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Little Sangro

Ninetieth seventh anniversary of the birth of the universal poet Miguel Hernandez.(30 October 1910). Manuel-Roberto Leonis (A few months after the celebration of the centenary of the birth of the poet of the village which has been officially termed year Hernandiano (1910-2010). We project a ray to vindicate his bonhomie as for freedom, justice and equality, further winnowing his courageous spirit of delivery). Agarrotose of sufferings and sorrows, filled his heart with loving joy, the uneasiness and anger ran through his veins. Slowly bled from the deserts had to sew the desires within the chest, more than thousand times bit on his lips kisses.

A million hugs absent sputtered were – in the same – from aching verses, pondering grew in their brilliant brains. Its virtues, he remained at peace with their conscience: conviviality, friendship, benevolence, honour, constancy in the daily work, love ridiculous to others. Mountains of modest desires, in an appalling vacuum: without fruit between your hands, what a pain of heart! the simplest things are dried in his haversack: live in beloved family enjoying peace in freedom, be playwright, contrasted their ideas with friends, put under Coldwater cluster headaches not only until exhaustion ploughed literature with its roots, but that each day has deepened and expanded more, hugging her as a mother. One to a thousand times suffered and drowned in his brain craving having to swallow them to hide taking them to box with him. But – even – after his death – after thousand nights a thousand nights shining verses – forced his eyes to be awake. I know Miguel, that life had to be living, without rancor, and deliver it to death with dignity. And it was consistent with both until the end!. Original author and source of the article.


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Managing Director

TomTom has experienced a growth in the past year and its installed base to 38 percent increase Hamburg, 14.01.2013. TomTom has experienced a growth in the past year and increased its installed base to 38 percent. Yet 239,000 total will now 330,000 vehicles over the fleet management solutions from TomTom business solutions were administered in January 2013. In total, the fleet management services by TomTom use today about 27,000 customers, whose Fahrzeuge are traveling in more than 60 countries. The steady growth shows how successful we are to put products on the market that offer significant advantages in managing their vehicle fleets companies”, says Thomas Schmidt, Managing Director of TomTom business solutions. Thanks to constant innovation we offer solutions that help our customers to make better business decisions.” In the first quarter of this year, TomTom will present its latest development: a product with the smaller companies by Networking technologies can benefit for vehicles. The device is connected directly via the OBD port in the car, so that customers can install it independently. For the establishment of any costs thus. The unit shall be a cost-efficient entry-level product for the determination of position and route analysis of vehicles.


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It divulges intern external and the politics, the objectives and goals and the responsibilities. It gets adequate resources. It educates and it trains its staff and it informs the consumers and the community. It folloies the ambient situation of the company and makes auditorships and reports. It folloies the evolution of the quarrel on the ambient question. It contributes for the ambient programs of the community and to invest in applied research and development to the ambient area. It helps to conciliate the different existing interests between all the involved ones: company, consumers, community, shareholders etc.' '. 3,2 BOARDINGS FOR the AMBIENT MANAGEMENT ENTERPRISE Donaire (2006) discourse on three boardings in relation to the decurrent ambient problems of the industrial activities: control of the pollution; prevention of pollution; incorporation of these questions in the enterprise strategy.

This boarding if characterizes for the establishment of practical to hinder the decurrent effect of the pollution generated for data productive process. According to this author, this control can be carried through by means of actions located and little articulated between itself. The ambient actions of the company result of a reactive position of the company in which it centers its productive attentions on the negative effect of its products and processes by means of prompt solutions. In general, the control of the pollution has for objective to take care of the requirements established in the command instruments and control which the company is subjects and the pressures of the community. Donaire emphasizes that the typical technological solutions of this boarding look for to control the pollution without significantly modifying the processes and the products had produced that them, being able to be of two types: technology of remediation and technology of control in the end of the process. The first search to decide a problem ambient that already it occurred, as they are the developed technologies to descontaminar the ground degraded by some type of pollutant or to recoup the oil spilled in the sea and to clean beaches.


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