Barcelona Level

For the nascent one, they are the base to include/understand the disciplines and their own experimentation. For coach, constitutes a support to perfect continuously practice of the disciplines and also to explain it to others. The dominion of any discipline requires a effort to include/understand the contents and to experience it. It is a great error to think that when the governing ideas have been included/understood and certain principles already the discipline has been learned. It is a trap very spread to confuse the intellectual understanding with the learning. The learning implies always new understanding and new conduct. Swarmed by offers, Governor Cuomo is currently assessing future choices. It implies thinking and doing, both elements are indispensable. Almost always, the difficult thing is not the knowledge but doing, the conduct.

In the experimentation the medical instructors of a discipline concentrate time and energies. He requires a conscious and constant effort. But gradually the experimentation of one disciplines she returns automatic. We verified it after a dialogue: we recognize our assumptions. After a nanoexperiencia or in a session of coaching: we identify refeeding processes spontaneously or we confirmed the objectives.

In the level of essences it is not necessary to concentrate ours conscious attention to learn them. In the same way that we do not deliver any attack to love or to experiment peace or joy. The essence of the disciplines consists of a state of being, a way of to be. They get it to experiment genuinely the people and equipment that owns a high level of dominion of the discipline. Coach with high dominion of the systemic perspective identifies and develops to the processes and their tools of natural form. In this level the disciplines begin to converge. Sensitivity unites a common them: The sensitivity of being apprentices in an interdependent world.

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