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Social Mortgage Program

Social mortgage – is a national program of mortgage lending socially disadvantaged groups, as well as people who stood in line for an apartment for many years. To join the program social mortgage, it is essential that the authorities recognized you need to improve their living conditions. Social mortgage – this is a new program that really works today in Moscow and Tatarstan (Kazan, Naberezhnye Chelny, Nizhnekamsk, Almetyevsk, Ufa). The main advantage of the social mortgage business before – the underestimated value of the property. The difference between the market value of housing covered by the Government region and the federal budget. Today's issue of the social mortgage – a small number of homes under construction in this state program. However, in the near future the state program of social mortgage spread not only in homes built by the regional authorities – the latter agree with the construction companies. Social mortgage in Kazan (Tatarstan), 'Building the future' the most active social program mortgage is being introduced in Tatarstan (especially in Kazan, Naberezhnye Chelny). The republic has a special mortgage co-operative 'Building the future', in which the former take a waiting list. Living in Kazan, Tatarstan, and all can to submit applications for inclusion in the program of social mortgage in district departments of accounting and distribution of housing, public housing and the co-op 'Building the future'. To register for one area of housing family member should not exceed 19 square meters.

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Loyalty Program

While some companies struggle with the cost scaling down of the loyalty program customers, other such programs are adopting in order to retain customers. So what is a loyalty program – "crisis management" tool or extra ballast? In the Russian realities loyalty programs are regularly reduced to "bribe" customers discounts or bonuses. If you build it so the relationship with our clients, we can at best achieve one-time increase in sales, but not brand loyalty or preference for sustainable products or services a particular company. "With proper construction of loyalty programs may be worthy of crisis management tool and the impact on sales, ie the profitability of the company, – the project manager, NCT Group, Sergei Belyaev. – As an example of a "crisis" of the functions of loyalty programs may be called, first, reducing customer churn, and secondly, to attract new customers, and most importantly – to attract high-income groups, and thirdly, the reduction of costs of advertising and marketing research, and fourthly, encouraging Activity loyal customers.

" Loyalty programs can also perform ad hoc tasks, for example, or reallocate the flow of customers to screen out low-profit group of clients, freeing time and resources for more profitable audiences. According to General Director of "value-management business," Constantine Harskogo, the main challenge for loyalty programs is actually one – the formation of the sum of the reasons why following the purchase the customer must make a specific company. The task of the second plan – to make sure that the client voluntarily took upon himself the mission of "advertising agent" of the company and even her "lawyer." Price Loyalty According to Sergei Belyaev (, NCT Group), in any loyalty program, there are two items of expenditure: the development and launch of the project, as well as to encourage customers – and only one source of income – a profitable change in consumer behavior.


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