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Business Experience

Well, in this article I want to talk a little about the experience I had from my early days in the Internet business in relation to the investment that is due to you do to it to have an assured success for your business. Many online entrepreneurs have to understand that if they do not invest in their business they will never succeed, and I understood that 2 years after starting my Online business. When I started my first Online Business my mentality was making me rich overnight overnight, a very serious mistake that committed and that many entrepreneurs that are starting on this day are committing likewise. My errors 1) design a professional little website, I’m not Web Designer, 2) locate a free autoresponder to make email marketing (with integrated advertising) 3) and then not spend any penny for advertising, because the toward within Motors searches, forums and articles where me until they accused of SPAM. Actually I didn’t have any intention of investing in my business, because only I wanted to get the juice and drink me only jejeJ. But when things are not like they should experience sooner or later one realizes then to pay all my mistakes at the beginning due to lack of investment: 1 – the service of Autoresponder free used from one moment to another stopped working without giving me opportunity to save my list of subscribers, lost 3647 prospects after so much work.

2. The server hosting my site began to fall too so that engines (especially Google) searches began to remove my site’s results. These are some of the things that happened to me by not investing, which I understood so that a child will achieve walking you should drop a couple of times. Why you recommend that if these starting your online business or already have your business on the Internet, you start to invest in the best tools so that then do not you regret as well as I did. Discover techniques and effective strategies to undertake a successful business on the internet in hope I helped this article.


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Proper Investment

The need to know the variables that could be inferred in the desired way result refusal becomes very important when we talk about large investments. If you think of investing in foreign housing, especially in new construction; houses on the beach, villas, luxury apartments, etc., should take precautions regarding the place where you want to invest. A demonstration of safety to your investment, prosperity and profitability of course is the confidence that a politically and socially stable country can give. Very low levels of crime, high profitability, added value thanks to the pleasant and thriving national situation are applied to the plausible security merits that countries in developing with a strong sociopolitical Foundation offer assured that your investment will grow with the country, encourage the beneficial relationship economic rigidity gives foreign investment credits that social security grantsthat demonstrate their deep base in the solid political arguments presented in these countries, they are, among others, the reliability of the community contributes to the added value of your investment. In other words, a rich growth supported by the contribution that society gives you is complemented and gets value thanks to the myriad of contributions that the country can empower you to your home, whether they are economic, cultural, environmental, etc.

Political stability on the other hand, allows the regulation and adequate adaptation of laws that favor the growth of the country, therefore the legislation implies a proper economic development and growth, which demonstrates the viability of local investment for foreigners. Low taxes, great quality of life, facilities abroad and a great socio-political disposition investment foreign assure you high profitability and confidence to its investment, of assured that you get dividends to invest in countries where, thanks to its early development. Some spectacular examples are countries such as Hungary and Romania, where the investment of foreign real estate proposal offering looks increasingly more benefited from the two points mentioned above. Take advantage of this situation, make timely use of its capital to invest and get wonderful dividends at a low cost.

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Government Companies

The Venezuelan companies at present, in particular SMEs, are facing serious problems in relation to its operation, product of the incidence of new policies, strategies, actions, programs, undertaken by the current Government for its campaign of instituting socialism in the country, aspect that was not contemplated by the business sector, its management being affected many SMEsgiven the uncertainty, risk that is generated, especially in the acquisition of inputs, technology, wages, instability, productivity, competitiveness. All this has affected in the organizational behavior of many companies, their functions and since then, in one of the most active as it is the management of markets that should empathize with the reality of the scenario that unfolds, as well as the accelerated dynamics of globalization, which has today become very significant with a competition that offers great opportunities. Management must accept new trends that become a challenge for them, (such as: a-.) The political and legal environment: in this regard, Schewe and Smith (1982), says that society recognizes that there are inequities when economic and social systems are left to their own discretion. In theory, the Government represents the wishes and needs of citizens, and establish laws for its defenses. As citizens have a responsibility to recognize and obey all traffic laws, traders should be aware of the laws and regulations that affect their products and business.

Consider that laws legislative bodies emit and any company, no matter how big and influential that, can exercise control. b-) technology: technological advances are non-controllable variables that have a great impact on the marketing and can not neglect, as the specific case of the computer. Although manufacturers can establish certain technical direction, they may not make any way that a breakthrough will occur. (C) competition: In a free society, competition is impossible to regulate, where marketing management must be alert to the companies and to the activities of the competition.


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Presidential Commission

An explosion on an oil rig killed 11 people and caused the discharge of five million barrels of oil. A report by a Presidential Commission already pointed to the decisions of the oil company as causing the worst ecological catastrophe in the history of EE UU. Bad decisions of British oil company BP in the management of its Macondo well were, above the mistakes of its contractors, the main cause of the huge oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, according to the U.S. official report. The accident which occurred on April 20 in the Deppwater Horizon oil platform and which caused the death of 11 operators as well as spillage of five million barrels of oil into the sea for six months. The final report a set of Coast Guard and the Bureau of management and regulation of the ocean of USA (Boemre, in English), points out the failure of BP when dealing with the risks associated with a series of decisions that aimed to save time or costs. The document, published this Wednesday after 17 months of research, was expected with great interest in the oil industry over the impact that will have on the granting of permits for drilling offshore, a task that corresponds to Boemre. More than 160 kilometers off the coast of the State of Louisiana (EE UU) were affected and the maximum representative of the State has complained repeatedly of the decisions of the company.

The findings add published that in January the Presidential Commission appointed by President Barack Obama after the disaster, which spread the blame among BP and its subcontractors, Halliburton and Transocean. The cascade of errors that the report speaks of Boemre reaches these two companies, but their responsibility is above all in its lack of synchrony and communication with BP in managing the platform.The failure of BP and Transocean in ensuring that they had a common and integrated in the well control approach was a possible cause of the explosion of Macondo, the report said. However, the document warns that, in the months preceding the disaster, Transocean had a history of deficiencies in the area of security, and that it failed to interpret a crucial test that measured the pressure in the well. Both BP and Transocean and Halliburton had programs that were forced to stop work on the holding in the case of anomalies, recalls the report, and the fact that did not, after having found multiple risks and warnings, was one of the causes of the spill. One of the causes was the inability of BP maintain oversight and liability complete on activities associated with the Deepwater Horizon platform, continues. The report contains dozens of recommendations to improve safety in the industry, including changes to improve the system of prevention of spills or to ensure that engines of the platforms do not absorb the gas. Source of the news: EE UU attributed to mismanagement of BP blame for the oil spill on the Gulf of Mexico

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