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MCM investor Management AG: oglichkeit cheap to get a house or an apartment. Magdeburg, 18.10.2013. Additional charges such as brokerage fees account for, the Court also customize a decision-making aid, how much the real estate may be worth. With a little luck, you pay less than it is worth. Houses appear in foreclosures at first glance as very favorable. Just older homes can unmask themselves as true cost trap”, think experts of MCM investor Management AG and are therefore more than careful when shopping.

Often the buildings need to be renovated from the ground up: leaky roofs and bad insulation are just two of many, high cost factors. Sometimes, all floors, the electrical system and the heating of the House, doors, Windows and all plumbing must be renewed. Extrapolating these costs on the once low acquisition price, some family a new House could have bought. Also offering such shrinking: found In 2012 according to the Argetra Publisher for Economic information nationwide about 61,500 auction dates instead. In the year before, there were good 15 percent more. This year, there were even almost 30 percent of less real estate than in the same period of the previous year in the first six months.

According to Argetra, the total 23,500 foreclosure dates are the lowest bid at this time for 13 years. This fact is based not only on the high demand for real estate, but also to the low level of interest rates. That enabled many debtors to financing their debt so that they could turn to auctions. For those for which constraint Versteigungen not eligible due to hidden costs, the offers of MCM investor Management AG could be very interesting. Because who already to the narrow valley”in the profitable market of the real estate wants to invest, is well advised of Magdeburger MCM investor Management AG. Small investors’ benefit in the form of participatory rights by the Immobilienhype. The acquisition of this money is possible also with little start-up capital. The access will be a broader mass to the Real estate market allows. The investor relationship is a win-win situation: benefiting the MCM investor Management AG, also their investors benefit. A good balance between safety, yield potential and high flexibility makes the MCM investor Management AG investment products so successful. For more information,


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