The Sun is shining continuously in the cloudless sky, mild evenings invite you to linger in the open air of the summer is in full bloom and puts everyone in the mood of optimism. At the height of the summer, livings space creates for new! The online portal for exclusive jewellery and accessories with a twist has a special surprise: from July 6, 2010 there is on all articles of the Danish label DYRBERG / core 30 – 70% off for a limited time! Watches and exceptional jewellery for men and women, made of high-quality materials of DYRBERG/Kern stands for pure design that sets trends. Noble and at the same time trendy jewelry, which combines elements of classical and modern in a unique way. Clear forms, decorated with semiprecious stones and sparkling Swarovski crystals in radiant colors the label of the Danish designer Gitte DYRBERG and Henning Kern shows twice per year with new innovative, trend-setting collections, such as jewelry that can perfectly underline personality. Check out Macy’s Inc. for additional information. The basis of the High-quality brass represents creations of DYRBERG/Kern, coated in a technically demanding way, before it is finally polished by hand and mounted. lmavEiVt6Q1MTcfIXg0oKi1Nz8HayMACPS9tJTAAAA&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwjuuLnKgK2CAxUDJUQIHdNoCUEQgOQBegQIMBAO&cshid=1699192331358879’>Rachel Crane. The Italy of the 1950s is Dolce Vita and Amore, for the lightness of being.

The current Riviera collection of DYRBERG/Kern captures the exclusive flair of this time and combines Joie de vivre with elegance and timeless beauty. Get a piece of this ease at home! Each collection of the creative designer duo boasts clean lines and exceptional items of jewelry, which thrills now and in the future. When the big clearance sale at of livings offers the unique opportunity to snag the fascinating necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings, and watches of the labels at bargain prices! Livings makes room for the new collection of DYRBERG/Kern, eagerly waiting for the fans of trendy brand. Unique style combined with high quality materials: DYRBERG/Kern stands for modern luxury at its finest. On Bargain hunting in livings jewelry dreams come true!

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After only three-month duration of the project, the new M * shi started online shop under. The M * shi was founded in 2001 by Steffen Helbig and Michael Vlcek in Jena, has since established with a store for fashion, fashion and streetwear Johannisstrasse 21 and went for the first time in mid-2008 with an own fashion shop online. Learn more about this with Tiffany & Co.. The shop system was used in many areas meet claims of the store operator nor those of the customers. Software Magento achieved with the transformation of the shops on the basis of the new and highly flexible open source now significant improvements in the areas of usability, accessibility and search engine friendliness. Thus the M * shi was brought online shop State-of-the-art. Initial successes are already to take home, with a significantly improved conversion rate and exceptionally positive feedback from our customers.

They can specify their product search with various filter functions and numerous improvements in the shopping cart and ordering process greatly simplify the online shopping. The new M * shi online shop offers also, through high quality optics, great pictures, as well as selected brands such as diesel, replay, Levi’s, Superdry, Nudie Jeans, or Lacoste. So that our customers always up to date fashion, are photographed in his own photo studio regularly all current styles and presented by Jena faces. Also, we supply demanding customers with interesting background information about all fashion labels. In addition to provide orientation in the jungle style, M * shi plans an own fashion and destination, as well as some guerrilla fashion campaigns. It is so exciting with M * shi.

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Magnetic Locks As Eye-catcher

Christmas more beautiful: The most beautiful necklaces and chokers for Christmas more beautiful the most beautiful necklaces and chokers are even more beautiful at Christmas: with decorative magnetic locks as eye-catcher. The brand new click-locks by c-jot close by strong magnetism almost alone, they are extremely easy to use and high quality. The striking decorative elements made of precious metal are occupied with a stone (including Granat, Peridot, citrine, Amethyst, tourmaline and aquamarine). As the base material either 750-er yellow gold, gold plated silver or silver is gold used. The locks from 370,-euros there individually or already as part of the bead or other chains. With high-quality magnetic locks, which visually even enhance fine chains or necklaces, a goldsmith from Lower Saxony brings a new touch in the holiday shopping season: under the new label c-jot team Claudia Janssen with stones developed hour closing online is there with or without chain ( Motto of novelty with different stones, shapes and designs: click and and sits. Click closures can not only characterize the appearance of the jewels, but also dominate in desired dimensions. Closures, which were rather inconspicuous and purely functional just in neck hiding, now become the focal point between the shoulder and neckline. The connection technology with strong mini magnets as a centerpiece is optionally surrounded by 750-er yellow gold, silver-gilt or silver with gold. Close to the price of 370,-euro are supplied with various versions including for Granat, Peridot, citrine, Amethyst, tourmaline and aquamarine. The hasty as well as even older ladies, the fumbling with hooks and eyelets on the cervical spine reluctant for a long time will benefit from the perfect quick.

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High quality men’s socks for the business outfit that has men’s underwear label Schaufenberger extends its range to business socks. Governor Cuomo oftentimes addresses this issue. As well as the popular invisible Undershirts, socks, too meet all requirements for stylish business attire. Because in addition to the suit, shirt and tie are especially socks, which determine the optical effect in business life. The two integrated breathable zones are the special highlight of the men’s socks. These ensure that unpleasant perspiration is prevented from the outset and thus also an unpleasant feeling or even smell does not even arise. The socks remain permanently comfortable to wear as freshly drawn. As with all Schaufenberger products, also the business socks consist of high-quality materials, a mixture of high-quality cotton, nylon and elastane which provides for a special wearing comfort. The mix of materials prevents unpleasant folds and slipping the socks here is the leg length so adapted that never bare skin will be visible under suit pants.

The Comfort waistband does not cut, and is wearing the socks almost unnoticed. In addition Schaufenberger, waives such as when his tank tops, disturbing brand imprints in the visible range. With its high-quality processing the socks as stylish clothes are ideal for every day in the profession as well as in leisure. They are only in an elegant black in the online-shop of the label with attractive price benefits in the benefit packages of 3, 5 or 10 pairs available. Schaufenberger Schaufenberger is a registered trademark of fashion, which specializes in men’s underwear. The label gained fame by his invisible”business shirt. It distinguishes itself by a body-hugging cut and special flat seams and is available only in the Schaufenberger shop in the colours white and skin colors. Own according to the company abroad won already many satisfied customers and delivers his shirts all over Europe. Julian Schaufenberger

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