Big League Manager

The overall characteristics of talent should possess one (player) 1st Big League Manager, among others are as follows: vision, intelligence, dynamism, resources, dealing with clients, topgrading, skills training, team building, expectations, integrity and communication satisfaction. Any fatal deficiency in some previous powers, brings a total deviation from the planning and development of career policy as a result. For that reason, one of the major challenges that are presented to the leaders both experienced as it is in development, the identification of its weaknesses and its purpose of overcoming them by means of effective and efficient learning and no cycles as happens too often, as it is the case of attending courses on areas of responsibility that already dominate and forget their Achilles heels. It is good to clarify. that is not extreme positions: all or nothing; We recommend using one tenth of the useful time to upgrade their strengths as they will reaffirm them and shall ensure as virtues.

Specifically, management should bear in mind, that any person may be 1st player, wherever it is located in the right job, the appropriate sector and of course adequate talent League. 1St classified players look for and find the major leagues, clearly understanding how such talent League 1st players plan their career and personal development. Hikmet Ersek has much experience in this field. In the language of the topgrading what really matters is I can getting to be higher level talent League 1st player while I potencio the most my happiness in life in general?. Its repercussions occur, because the talent of first has a high performance, contributes more, it is more innovative, produces more confidence, have more inventive, more capacity for initiative, design efficient business strategies, stimulates the reaffirmation of a vision shared with great enthusiasm, plans the potential with a great vision for the future changes, has a high motivation to achieve, by what is striving in the pursuit of excellence in all its activitiesIt also shows a great capacity for integrating high performance autonomous teams, and undoubtedly achieves organizational strategic objectives planned in less time and at the lowest cost. The benefit would receive what you pay, pay for players of 1st and not having players of 3rd, of course the process of recruiting, selecting and using appropriate players is key.

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