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HDmag MSGP Encoder

Flexible “measuring belt” for big waves: with the HDmag MSGP Baumer has developed a magnetic clamping band transmitter, which is suitable for virtually any size shaft diameter. The magnetic tape is placed like a belt around the generator and driveshaft. The scanning head with two built-in sensors and a signal processing the patent-pending ensures an uninterrupted scanning. While seemingly immeasurable range of encoders for smaller and medium-sized drives, was dependent on large shaft diameters so far on complex special solutions such as E.g. toothed structures. Now this however has changed.

For the large shaft diameters usual case of wind and hydropower plants or torque motors, there today just to fit and high-precision rotary encoder solutions. With the new HDmag MSGP Encoder technology Baumer has developed a magnetic clamping band transmitter, which is suitable for virtually any size shaft diameter. That in length about the shaft circumference adapted magnetic tape is like a Put the belt around the generator and driveshaft, fixed with a tensioner on the shaft and can be changed quickly when needed. Through its axially very narrow shape and eliminating the torque arm clamping band donor requires only very little space on the shaft and works bearingless construction and of the non-contact measuring principle over the years wear-free. The sampling head of the new strap-Encoder technology with two integrated sensors and a signal processing the patent pending provides a continuous sampling across the gap to the clamp over. A large air gap with up to 3 mm tolerance and a permissible axial displacement of up to +/-5 mm to simplify the alignment of the scanning head and guarantee a reliable measurement on the other mechanical tolerances and vibrations. The electronics of the sensor head is completely sealed to protect against dirt, shock and vibration. The integrated FPGA-based signal processing enables very high angular resolution better 0.003 or more than 100,000 pulses per revolution, regardless of a, for example, thermally-induced wave expansion. “Best Innovation 2010” for the future development of bearingless rotary encoder technology, Baumer was ( motion) news from ABB crane systems with the “best Innovation 2010” award. The flexible mounting options of the easy to be retrofitted rotary encoders, which are suitable for any size shaft diameter were decisive for the award ceremony at the “supplier day 2011” in Sweden. The wear-free non-contact sensing system with high accuracy guarantees a long service life and thus maximum production yields for end customers.

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Magnetic Bracelet Effect

You are wondering how the effects of magnetic bracelets is actually? Unbelievable, but true! In medicine, it is often said that only the placebo effect is responsible, for the success of the effect of magnetic jewelry. But in a study of Britain’s the healing magnetic bracelet has been clearly demonstrated effect. The result was that the pain of 194 patients osteoarthritis was greatly relieved. The bracelets have considerably reduced the painful joint inflammation. Each patient was wearing a magnetic bracelet, using three different types of bracelet for 12 weeks. A subset of patients got very strong magnetic bracelet, a part of very weak bracelets and another part with metal rings were fitted which had absolutely no effect that the patients did not know. The patients described the history and the strength of osteoarthritis pain down.

The strength is critical. When you were over 12 weeks, the notes were compared with each other. All patients had pain relief by wearing a bracelet. The a third of patients, which the strong Magnet bore, showed a much stronger relief of their pain than patients with the weak or no magnetic bracelets. This result is not bound, to the ingestion of painkillers or the placebo effect because all patients took pills and even a less part believed that the magnetic bracelet. The results was also noted, the minimum thickness of the magnets is necessary to activate the healing process. The study found that you should use magnetic bracelets, Gauss (magnetic thickness measurement), exceeds 1800.

