The Economy Generates The Crime

The economy generates the crime, therefore the economic power for ambitious persons for outrem needy; how to fight the first violence without giving a minimum wage that makes a competent person of if feeling a human being? Why a minimum wage not to saciar the hunger of all, without if vender to the world of the crime, without if vender for a food plate the family. Brazil, however only has to lose. A so rich country, but at the same time so poor; how to justify this? In the Federal Constitution, right equal for all, without sort distinction, but he will be same that she is being fulfilled? Or simply hidden underneath of the carpet of the State. As a country that possesss a tax of so great taxes, to guarantee a society ' ' in paz' ' , it leaves people in a critical state as the street inhabitants, inhabitants of slum quarters. He will be that the inhabitants of the northeast state are certain to have at least ten children to help them to place a beans to the table, or the State, forgets them? Therefore each time more the crime if spreads over Brazil and even though for the world. The state of So Paulo and Rio De Janeiro, for example, if finds in a critical point of civil war, however aged children, young and if become each time more victims of the crime. Then, who is with the reason? The State, not to fulfill with its obligations or the crime, to steal for financial difficulties? At last, the State if hides day yes day and the crime day the day in the TVs, magazines and periodicals, printed all viewing not to see it and if to shock. It will be that the State will pay not to have more crime being that it commits also it? Which the solution? Perhaps never it has; or we will live with it as it happens, or one day we can walk in the streets without if worrying about stock markets, clocks, and mainly the life..


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Socialist State

With the end of this war, these investors if had hurried in removing its capitals in the Stock exchange to invest again in the Europe. This situation provoked a true collapse in financial system North American e, after that, as consequence of the Inter-relations of the capitalist, world-wide system. Hikmet Ersek follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Displayed the three forms of if looking at economic collapse North American e, the tow, world-wide, we will go to analyze the main points of this call Crisis of 1929. The economic crises are seen of different form as the theoretical referencial. For the marxists, the economic depressions evidenced that the capitalist system would arrive at a period of training where to such they would ruiriam it crises, demonstrating its contradictions, the point of making to pull down while system. However, for classic liberalism, based for Adam Smith and Davi Ricardo, such crises were ' ' normais' ' until good comings, therefore showed the transformation power that the capitalism possua.

In these economic crises, less the chemical preparations fell. Sobravam, however, the most enabled. The historical context where if it passes the Crisis of 1929 evidences that this, however, cannot be considered a common crisis, ' ' normal' '. The countries just left the World War I do not obtain to retake previous the ciphers economic the war. Moreover, the capitalism had advanced in the great industrialized countries. This situation provoked an interrelation between these capitalist countries considered ' ' centrais' '. On the other hand, the peripheral countries, as of Latin America, they survived basically of the exportations to these developed countries more economically. This net of mutual dependences made with that a North American economic crisis became world-wide ratios. The Soviet Union was not only affected with such crisis, accurately because it was not part of this net of capitalist relations, therefore in this country had a Socialist State.


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Independent University

It is necessary to vindicate, in parallel, the leisure against the obsessive work, since there is to postulate the distribution of the work, an old union practice that, unfortunately, was falling in forgetfulness. Other inescapable exigencies speak to us of the necessity to reduce the dimensions of productive, administrative infrastructures and of transport, and to prioritize the premises against global in a scene marked by the sobriety and the voluntary simplicity. First that the opulent societies must consider is the convenience of closing or to reduce the activity of the war industry, the automobile one, in the one of aviation and mainly the one of the construction. By the same author: Andrew Cuomo. The million workers who lost their uses would have to find arrangement through two great channels. First it would contribute the development to it of activities in the scopes related to the satisfaction of the social and environmental needs; the second would arrive from the distribution of the work in the traditional economic sectors that would survive. It matters to emphasize that in this case the reduction of the labor day good could take prepared wage reductions, as long as these were not it in benefit of the enterprise benefits. After all, gain of standard of life that would be derived to work less and to enjoy better social services. There would be cleaner surroundings and less aggressive than it would be added to the derived one from the total assumption of the convenience of consuming less with the consequent reduction of needs in which to income one talks about.

It is not precise to add that the wage reductions that occupy to us would not affect to those who less they have. The decrease would not imply, for the majority of the inhabitants, a deterioration of its conditions of life. Rather, it must carry substantial improvements like the tie ones with the redistribution of the resources, the creation of new sectors, the preservation of the environment, the well-being of the future generations, the health of the citizens, the conditions of the work employee or the relational growth in societies in which the working time will be reduced noticeably. And it is that there is to start off of the certainty that, if we do not decrease voluntarily and rationally, we will have to do forced it as a result of the collapse, sooner or later, of economic and social injustice that we suffer.

