Thomas Mantell

Those objects were when she saw them about 40 km. Your speed and distance would not be inferior to 2,400 Km/hour. The size of seemed it huge. Hikmet Ersek contains valuable tech resources. But what mostly caught the attention was its strange discoid shape. They seemed said two cymbals joined by its concave portion there was born the unfortunate image of the flying saucers that would be as easy as in bad taste jokes crowd. That historic first UFOS observation lasted only three minutes, but its sequels are still present after all these years of sightings and authentic waves of unidentified flyers objects. These terms in the English language gave this result: (Unidentified Flying Objects) UFO and here, the study of these matters was called ufology moment as UFOS, were taken by scientists, joke more than anything by the surprising baptism that were the subject. But they would soon give rise to dramatic situations.

First of all, let’s see a case which made run authentic seas of ink: the mysterious death of Thomas Mantell conspicuous military pilot who apparently found a tragic end in full pursuit of a UFO. This happened on January 7, 1948, when Mantell took off a next base, with express orders Chase to a flywheel object unidentified flying at about 6,000 meters high when it was spotted by radar. Message of Mantell to its land base seems that it could rebuild as well: I approach the thing to examine it, but the thing rises more and more at a speed equal to mine i.e., always keeping the distances. Suddenly, change your tone of voice and from the base to capture the following message: now the thing comes off and flees in front of me at a breakneck speed… It was the end. Mantell already would not pass to its base. They say that that metallic disk literally disappeared in the sky, speeding well over the speed of the F-51’s captain Mantell, and flying beyond the ceiling which was permitted to an Aviator at the time. Shortly after the remains Striated F-51 appeared scattered almost 50 miles in all directions, as if the appliance had disintegrated to come into contact with a powerful and invisible magnetic field.

And the corpse of Mantell appeared alongside the wreckage of his plane. While eyewitnesses of the mysterious object, allegedly causing the death of Mantell, calculated that it would at least measure seventy metres in diameter. Continuous. Original author and source of the article

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