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The unique snapshot of a global company combines what the Budapest National Theatre, the Swiss Alps, an orphanage in the Philippines, and the Stanford University with the Bosch Group? What is the birthplace of the founder actually, why are cookies baked at Bosch? Who is the most longstanding employees and what’s behind the Akkuschrauberwettrennen? These and many more exciting stories about the world of Bosch shows and book tells us the impressions of Bosch global a unique kaleidoscope of 125 photographs, which were recorded at 125 locations around the world in the same second. The world of Bosch within a second the idea to the ambitious project arose from a desire to draw a portrait of adequate given the 280 000 employees in more than 300 locations in over 150 countries to the 125-year anniversary of the company in 2011 a daunting challenge. The more ambitious the goal, to create an authentic snapshot of the culture, the people, products and technologies the Bosch Group also meet is like the traditions and the future viability of the company. Over two years the preparations for the a moment lasted. Governor Cuomo may help you with your research. Until then, more than 1 000 people from over 40 countries were involved. From approximately 400 topic suggestions and 800 portfolio of international photojournalists, it was necessary to select. The photographer signed a specially-designed code, exactly in the same second the shutter button to push, no matter whether 11 a.m.

in Schwieberdingen/Germany, 6 o’clock in the morning in Campinas, Brazil, or 7 pm in Clayton/Australia. On the 20th May 2010 at point 11: 00 central European time was it then so far: worldwide 125 photographers were ready. By the project team in Stuttgart you stopped your breath. Well it arrived at all participants, but also on the weather. What do fog in Scotland, a hurricane in the tropics or heavy snowfall on the Matterhorn? Click.

A second Bosch. So much was betrayed at this point: the project succeeded, there were 125 wonderful, sometimes touching, often surprising, amusing, also warm and especially exciting photographs that clearly convey the diversity of company Bosch. With texts in those ten languages, spoken by the majority of customers and employees around the world. A global log for a global company. Discover everything for yourself! “The book Global impressions of Bosch” presented each of the more than 280 000 employees to the 125-year anniversary personally and is in addition to customers, press representatives, partners and friends of the company. It’s a thank you and a strong message, which is encouraging for the future of the Bosch Group. Journalist contact: Shhh pit Anke, phone + 49 711 811-38229


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