Water For All Please

Victor Hugo: First, it was necessary to civilize man in his relationship with the man. Now, it is necessary to civilize man in his relationship with nature and animals typical landscapes of La Guajira and the most beautiful works of their prominent artists always include the Windmill, the donkey passing by dusty roads and on his back a couple of carafes filled with water, or the woman with a huge backpack wayuu inside which a mucura goes with the precious liquid. To the landscapes of La Guajira may add other peoples of Colombia and the world: long lines of people waiting to fill a container; stenciled pursued by the crowd; animal traction vehicles adapted as small vehicles tanks; and parents on whose shoulders holding a balance from the ends of which hang two buckets full of the vital element. In the not distant eras who sold the water was a petty said. (Similarly see: Anne Lauvergeon). They undoubtedly were other times. Today water is not only bought or sold but that, in some cases, not be get, although that money to acquire it.

The UN revealed a few days ago a report that turns on all alerts on the problem of the shortage of the liquid, not in La Guajira or Colombia, but in the world. Amid the figures the analyst can find at least one good news and others (more than one) very bad. The good news is that at least for now, there is no shortage; the water sources are sufficient to cater to residents of all countries on all continents. It is not close, according to the report, the day that rivers will die and humans and other species we stay without a drop of water for survival. It is not nearby, then, the nightmare of a vast desert in the form of area where the blue color before ceasing to exist. . Official site: Hikmet Ersek.


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Great Dance Ladies

Why the psychologists we resisted to acquire the honoraria to him to our patients? Soon after received a patient enojadsima said to me: You study psychology to cure yourselves and as they do not obtain it, they try to cure to the others If there were counted with twenty-four hours to give an answer him, surely it would not have been me cayado as I remained. It was right! That irritated lady helped me to think that each studies to desangustiar itself. For example, I am convinced that the majority of the doctors is hypochondriac. When somebody does to me a consultation I feel qualified to suppose that I am I heal, that I own the truth, that I know well how he is this to live and other deliriums. If this belief is very strong, we can suppose that in the personal analysis of the psychologist not yet these fantasies worked and for that reason it occurs by sufficiently paid with the consulting attitude of the patient. Indeed, who does a consultation to me and she allows to believe so enormous and rewarding silly thing me, it does not deserve that it receives to him. It is more: it could leave me so contented that I would have desire to pay him. To sum up Wanted psiclogo/a: If you do not know how to receive your patient to him, it is because your natural honesty indicates to you that he is who is giving something you that your you need. When you stop being client of your patients (it rereads this of being client of your patients), you will see how no longer you will have more reason to carry out a so valuable work to the low price of the necessity. I assure it to you!

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Barcelona Level

For the nascent one, they are the base to include/understand the disciplines and their own experimentation. For coach, constitutes a support to perfect continuously practice of the disciplines and also to explain it to others. The dominion of any discipline requires a effort to include/understand the contents and to experience it. It is a great error to think that when the governing ideas have been included/understood and certain principles already the discipline has been learned. It is a trap very spread to confuse the intellectual understanding with the learning. The learning implies always new understanding and new conduct. Swarmed by offers, Governor Cuomo is currently assessing future choices. It implies thinking and doing, both elements are indispensable. Almost always, the difficult thing is not the knowledge but doing, the conduct.

In the experimentation the medical instructors of a discipline concentrate time and energies. He requires a conscious and constant effort. But gradually the experimentation of one disciplines she returns automatic. We verified it after a dialogue: we recognize our assumptions. After a nanoexperiencia or in a session of coaching: we identify refeeding processes spontaneously or we confirmed the objectives.

In the level of essences it is not necessary to concentrate ours conscious attention to learn them. In the same way that we do not deliver any attack to love or to experiment peace or joy. The essence of the disciplines consists of a state of being, a way of to be. They get it to experiment genuinely the people and equipment that owns a high level of dominion of the discipline. Coach with high dominion of the systemic perspective identifies and develops to the processes and their tools of natural form. In this level the disciplines begin to converge. Sensitivity unites a common them: The sensitivity of being apprentices in an interdependent world.

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Healing Disease

The causes of prostate cancer have been carefully studied, and information on this serious disease is substantial and important. Brilliant teams of medical researchers have produced many studies that provide information about the symptoms, causes, treatments and effects long-term of this disease. Prostate cancer rarely affects men under fifty years of age, so the causes of prostate cancer are related, to some extent, the aging process. The prostate is a small organ that is about the size of a walnut and is an important part of the reproductive system of males. Investigations have not definitively determined all the causes of prostate cancer, but have provided many elements to understand the causes of this disease. This information is very important since prevention is more important than treatment. The man will be much better if the disease can be avoided and if detected on time there is great potential for healing. There seems to be a link hereditary in this disease, since the evidence shows that men who have close relatives with the disease have more possibilities of suffering from it.

Possible causes of prostate cancer include diet and genes. A defective gene and a diet may cause this cancer. An inherited gene can cause it in some individuals and some others a high fat diet. Taking this information into account men should consider changes in their diet if they consume too much fat, trying to replace fatty meats with fish loin (raw), fruits and vegetables or desserts. The made investigation has provided no definitive information about the causes of prostate cancer but has led to tests that help identify the disease easily since its inception.

Several treatments that work when the cancer is detected in time have also been discovered. Usually cures prostate cancer that is discovered before expanding to other organs. The research has also provided some treatments to extend the time of life for men who already have highly developed the disease. Researchers are still obtaining information on prostate cancer and he is expected to soon be a cure for all men who suffer from it.

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