the eureka phenomenon


Many people ask this particular phenomenon, which have become popular because of Archimedes is known by the name of Eureka, whose meaning can be translated as "I found" I'm here studying and experiencing the topic of creative development for a very long time. In general, there is full awareness in the West into thinking that the phenomenon goes as follows: 1 – Much time spent on researching a topic, much elaboration and finding information, organizing information, connections between different data. Call it a process of maturation. 2 – In a moment of calm, very quiet, when in fact the issue before us does not seem to be present within a factor appears incomprehensible that organizes that information in a special way. Then we made the light, see the Eureka! Apparently, all those who have tried to give a rational explanation for this fact, end up saying that despite the calm, the mind is still working, while sleeping, or at times of relaxation.

What happens? There is a passage from the unconscious to consciousness? That seems like the answer given by most scientists. However, those who have played tennis, golf, soccer or riding we have done, if we have been very attentive probably more than once we've seen that putt, the hole in one if you have done, always has the best jump happened without the intervention of the mind. Also if we paid enough attention many times we have found that the intervention of the mind does fail or hit or jump or play goal. .


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