Construction Industry

Today's construction industry can hardly be imagined without the use of such substances as – ready-mixed concrete. Indeed, in the construction of almost any modern facility using this material. That is it? Preparation of concrete mix – moving the mass of cement, sand, water. The moving mass consists of these substances, just as there is – ready-mixed concrete. The percentage of these substances in the preparation of concrete depends on many criteria: the type of cement, concrete, using a variety of plasticizers. Manufacturers of special concrete plants account for dozens of these criteria.

Delivery of concrete is a special car – concrete mixers. They are required to constantly stir-mixed concrete, mixed, otherwise it starts to congeal. Plastic state solution is kept until such time as it did not stop to touch it. If you needed to buy concrete, you can bet that the transport will be carried out by the manufacturer of trucks. The cost of concrete is dependent on the characteristics of the concrete, as well as from those used additives.

Self-compacting concrete at high price would certainly be higher. To distinguish the form after the production of concrete can be, if we take a sample in a small cube side 10 cm in a week after its solidification, in particular lab you vynesut verdict – whether the hardened concrete specified by the manufacturer to the class. The main properties of the concrete masses – class, waterproof, mobility, mark, frost. Mobility concrete mass can be increased due to the manufacture of the necessary additives – plasticizers. Frost resistance of concrete mass mean, how many times can freeze and unfreeze the ready-mixed concrete. Increase coefficient of frost resistance is achieved also because of additives and impurities, the same for water resistance. Sale of high quality concrete is produced by factories producing concrete. It is very difficult to get good concrete in makeshift conditions. All of these materials – concrete cement, gravel and sand, concrete, mortar, you can buy in any quantity on the concrete factories.


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