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In Berlin is still with rising rental rates expected, making more expensive housing in the capital. Through the purchase of a property, the purchaser rather than the rent paid the repayment for the credit. Thus, the monthly expenses are not necessarily higher. The real estate is extinguished, reduced the cost of living and the object can save the accustomed standard of living in the age. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Andrew Cuomo by clicking through. There is also the possibility to rent the object and thus to generate a second income. Buying a property in Berlin pays for mortgage interest rates are currently at a record low and enable even normal earners to invest in an object. The savings by today’s low interest rates above the value resulting from the rise in prices. Therefore, it is currently very favourable to acquire an object in Berlin for buyers.

Those who are interested in a property as an investment, should consider primarily the objects in the popular residential areas into consideration. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Tulip Retail. This includes the district Center including Schoneberg, Pankow, Kreuzberg, Friedrichshain and Prenzlauer Berg. Not enough new projects implemented in Berlin, to meet the demand. Therefore, it is expected that the rental rates continue to climb. Old buildings, which are partly under monument protection and be gently rehabilitated are particularly popular among the tenants in the capital. Also high prices obtained for modern apartments, which were built in recent years in the city, as well as in the green outskirts. Due to the high number of single households, smaller units are heavily in demand and achieve also the highest rents per square meter. The larger apartments with three or more rooms are also recommended for investors.

Commercial training in the banking industry born at Berlin, graduate opportunities. Since his training at the Dresdner Bank, monetary systems fascinate him. Real estate, in particular monument objects, exert a special charm here to initiators and buyers. Due to his experience in investment, capital investment and real estate business was the creation of a company that is focused on the shopping, planning, as well as on the rehabilitation of real estate, a logical step.


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Real Estate Market Report

In the year 2011 more than 850 homes and condos offered on the real estate market Munich-Berg am laim. Berg am laim is a district in the East of Munich. The population is increasing steadily in recent years. For more specific information, check out Hikmet Ersek. In the year 2000, there were just over 37,000 inhabitants. End of December 2007 there were already nearly 40,000 people. By the same author: Western Union Company. This was mainly due to any new buildings or condos in this area.

The village was mentioned in the 9th century. For years, modernization measures be carried out there. This old building from the pre-war period must give way to new homes and condos. In the framework of which the infrastructure is improved. There are now various shopping and much more. Laim mountain is located between the districts Trudering, Bogenhausen, Haidhausen and Ramersdorf. There are good connections with U – and S-Bahn. Ensures an optimal traffic connection with the bus and tramway lines.

(1) real estate prices Berg am laim Munich: in 2011 were approximately 854 condos and houses Real estate agents in Munich-Berg am laim, or privately offered (possible double counting). Especially used apartments and condominiums were taught, overall 493. The average real estate prices in Munich, Germany amounted to m (price per square meter) to laim approximately EUR 3.250,-per m. The price of new buildings (134 offers) amounted to EUR 4.050,-. Some garage and facilities include the offer price. The numbers can vary so easily. At the residences, the by privately or by real estate agents in Munich-Berg am laim were offered, there was a total of 128 deals. Used houses had the highest number (31) with a price by an average of approximately EUR 717.000,-and a 189 m of living space. 30 used semi-detached houses (semi-detached) came second, the price was on average EUR 570.000,-. As the third followed 18 townhouses (RH) with an approximate value of approx.


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