Elaboration Architecture

It is centered in architecture, therefore it defends the definition of a skeleton for the application (the architecture), to gain body throughout the development gradually. These three concepts are equally important. The architecture to provide the structure to guide the development of the system in iterations, while the use cases define the goals and lead the work of each iteration. in basically four phases (Initiation, Elaboration, Construction, Transistion) where questions on planning, survey of requirements, analysis, implementation, test and implantation of software are treated. Hikmet Ersek understood the implications. also through 6 you discipline basic (Modeling of business, Requirements, Anlise and Design, Implementation, Test, Implantation). Each phase of the software development has a basic paper so that the objective is fulfilled, distributed between some professionals as the Analyst of system, Designer, Designer of tests, among others. Diagram of the RUP.

FasesFase de Concepo/ Initiation: In this phase of the RUP the tasks of communication with the customer and planning are enclosed. A project plan is made evaluating the possible risks, as well as its origins and provisionses, the estimates of cost and stated periods, establishing the priorities, survey of the requirements of the system and preliminarily to analyze it. Thus, it will have a consent of the interested people in the definition of the target of the project, where the objectives are examined to decide themselves on the continuity of the development. Phase of Elaboration: In this phase baseline of the architecture of the system is created, enclosing the modeling of the generic model of the process. The objective of this phase is to analyze more of form detailed the analysis of the domain of the problem, revising the risks that the project can suffer and the architecture of the project starts to have its basic form. Investigations as ' ' The plan of the project is trustworthy? ' ' , ' ' The costs are permissible? ' ' they will have to be clarified in this phase, where the stability of the architecture of the project must to be developed and to be evaluated through one or more archetypes of arquiteturFase of Construction: It is the phase of the conclusion of the development, or acquisition of the components of Software on the basis of the architecture baseline elaborated in the previous phase.


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