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The ground stabilization becomes because the land does not meet the physical training conditionses necessary to use it with the aim that we have decided. Depending if the ground is going to be used for laying of foundations of a construction or a pavement, the used treatment and materials will be different. The lime is one of used and more useful products more for the ground stabilization, but this material is not been worth for all type of ground. Therefore, first that we must do it is to investigate of what our ground is made up later to question to us whereupon material to stabilize it. Generally the argillaceous fine grain grounds that exceed the 10% of plasticity, are the perfect ones for the stabilization with lime. The lime has the characteristic of being able to stabilize subgrazing the empelado fine ground as or is based and this later creates an important layer for the pavement and the stabilization.

Although we could speak of two types of ground stabilization with lime: Subrasante: it creates a layer that protects and requires the lime addition from 3 to 6% in weight of dry ground. Bases. The stabilization of bases is used when the pile is not absolutely suitable for the new road construction or usually fixes old ways that are aggravated. In order to know itself you have applied the good lime and if the stabilization has been correct, you must observe the effect of the time and therefore you will see that the capacity of endurance of the ground, is correct.

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Independent University

If you are thinking about renting a place of parking first that you must of knowing it is that the subject is not to you perhaps as simple as you waited for (or as you like to imagine). To the problem of the lack of floors in rent, it is necessary to add years escases in the last to him and stop price as far as places of parking in rent talks about. The pressure on the demand of places of parking seems to grow day to day in Spain. The causes it is necessary to look for them, in broad strokes, in the economic growth that the country has lived in the last decades, which has made that the spending power increases of the families, having allowed them have not only one, but several cars (in many cases). Also, it is not necessary to discount like cause of demand of places of parking in rent, to the greater insecurity caused before thefts of cars of high ranges.

Ten in account an excellent data before beginning the search: the price of the rent of a place of parking is not in direct relation with the quality and the value of the houses that have the district. It seems a triviality, but certainly to know it beforehand will make see the things you with greater clarity at the time of making a decision. We mentioned only it so that you do not take to disappointments nor unnecessary headaches. The pretty idea of ” compartir” If in your case you look for a place of parking in rent for your house, you do not read this section, because it goes directed to those people who need to rent a place of parking only by some hours to the day to leave parked their car in the labor schedule. If you investigate a little and you have luck, perhaps you are able to share a place of parking, which will save long time, malhumor to you, and, by all means, money. The idea consists, basically, in sharing a place of parking with which it must make a route in sense in opposition to yours and work where you reside.

Thus, you occupy his place and he it yours. Perhaps bond, is a little complicated or difficult to obtain, but it is not impossible far from it. You see so that it better, you can begin investigating of what the subject in Web goes such as, or You rent or you share, simple recommendations exceeds where to look for options: Real estate Although all the real estate ones do not offer between their services places of parking in rent without going these ligatures to a floor in particular, the certain thing is that yes those exist that take care of these subjects. If you do not know to what of them to resort, you can use a real estate vestibule and enterarte of what real estate they offer parkings in rent in your zone, as they are it the cases of and Floor in rent Max Maxwell – Licensed in Publicity and Communications by the Independent University of Barcelona Journalist specialized in the market of classified announcements.


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Methodology Analysis

Aiming at to structuralize the research instrument, the respective picture of correlations was considered: 3.5.1Quadro of Correlation Below the picture with the relation of the objectives with norteadoras questions, theoretical recital and the metodolgicos procedures of the research. Specific objectives Questions norteadorasFundamentao tericObservao documentary Methodology Analysis To describe the logistic process of company SERVENG CIVILSAN S.A.Como would describe you the logistic process of the company Serveng Civilsan and if this process is fit in the new trend of the Macrossetor of the Construction? Vieira (2006) Haga and Sacomano (1999) Saints and You would make Son (1998) Silva and Cardoso (1998) Guerrini and Sacomano (2001) Efficiency; Comprometimento; Applicability. Interview with the commercial direction, manages of workmanships, regional supervision coordination and financial administration. – CBIC – ABRAMAT – SINDUSCON –

Manual of the quality – PBQP-h – Logistic Applied to the Civil Construction? As To improve the Flow of Production in the Workmanships – Articles of reference To analyze the possibility of reduction of the loss of materials in virtue of the adoption of the logistic principles in the industry of the civil construction. Which would be the logistic process that would inside adopt you for reduction of the wastefulness of materials civil construction? Why? Vieira (2006) Haga and Sacomano (1999) Saints and You would make Son (1998) Silva and Cardoso (1998) Guerrini and Sacomano (2001) Efficiency; Comprometimento; Applicability. Interview with the commercial direction, manages of workmanships, regional supervision coordination and financial administration. – Manual of the quality – PBQP-h – Logistic Applied to civil construction? As To improve the flow of Production in the Workmanships – Articles of reference To identify the possibility of formation of strategical partnerships with suppliers. Which are the established partnerships aiming at to guarantee the otimizao of the distribution in the scope of the constructor?


