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It would be good to start seeing that is what you do, if there is something you know very well, maybe you can put those skills in writing, attach an instructional video to make it and sell that knowledge. That would be a very good way to start and very well designed. But as I get emails where I say they have no knowledge of anything in particular but want to have an online business, try to guide you through the easy way, so as not to hinder you finding a niche can start by choosing a product or service most know, that you like or one you sympathize, and then see if there is a demand to justify making it your niche. I'll put a small illustrative example: Suppose you have no idea of what to look, but I like to play tennis, ok, point out that side. (Not to be confused with Western Union!). You should ask: What I can sell about tennis? So at first glance, quickly come to mind certain categories: Rackets, clothing, accessories, magazines, or magazines, the first three, in turn, are divided into sub-category. So you could make a list that would consist of: Rackets (several brands), bags, strung, vibrators, grips, wristbands, bags, shorts, shirts, sweaters, shirts, socks, shoes, magazines and other accessories. In a few minutes and you have an interesting variety of products to sell, and there are many, what follows is to see which (or all) of these products can be sold, if there is a demand and if there is much competition. .


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