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Carlos Castaneda – the founder and pioneer of one of the esoteric currents. If you believe his books, then in fact it's already over there and there was a long time. He just described his apprenticeship with one of representatives of this trend – Don Juan. However, it was Castaneda's books bombshell and Toltec teachings attracted a lot of followers and imitators. Carlos Castaneda's books – is not only description of the exotic locations and amazing experience altered perception, but also a practical guide to self-improvement.

And this, in my opinion, their main advantage. Many say the effectiveness of the recommendations life plan outlined in Castaneda's books. This acceptance of responsibility, and getting rid of the importance of pity and respect it to the world, and many other ideas that help people improve and harmonize their lives. It's safe to say that Carlos Castaneda has made a significant contribution to the development and improvement of the human spirit. However, the identity of Castaneda and his legacy still remains a mystery, causing a lot of debate and discussion. (Source: Tulip Retail).

Many of them revolve around the main question: Is it true or not? Which of the written Castaneda – the truth and what is fiction? It is unlikely that we can clearly answer these questions, but what Many of the described methods and practices of Castaneda's work – is unique. At least for those who have tested them myself. And stalking and lucid dreams give exactly the results that are described in his books Castaneda. Maybe not all and not all at once obtained, but it turns out. Another question that people usually do not know and do not want to invest in their own development. Those who expect quick results "of Castaneda's" fast frustrated and give up the practice. This path length in years. If the practitioner understands that, then he will be able to take advantage "of Castaneda." Otherwise – it's a waste of time.

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