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With regard to the questionnaire, according to Marconi and Lakatos (2001.p.107), ‘ ‘ it is an instrument of collections of data, constituted of a series of questions, that must be answered in writing and without the presence of pesquisador’ ‘ .2.REFERECIAL THEORETICIAN 2.1ComunicaoO term communication is sufficiently ample, and, since the primrdios of history, the man if it worried in if expressing in some way. As Torquato (1986, pg. 15.), ‘ ‘ the communication is an opened system, similar to the company. How system, the communication is organized by the elements? source, coder, canal, message, decoder, receiver, ingredients that vitalizam processo.’ ‘ Still according to Torquato, the communication is an area to multidiscipline that it intermediates the interests of the participants, the company, as economic unit, and the interests of the administration. The communication process is inserted in the organizacional sociocultura, and the object of analysis if it concentrates on the elements internal formadores of climate, from the research of etnia and culture of the organizacionais types, supporting itself in antropolgicos beddings.

For authors Breton and Proulx (2002), the first stories of the writing had occurred in the Mesopotmia, for return of the room millenium a.c, being these purely pictogrficos, that is, only figurative drawings were used to represent objects or situations. As the site of the Superinteressante magazine, the first registers of hierglifos had been carried through by the Egyptians in year 3500 a.C, becoming the figures most abstract and facilitating the understanding. The first alphabet bred occurred in the Syrian, was very restricted and it did not contemplate the vowels. But between centuries VII and IV a.C in Greece, is constituted an alphabet contends responsible vowels for the origin of the great writings until the generalization of the Latin alphabet in in agreement Ocidente.Ainda Breton and Proulx (2002), Rome was the responsible society for the main changes in the model of communication, which had its organization come back toward the social communication of the figures central offices of the time.


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RAZZO Collaborators

The companies who adopt the philosophy to value the people being recognized those who are deteriorates of intervened potentialities and enabling them to the work they finish extending perfecting them them and also motivating in its activities. This research aims at to understand the relation of the Motivation of the collaborators of the company of average transport (industrial RAZZO), in its diverse productive activities. As research problem it was established to the following question: How to identify and to line up the elements motivadores of the collaborators in the work environment can contribute for the progress of the company and the satisfaction as professional? As Objective Generality this research intends, to analyze a model to perfect the program of motivation in the work, carried through in company RAZZO of the sector of Soap factory located in the State of So Paulo. This general objective was unfolded in the following ones Specific objectives: To describe the environment of work of the analyzed collaborators; To identify to the elements motivadores of the employees of the company;

To verify the relation between the elements motivates and the income in its rendering of services; To consider action to improve the Motivation of the collaborators of the company; Motivation is a manage mental ability for the administrator and a strategical ability for the organization. It is also perceived as permanent activity, with strong catalytic effect in the spheres psychosocial and organizational concept that encloses the spheres ‘ ‘ Biological; Psychological; Social and Organizacional’ ‘. However, in recent years, the concern of many companies with the reorganizes in the areas of human resources comes growing in optimistical way, the companies contracts auditorships specialized in the area of Human resources to ahead guide better the employees of the necessities of the market that currently are very competitive, these professionals alerts the directions of the companies on the importance of if developing procedures of training and motivations to adapt the employees the new productive realities.


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Affiliated Programs

As soon as the clica customer in the announcement in the site of the affiliated one, is redirected for the site of the trader and starts to buy definitive product, the affiliated one receives a commission. More the references exist more profit for the branch office. Affiliated PROFITABILITY AND VERSATILITY Program of are an excellent way to gain money, while it will be in house. It practically does not have production costs. The product already is developed proven for the trader, and everything that you have that to make to find, as the perspectives that you will be able that she goes to bring the profit for the trader and the affiliated ones. The affiliated programs of are normally free to adhere, form affiliated do not need to be worried about the start costs. It has thousand of products and services that you can choose. Certainly, it does not have a product or service is there, that it is not excellent for its site.

Moreover, it absolutely does not have no necessecidade of experience in sales. The majority of the Affiliated Programs of offers an excellent support when it is about supply of marketing material. The simplicity of the Program of Affiliated allows that you are a trader affiliated to the lesser cost and more comfort. You can construct a successful business in the convenience of its proper house. Its responsibility is simply for finding perspective for the trader, you does not need to be worried about the inventory, processing of order and sending of the product. These, together with support of attendance to the customer is the duties of the trader.

RETURN GUARANTEED Because of the global reach of the Internet, you can easily find thousand of potential customers. You can intensify its campaign of advertising, exploring more aggressive strategies and productive, such as viral marketing. Attracting more customers in potential, you also to maximize its potential to earn. Another benefit of a trader of the branch office is the small involved risk. If the product that you are announcing this not giving return to you, then you can play it ‘ ‘ fora’ ‘ to choose another one. It does not have contracts of long vinculativa stated period mooring the products to it that are not making enough money. PROGRAM OF AFFILIATED to Everything the same thing, optimum benefit to have a Program of Affiliated is the chance to increase its income, and you it can make a profit, exactly that the marketing of the branch office is only one business of lateral line. With its affiliated proper business, you you can earn easily to gain the income, but extra it has that to strengthen and to use its imagination to maximize its potential of profits. In the truth, the marketing of the branch office is one of the simpler and efficient chances business-oriented in web today.


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