Moisture Content Sieve

1. The moisture of the material If the moisture content of the materials is too high, in the vibrating process, it is easy to form support in the vibrating screen. In addition, the physical block presses against each other, which will make the adhesive block more dense, increasing the resistance of the material movement and make it difficult for the material particles to be layered and sorted. The adhesion of the materials will also make the sieve smaller and plug the sieve, reducing the effective screening area, sometimes it is even unable to carry out the screening. Therefore, when the material moisture content is too high, some remedies should be taken for the screening process such as drying material.2.The particle size of the materialsThe d of the sieve of the pipes in the screening process is affected by many factors and the most direct and important factor is the particle size and the sieve size.

The ratio between the material particle size and the mesh size is called the relative coexistence. The smaller the relative coexistence is, the higher the d of the sieve will be. When the relative particle size is close to 1, the d of the sieve approaches zero. Usually, we call the materials whose relative particle size is between 0.7-1.0 as of the difficult screening materials or critical materials. The components of the difficult screening material also affect the d of the sieve. The greater the content of the material in difficult materials is, the smaller the d of the sieve will be. And the screening efficiency of the vibrating screen will be lower.

In order to be able to get a higher screening efficiency, we should try to reduce the content of difficult screening aggregates. In addition, the differences of the particle size also have a certain impact on the screening efficiency index. If the difference is too large, which will result in the laarge production cycle, restricting the product quality and processing capacity. Therefore, the aggregate gradation should be strictly controlled. jaw crusher:

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