The Activities

The room agreement if harmonizes with the conception that we develop. For even more opinions, read materials from Anne Lauvergeon. The reflexiva characteristic of the act to think combines with the philosophical attitude, whose characteristics also are based in the doubt and in the inquiry it continues. the job of the activities that make to think, Lipman identifies that some professors to teach to think demands much time, diminishes the authority of the professor and, short-term, little is observed as resulted positive. Ahead of this, the philosopher investigated the results gotten in differentiated practical one that takes in account the operations of the thought. For this, it identified the necessity of if providing to an environment of questioning and freedom to observe to compare, to assume, etc. For it, this practical helps to develop the autonomy of the thought. To think with autonomy is to think by itself, what it seems redundant, because we cannot think of another form if not for the proper facultieses of reasoning.

However, what we intend to affirm with this, it is that when the things are presented of concluded form they lead to a conformismo on the part of that it was not educated to question and reflecting. To think by itself goes beyond memorizing said conclusions certain to defy it ' ' to reaprender to see mundo' '. When looking for to define what it is the thought, we appeal to the communication of the diverse mental activities, also called for Lipman of abilities of reasoning and treated as operations to the thought. The operations of the thought are all those rational activities that if make gifts at the moment that we think. The main operations of the thought are: to compare, to summarize, to observe, to classify, to interpret, to search assumptions, to imagine, to congregate and to organize given, to formulate hypotheses and to take decisions. The education to think significantly contributes it for the personal and interpersonal growth of educating.


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