So is guaranteed for a more effective impact. The research team for arthritis of Great Britain, was easy just thrilled by the results of the study, however, they are still very careful with the announcement of the impact effect of magnetic bracelets, because they want to wait on more long-term research results. The physical effect of magnetic jewelry: Effect of the magnetic bracelets can be excellent. Here an example video: everyone has has around 70 trillion Body cells. Most cells are responsible for the supply of energy in our body. They do this by adding nutrients and oxygen which are then transformed into energy strength. The magnetic field of the Earth and also our own magnetic field, is extremely important for this process. But when our magnetic field is not stable, this process is slow and ineffective. This makes the entire body weaker and pathogens have an easy game. A disturbed or become weak magnetic field, the cell replacement is not more optimally replaced, weakened the body and is more susceptible to diseases. Today, we are surrounded by all possible electrical interference fields (mobile, Wi-Fi, socket), our own body’s magnetic field affect. However, magnets can help by protecting the body’s magnetic field. When the exchange of cells is low, the walls of the arteries fill up with water, everything narrows itself and the platelets slowly getting ahead. Through this, the platelets stick together and roll phenomenon arises. The platelets take up only a small portion of oxygen and nutrients. When it enters into force, it is the lack of supply of cells and they can reproduce very difficult. Cure serious wounds and diseases be tackled only slowly. Using magnets, wipe up walls of arteries leave the water out of the cells, the result is more space again and platelets dissolve again each other. The healing process to function correctly. You want to know more about the magnetic bracelet effect?

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When someone wants something you should know that it risks and why life is worth. We have said on several occasions that we are energy that our body’s moves thanks to the energy that he assumes, therefore we are subject to all those stimuli that somehow activated our energies, often in a negative way, other positively. Important thing is to determine what those stimuli that we favor. Up to many times the ones identified with parapsychological science have ventured to try to explain the Paranormal phenomena under the perception. Theories that are derived from energy and its impact on the behavior of being, more so when manifested many times a special energy that has not been able handle, especially psychic and unexplained phenomena as telepathy, that promotes clairvoyance, and why not the levitation and everything that has become famous to Sai Baba in the appearance and disappearance of objects. The truth, that the topic of electromagnetism which is our goal in this opportunity is very interesting and with regard to this, Pablo Villarrubia in writing about him presented in the journal year zero of Spain, provides US with significant information that we share with those interested in these subjects as it is textually, that present-day man is immersed in a huge, invisible and dangerous ocean of radiation.

Those living in large cities are most susceptible to this threat, that can produce lethal, such as cancer or leukemia disease. That enemy that surrounds us everywhere are electromagnetic waves that produce from the seemingly harmless household appliances – such as televisions or blenders – up lines of high-voltage or large electrical generators. A few years some scientists gave the first voices of alert, but it is now when the surveys and research have come to prove that the problem is, in reality, much more serious than it seems. Popular interest was awakened as a result of the recent lawsuit filed against an electricity company by the father of Simon Stuholme, a British 13-year-old boy who died of leukemia in 1992.


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Received by means of audio video projector Visitors to the television sound wirelessly and in excellent quality directly in the ear. Also the phone clip for wireless calls, as well as the ReSound be demonstrated unite mini microphone allowing two interlocutors even in noisy environments over a distance of up to seven meters can easily communicate. “Alera living room listening systems in the high-end segment adequately present with the help of our concept is much more convincing is give end users, in addition, provide them latest hearing”, explains Andreas Umbreit. You can embed our living room varied. The handling is entirely unproblematic.

The transport forwarding company cares. “” And of the care professionals has the chance to invite its customers to provide them with something exclusive and also hearing care professional master Mathias Schirow from tinnitus – and hearing aid specialist Shirov & Haebringer from Brandenburg (Havel), confirmed hearing AIDS especially in the high-grade area to adequately present. “A great idea”, of the Action package set in the frame of a local health fair. We are grateful that ReSound has submitted the living room available. The response from our customers was very satisfactory. There was keen interest and a whole range of demands. That was class.” “A little film to the action can be found here: the interview films mentioned in the post the ReSound information campaign ways to better hearing” this title also on YouTube, see.

Hearing-acoustics businesses can use these product-neutral interviews for your customers. For further press information and image material, see our digital press box under. The company Shirov & Haebringer, see. Editorial Note: as one of the world’s largest hearing aid manufacturer, ReSound is known as technologically leading companies. ReSound aims it products and services to develop and market worldwide, that enable hearing care professionals, the quality of life horgeschadigter People improve. The ReSound group maintains offices in 21 countries and representatives in over 100 countries and employs presently more than 3,200 people. ReSound Germany is a trademark of GN hearing headquartered in Munster, Germany.

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