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Hulbee Files

Hulbee Desktop Professional, the desktop search was now refined and powerful functions. Kreuzlingen/Switzerland. August 31, 2009. With the amount of existing files increases the need for tools, to find all these files on demand. The new search software for files Hulbee desktop, is now also available as professional version. One month after the launch of the free version now so companies and ambitious private users can use the program to the desktop search with significantly enhanced capabilities.

A license of Hulbee Desktop Professional costs 35,00, technical support included. Hulbee Desktop Professional, the desktop search was now refined and powerful functions. Users can browse files in almost all existing formats so that internal and external hard drives, network drives and storage devices such as USB sticks. Hulbee Desktop Professional is the ideal research tool for personal and corporate data on the computer. Hulbee Desktop Professional is now also in addition to emails Appointments, tasks, notes and contacts. Details the innovations a new, elegant menu, improved file management, and a finer narrowing of the search to thank finding even easier, faster and more comfortable by hand.

Search results are automatically pre-sorted in the categories of Office documents, texts, graphics, audio, video, email attachments, archives and other files. With a click on the respective button the matching results are ordered displayed the user relevance, file path and all other important file properties. With the help of the so-called Query Builder\”, files with certain properties can be searched selectively. To specific input fields to adjust the size or date have been built for the also from – to \”let the set areas. In addition, the search can be the so-called Boolean search operators\”to optimize. Can be multiple words at once searched and excluded terms. Even the relevance of the terms entered here can be set in relation to each other. In addition, more expressions in the text area of the searched terms as a narrowing of the search can be set.


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Balance Sheet Business

(Hereinafter referred to Buch. Balance) reflects all assets, equity, debt owed to creditors, if any, per unit time. In this case 1a of time usually is the end of the quarter. Buch. Balance sheet: Assets = Debt + equity Buch. A balance must always be in equilibrium, so the assets and must be equal to the debt with equity. Buch. Balance is the overall picture of the state of affairs of the company.

In order to understand all the details necessary to consider the example of Buch. Balance. Balance sheet of a fictitious company, "comedian and K" December 12/31/2009 12/31/2010 Assets Current assets Cash 150 000 220 000 Accounts receivable ( Less 637 000 603 000 Write-offs of debt in the amount of 12,000 rubles in 2010) Inventories 1,202,500 1,555,000 Total assets 1,989,500 2,378,000 Property, equipment 1 110 000 980 000 Less: Depreciation 140 000 140 000 Total property and equipment 1,250,000 1,120,000 Other assets Intangible assets (patents, status, etc.) 45 000 40 000 Total assets 3,284,500 3,538,000 Liabilities and shareholders' equity Current liabilities 300 000 275 000 Credit debt 260 000 180 000 Taxes liquidate other liabilities 35 000 35 000 Total: Current Liabilities 595 000 490 000 Long-term liabilities Long-term debt 575 000 501 375 Total: liabilities 1 170 000 991 375 Shareholders' equity Share capital 30 000 30 000 Additional fees 250 000 250 000 Retained earnings last year 507 000 385 650 Total: shareholders' equity 787 000 665 650 Total: liabilities and shareholders' equity 1,957,000 1,657,025 Always remember: The sum of all assets must be equal to the sum of all liabilities and shareholders' equity only compare Buch. Balances for the two reporting periods can be seen on the company's financial position Watch annual changes in the accounts and you will be aware of what is going on the balance sheet for a reporting period is very important for the analysis of current liabilities shall be paid during the reporting Year


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Managing Director

“Leadership in changing businesses as a key factor for employee retention and productivity” spoke at the 07.12.2010 Esther Valentine von Sigsfeld, Managing Director of expertplace human capital management GmbH, in the framework of a series of “Business insights” by Prof. Dr. Ronny A. Prince at the European management school. She granted insight into the “leadership in changing businesses as a key factor for employee retention and productivity”. In Mrs. Voss von Sigsfeld illustrated that the employee motivation plays a key role in corporate governance.