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Village Isabel

This moves directly with quarters that are next to the stadium, as Village Isabel, Tijuca and Is Cristvo. If in the Bar the population has purchasing power to follow the valuation, the same does not happen with some quarters as, for example, They are Cristvo. Today, the square meter in the region costs about R$ 2 a thousand, while the familiar income of the population of the quarter is of R$ 2,5 a thousand. If the projection of the specialists and investors if to confirm, and the property really to value about 70%, the square meter in quarters as Are Cristvo and Santa Teresa goes to jump almost of R$ 2 a thousand for R$ 3,5 a thousand. In if treating to what we are accustomed to see in Brazil, what very probably it does not go to increase is the familiar income of the population of the quarters, who will continue, respectively, in the house of the R$ 2,5 a thousand and R$ 3 a thousand.

What this means? That the profile of inhabitants of the quarter can move. The people inside look houses of its real estate financial possibilities through or buscadores as The public whom he would look for property in Is Cristvo will leave to make it, therefore he will not obtain to pay. Who deferred payment in the quarter and to want to vender its property also can face difficulties to find a purchaser. It sees below the ratio of the price of the square meter of some quarters and the familiar income of the families who inhabit in it: Structure: inheritance well cursed coming or? You do not invest to R$ 600 million only in a stadium, but also in all the community around it. Thinking about the Pantry and the Olimpadas, all a structure will be raised, and this picture also helps to value the property.


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American Family

When reaching the level where the benefit delinquent is equal to the cost delinquent, its improvement is carried through. Lesson for the crisis: if you find that benefit delinquent to acquire plus a quota of the deep one managed by the company of the Maddof is greater that the cost delinquent, thinks of new. People answer the incentives: as the people take decisions comparing costs and benefits, its behavior can move when the costs or benefits if modify. That is, the people answer the incentives. When the price of apples increases, for example, the people decide to eat more pears and little apples, because the cost to buy apples is bigger. At the same time, the apple producers decide to contract more people and spoon more apples, because the benefit of vender apple also is bigger. Lesson for the crisis: if you work in a great American bank that granted to bond millionaire for its executives as incentive so that they took decisions riskier, I find that you probably already are dismissed.

The commerce can improve the situation of all: when a member of its family looks job, concurs with members of other families who also are in job search. The families concur ones with the others when they go to the purchases, why each one of the families wants to buy the best products for the lesser price. Thus, in certain direction, each family in a economy competes with all the other families. Although this competition, its family would not be in better situation if it isolated of the other families. It made if it, would have to produce its foods, to confection its clothes, to construct its proper house. Evidently, its family earns very with the possibility of being able to deal with others. A commerce allows that each person if specializes in the activities where she is more apt, either in agriculture, the confection of clothes or the construction.


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ABECS Brazilian Association Debit

THE INDUSTRY OF THE CREDIT CARDS Welinton Dos Santos is economist The increase of 94,9% of the volume of credit cards in five years shows the impressive growth of the market of credit cards, debit and of store. The plastic money assisted Brazil in of the moments most critical of the crisis, keeping the active credits. In Brazil according to ABECS Brazilian Association of the Companies of Credit cards and Services, two teros of all the purchases with credit cards are carried through the stated period. In 2009, in full economic crisis, the industry of the cards will put into motion for return of R$ 450 billion, against R$ 158,9 billion 2004, almost three times more, in 483 million transactions (of jun/08 jun/09), with taxes of growth of the order of 44% to the year according to ABECS. The year of 2008 put into motion R$ 375 billion through> plastic cards. For the carriers of credit card, debit or store exists some tips in the site, being able to get information of the participants of the system, types of card, use of the card, security, services, list of associates and also a manual of the carrier of credit cards, that can be lowered in pdf in the address: . The sector of credit cards is important for the national economy, although the number exaggerated available for the Brazilian population, of a total of 191 million inhabitants, in the country exists 540 million cards. Beyond the easiness of the electronic system of purchase, it finishes contributing for the formality of companies, today can pay until taxi with card. The card system is tracked what it allows fiscalization increase on the transactions. The modalities of cards are: debit, credit, store and net, with the aggravation of the crisis the debit cards had surpassed of credit, having shown the improvement in the process of awareness of the consumer, but one another reason, the reduction of check emission still exists, mainly the post-dated ones.


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Credits Online Actuais

Introduction to the credits online. Since early that the credit companies had introduced the computers in its quotidiano to facilitate its operations. The technology of the Internet that came to make possible the consumers to make credits online was introduced later. In this in case that the prolquio can be said that ' ' the necessity is the mother of inveno' ' it is applied one hundred percent. The borrowers had always chosen credit processes where its intervention was minimized. The lenders also see with good eyes the credits online because they make possible to reduce the work load soon and the adjacent costs.

