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Fashion And Beauty

Highlight or hide some parts of our body like all the women. The best tips for fashion and beauty are reduced in 5 simple points that will help you to get you party with costumes. What should I do to seem higher? One of the problems that many women have is that they want to see higher, well, ye not interpreted, there are many tricks for styling your figure. The first trick of fashion and beauty is: wear straight leg pants. Used skirts and trousers with vertical lines to extend legs visually. Use monochromatic suits or dresses, we stylized the figure.

The use of high heels is an old trick but very functional! We must not use large drawings, since us ensancharian figure to give volume. We will also avoid wide leg pants. How do I realzo my chest? Uses shirts with gathers or decorations in the chest area, that will increase its volume. We can use many necklaces to create volume in the area. The dresses with cuts under the breast also they will be suitable. Bottlenecks closed box-like or oval, we will increase more than the open necklines. Use a good BRA, you can also try the push-up are very useful. How so I disguise? We will avoid carry very light colors, we decantaremos us by dark colors that stylized and not give volume.

The smooth colors will be more enabler. You can use a pattern that is not in the area of the chest to draw attention to another area. Use fasteners of reduction to decrease the size. Do not use horizontal lines, you potenciarias even more. It is not recommended to use fabrics knitted or heavy sticking to the body what should I do to enhance my hips? If your problem is that you have narrow shoulders and would like to enhance the hips, you can use accessories such as belts. A wide belt enhance this area. You can also use belts with Rhinestones to give volume. If we use garments with waist narrow We leverage over the shoulders and hips area. If you have tight hip you can use pockets, hollow better than stuck. You can also use two color tones to mark a horizontal line on the hips. What trick of fashion and beauty I would favour to disguise your hips? Do not use belt. If you want to use it you choose one simple and fine a little showy color. Dresses and suits estilizaran you more mono colors to avoid cigarette pants and tube skirts. How do I flanged shoulders? Using broad necks. Safari-style jackets with flap. Using horizontal lines. Shirts with wide lapels in ascending and horizontal lines. Boat necks. How dissimulation broad shoulders? Par to disguise broad shoulders can bring volume to pair hip thus compensate the typology. More tightly closed necks of shoulders, against more widths is more us widen. Vertical lines to stylize the area. How can I enhance the? do women figure? The perfect female body figure par excellence is the so-called hourglass. In fashion and beauty we translate this into a proportion between shoulders and hips and a narrow waist.

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