contrarily what if it thinks, the cholesterol does not have any visible symptoms that allow its previous or at least current detention. The only form to obtain to know if its levels are in the ideal ratio are to make examinations regularly and to follow the results to see if he is safe in the situation where if it finds. It does not have daily pay-acknowledgment of a possible one I uncontrol of the cholesterol and alone with ' ' reviso' ' periodic if it will be able to detect some indesejada oscillation of this substance. The risk to suffer with the consequncias of the high cholesterol is particularly inquietantes when the good cholesterol (HDL) surpasses the 40 milligrams (mg) for decilitre (dl) and the bad one (the 130 LDL) exceeds mg/dl. The situation becomes unsustainable and demands extremely measured drastic when the concentration transposes the 750 barrier of mg/dl, a last limit that it will provoke the increase of the size of bao and the liver, for which harmful sequelas can be fatal, to the similarity of what it will be reflectir in agudizar of the cardiovascular and coronary illnesses.


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The Process

We also understand that it lacks to one politics of health directed in the intervention and prevention of errors, improving the quality of care and offering security toward the patient-professional. INTRODUCTION When it is chosen to take care of of people, is because it chose to help, will be solidary, to serve, to reestablish, to support, to hear, to suffer, to cry and to laugh together with who cry if to move, to create bonds, to divide its privacies, its privacidades, particularitities, problems, at last to be together, together in the finitude, to participate of the process to die, because many of the times the patient is solitary, to the times abandoned by the dear beings or family, and generally who is next in the 24 hours if detaching it is the nursing. In this turn of century leaving for century XXI still the people, have difficulty and they do not know to distinguish the paper from the nursing team and its functions, and finish generalizing, placing all in one same platform, as they call ' ' the nurses and enfermeiras' ' to the step that we are a composed team of: nurse auxiliary and technician of nursing, each one with its function and ability established and regulated to execute. In the situation of fatality of the error, of the medication and or missed procedure, that causes some damage in the patient, mainly when it is irreversible as the death, the situation is delicate, however also cause of much pain and suffering for both patient-professional, much even so the people cannot understand or understand the gravity of the problematic one and finishes only prioritizing a side. In the truth we cannot generalize people and professionals, therefore each one is each one, with a nature, conscience, capacity, responsibility, perfection, imperfection, at last each one cliente one of the consequence of the error mainly when the cause is the death.


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Nursing Emergency

THE ESTRESSE OF THE NURSE IN THE EMERGENCY AREA Ana Brown Carla Hlida Pear tree Noble Walnut Maria Eleniza Orienting Almeida: Tatiana Oak Summary: The objective of this study was to search the incidence of estresse in nurses who work in unit of emergency. In view of that in a world highly globalizado the people constantly they search professional the growth thus forming a daily one overloaded, being this a desencadeador factor estresse of it, where the same gift in the life of the great majority of the professionals becomes, being nursing one of the most reached. For in such a way the raised hypothesis and that it stimulated this project it is the fact of that the professionals of Nursing of the city of Are Desidrio ahead estresse of it, can be citizens not to carry through the cares of nursing adequately given its patients. A research of qualitative nature was carried through, the descriptive level in the Hospital and Maternity of the city of Is Desidrio-Ba, in May of 2009, reaching a public of five nurses (). The data had been abalizados and soon after argued. It was evidenced it estresse that it already it made or it is day to day part of all the interviewed professionals of nursing, and that the estressante factor intervenes with the work causing emotional disequilibrium.

However it estresse, it in the emergency area brings risks for the patient and the performance of the activities of the professional. Words Key: Nurse, emergency and estresse. Abstract: The purpose of this study was you investigate the incidence of stress in nurses working in the emergency department. Considering that in highly globalized world people constantly seek the professional growth thus forming an overloaded routine, which is triggering factor of stress, where it is present in the life of the great majority of practitioners, the nursing one of the most affected.


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Manfredi Ricca

In Brazil the industries still are engatinhando when the subject is support. Valley to also remember that in the country it does not have a law that compels the companies to be sustainable. In the textile industry, for example, already a bigger concern in relation to the products starts that go being used thus adding a value to the product. In last the two years, according to data of the consultoria Bain & Company, the luxury market more than suffered to retraction from 10% – an account of almost 25 billion dollar. The expectation of the analysts is that the sales alone return to the levels of 2008 in 2012.

In accordance with the site Vestibule Examination, the sociologist Joo Werner Grando says that so that if can face this crisis the luxury marks had found in the green marketing a form that the consumers if felt guilty little when spending one definitive amount to buy a dress. Manfredi Ricca, director of the consultoria Interbrand in Milan affirms: ' ' The new ambient conscience became new ' pretinho bsico' of the sector of luxo' '. It still says that he enters the young, this appeals is still more efficient. A research made for the consultoria Luxury Institute of New York with more than 1000 people between 18 and 25 years of age showed that almost 60% of them search information on support before deciding the purchase of a luxury item – before 40% of the average of the Americans. The industry of the fashion supplies the economy of the country, thus representing an important factor of market product, of development of capital and economic support, and its communication will have a determinative performance for this guarantee of participation in sales. The next chapter argues the relevance of if communicating, the communication tools, its importance and notoriety for the spreading, promotion and launching of a new product or mark.


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