Credits online: benefits for both the parts the credits online have thus had a great acceptance in the market therefore they benefit to both the intervening third-parties in the process. The success of the credits online can better be perceived if to compare them to me with the scene that prevailed before its appearance. A borrower was subject to be present in the office of the lender with all the necessary documentation. The situation one became problematic therefore was essential that the time that the borrower had available to carry through the operation corresponded to the schedule in vigor in the office of the lender, case this correspondence was not surveyed compelled the customer to lose time in its job to be able to carry through a loan. To make some simulations without leaving house. Before appearing the credits online, was normal customer to dislocate itself physically some companies to verify its offers, losing hours in lines, and needing some days until obtaining to congregate some information that could facilitate to a comparison and a posterior decision to it on offer more adequate. It did not have another form of if making a research in this height, and still today the used method for many people is this.


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National Association

In the Bank of Brazil, the reductions go to invigorate from monday (15 of June) and the reduction is intent in the credit the physical people. The reductions of the taxes of interests following the cuts in the Selic have been one practical one made for the five bigger Brazilian banks throughout the year. Since January, Bank of Brazil, Box, Ita-Unibanco, Bradesco and Santander had folloied the four reductions of the Selic and had announced cuts in interests of the consumer credit. Beyond moving in the taxes, the banks had extended the stated period for financing of vehicles for 72 months. In the case of the Bradesco the financing was extended for 80 months. The Bank of Brazil also extended the limit of credit for the natural person in the May end.

Already Santander extended the stated period for consigned loans for 72 months. Simulation made for the National Association of the Executives of Finances, Administration and Accounting (Anefac) confirms that the reduction of the Selic has modest effect on the consumer credit. The average tax of the loans in banks and financiers, until yesterday of monthly 7,33% (133.7% to the year), passes 7.25% (131.62%), a 1,09% jib. The biggest fall, according to Anefac, will be given in the CDC, of 2,88% to the month (annual 40.6%), for 2,80% (39.29%), a 2,78% jib. In the case of the credit cards, champions of the high interest in the country, the average tax withdraws of monthly 10,68% (237.9% to the year), for 10,60% (235%).


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Economic Crisis

The economic crisis, initiated in September of 2008, directly affected the productive activity of the country, notadamente in the sectors automotivo, siderurgical and eletroeletrnico. The lesser production in these sectors finished for affecting other industrial activities. Producing less and vendendo less, the companies had collected little tributes, as IPI, PIS and Cofins (to see picture). To broaden your perception, visit Craig Pirrong . To try to contain the fall of the industrial production in the country, the government promoted some disinvestings of a charge taxes – temporary reduction of the aliquot ones of the IPI with the purpose to stimulate the production and the sales. The main benefited sectors had been the automobile one, the civil construction and of household-electric, especially the call white line (machines and tanquinhos to wash clothes, stoves and refrigerators). In the case of the vehicles, the prescription of the IPI the same fell 91% – of R$ 1,386 billion in the first trimester of 2008 for R$ 125 million in period of this year. The reduction in the aliquot ones of the Cide (paid contribution in the fuel purchase) also had fort impact in the federal prescription.

The reduction was adopted in the last year so that the price of the gasoline did not have of being readjusted. Result: in the first trimester of this year, the prescription with the Cide added but R$ 117 million, 94% less than the R$ 2 billion 2008.A insolvency also helped to reduce the prescription tax in the first trimester. With the crisis, the fall in the production and vendendo less, many companies do not obtain to honor its commitments tributaries in day, as Amaral.Queda in arrecadaoPara the specialist in public accounts Raul Velloso, the reduction of the federal collection do not have to be reason of concern for the government, at this moment. ' ' Consensus in the financial market exists that, exactly with this fall in the collection and the increase of the expenses, exists space it government to practise politics anticclicas' ' , Velloso said.


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Biggest Defaulters

The Government has stated that the Administration will pay for 30 days and not like they are doing now, which is delayed because of the biggest defaulters. Now tell me, and, in a time when the Treasury did not stay in their coffers than cobwebs and self-employed entrepreneurs continue anticipating the State VAT has not yet cashed. And what I shoot, brunette. It is one thing that is quite another to legislate what happens in a reality filled with accounting devices. For example, with that additional public investment of 17,000 million promised by Jose Blanco and not counted in the state budget until 2013, so that gives time to drop in three years of runaway debt by Rodriguez Zapatero promised to EU. Thanks to advances by private companies to invest money, it masks the rising deficit.

The same thing is done with the existence of these 5000 public authorities towards the state, autonomous regions and municipalities centrifuged many of their debts so they do not appear in the accounts of these institutions. Such a practice, but way, is what Greece has done that has led him to the brink of bankruptcy. I do not mean here we are at that level, God forbid. But when you see your neighbor’s beard peel, … you know. In the midst of this economic slump will also find the Spanish city, with a debt of 740 euros for a neighbor, are not exactly an exception to the rule. Now therefore, in the financial collapse, it deplores the lack of foresight and the lassitude of old municipal builders were enriched at their expense. Now, with the decline of civic works and social benefits and delayed payments to creditors, you’ll discover some public embarrassments but they were there, hidden by the apparent calm of the past, will be shown in all its cruel evidence.


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