Mrs. Voss von Sigsfeld specialized within their study and in the remainder of your career in HRM (human resource management). As Managing Director of expertplace human capital management GmbH is your task especially in strategic staff development (E.g. interim management in the HR environment) and other various consulting services. The GmbH headquartered in Frankfurt is one of the Cologne -based expertplace group, which is one of the leading companies for consulting, project management and expert is placements.

A short brainstorming with the present students should first of all knowledge of the human resource management show. Terms such as labour law, recruitment, assessment day and termination, Mrs. Voss von Sigsfeld on the personnel motivation entered again. Because exactly these employee motivation constitutes an important task and challenge the leaders. Especially the staff loyalty belong to employee motivation, because only if employees (E.g. This includes spaces for the development of innovative ideas, a good work-life balance) have discovered for themselves a “fulfilling” task, they remain loyal to the company. Also get the productivity of satisfied employees. To illustrate the need for the employee retention in detail, Ms. Voss von Sigsfeld was referring to current termination numbers: especially in the consulting, the turnover rate (an employee is announces itself) very high.

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In Russia until the 19th century all the freight carried by water, and only a small fraction was transported by land. This is related to the location of our major historic towns and villages. Highways have replaced the traditional waterways. But not everywhere. For example our northern rivers. Even now, in Norilsk you can get only the Yenisei.

But let us see what life is like the same people of Norilsk. In fact, completely separated from the mainland people! And despite the fact that in Norilsk biggest salaries paid by JSC MMC Norilsk Nickel. While there is no road to Norilsk, he will remain behind modern civilization. Roads – that's our future! The Americans have proved correctness of this approach to their personal example. Freight traffic on freeways of course much more expensive than water. Indeed, transportation by water are cheap, at 1 ton of freight costs less than any other freight forwarders at times. But! In Russia, broken, or rather completely destroyed the infrastructure of river ship traffic.

In fact, completely destroyed the mechanisms of river transportation. For example, moving from St. Petersburg to Moscow 20 tons of cargo, easier and cheaper to produce avtofuroy than barge. And not just because of barge transports is not 20 but 500 tons. The biggest costs are hidden in cargo delivery to the barge and cargo transportation in Moscow is on the barge. All economic impact of river cargo is lost in the port charges. Currently, more than actual freight transport. Very easy – go online – sites devoted to weight of cargo delivery to Moscow and Russia. There are also special directories where you can easily find a specific carrier. For example The site is an information directory of freight and passenger traffic, which also shows the road, construction and other special equipment. User-friendly search will allow for a few minutes to find your desired traffic and make a request online or by phone. But why do we forget about the river transport? It is very painful to watch, sitting on the bank of the same Volga river to clean spaces. How not to look like this on any highway transportation highway near Moscow. There's traffic jams and congestion, but there calm and good fortune!

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Credits Online Actuais

Introduction to the credits online. Since early that the credit companies had introduced the computers in its quotidiano to facilitate its operations. The technology of the Internet that came to make possible the consumers to make credits online was introduced later. In this in case that the prolquio can be said that ' ' the necessity is the mother of inveno' ' it is applied one hundred percent. The borrowers had always chosen credit processes where its intervention was minimized. The lenders also see with good eyes the credits online because they make possible to reduce the work load soon and the adjacent costs.

Credits online: benefits for both the parts the credits online have thus had a great acceptance in the market therefore they benefit to both the intervening third-parties in the process. The success of the credits online can better be perceived if to compare them to me with the scene that prevailed before its appearance. A borrower was subject to be present in the office of the lender with all the necessary documentation. The situation one became problematic therefore was essential that the time that the borrower had available to carry through the operation corresponded to the schedule in vigor in the office of the lender, case this correspondence was not surveyed compelled the customer to lose time in its job to be able to carry through a loan. To make some simulations without leaving house. Before appearing the credits online, was normal customer to dislocate itself physically some companies to verify its offers, losing hours in lines, and needing some days until obtaining to congregate some information that could facilitate to a comparison and a posterior decision to it on offer more adequate. It did not have another form of if making a research in this height, and still today the used method for many people is this.


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