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They had tracked down one of meeting to the other e, receiving the weapon, had traced fast plan, going off alternatingly and giving covering one to the other. The ammunition was not problem, therefore although Alberto to use coldre to subaxilar and to have left the bullets in the door-gloves, the weapons paved bore thirty and eight and the cartucheira of the handle was loaded. When they had gone off four each one, the handle it substituted the load of its gun and passed the belt for Alberto, that it preferred to use the last ones. The weeds if moved e, for the localization where it is the shooter, it was going for river. Remembering the mysterious disappearance of the other aggressor, Alberto removed two loads, returned the belt to the handle and made ninety degrees, aiming at to cut to the advantage the least to see it for where it would go to enter, and cried out handle to follow it in the persecution.

It stopped in a strategical point in the edge of the river, of where it could dominate the area. It heard a twig to be broken to its coasts and turned over quickly, lowering. It perceived of glance the pipe of the weapon that freed the light smoke column. It shot and it reached the aggressor in full face, making to circle it and to pull down, while the handle arrived, in the instant of the fall. They had not lost time they had taken and it for the car, where if it found the soldier attended for the ancies that made emplastros and gave leaf the highest point. They had been moved away with the arrival from them. Alberto entered in the car and said the chieftain: _ Soon I will be in return! _ Esperaremos! * * * * * the doctor took care of the wounded and informed that the soldier was of danger, but the outlaw would have of being submitted the immediate surgery, therefore life risk ran.


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Requirements Software

In the age of automation, software escrow the software underlying the business processes of a company plays an increasingly important role. Regularly by an external provider of software is programmed, developed and customised to the company. But what happens when the software fails, troubleshooting is denied by the software provider or this adjusts the own business all of a sudden? The source code underlying a software is the key to the development and maintenance of the software underlying the business processes for the company concerned in such cases. The source code is basically however intellectual property and trade secrets of the software manufacturer and not regularly used for the undertaking. A fiduciary deposit (software escrow) of the source code can adequately protect the interests of all parties involved in such a worst-case scenario.

The source code is for a debtor to extreme secrecy Depository institution deposited and may only under circumstances precisely defined previously by the parties – how are issued for an insolvency of the provider of. The quality of the deposit of the source code is currently unfortunately only rarely in practice its existential meaning. It is problematic, in particular, deposited the source code on a disk on a trustee, without having previously someone critically has grappled with its contents. To actually have an added value for the company in the theSoftware, the source code must be complete, understandable, difficult, properly documented and identical version. An expert technical review of the source code before depositing is therefore virtually indispensable, so not in the theSoftware turns out that the stored source code is practically worthless. Current publications on the topic: ITRB 04/2013, 87-89 “proper verification for software escrow – requirements for the testing of source code and documentation for software depositing” by Dr. Oliver Sankaran

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HR Processes

HR processes in the companies optimize and digitize with the knowledge that employees represent one of the main competitive advantages of companies relative to its competitors, has been more attention given directly proportional the hitherto rather neglected HR processes. HR processes can be structured differently from company to company. Personnel and support staff release can be in entrepreneurial practice, for example, the functions of human resource planning, recruitment, staffing and release of the staff, but also human resources planning, recruitment, part of the personnel process. There are therefore various HR processes to differentiate. The field-based personnel process can vary from company to company, depending on how and where the company considers its priorities in human resource management.

Fundamentally, but at least the components of human resources planning, recruitment or recruitment, personnel, staff development, as well as staff release may be raised. which are more or less pronounced in all companies allow. The focus of human resources only in the administrative area, this has shifted over the years without a doubt at the strategic level. Today the area is resources human right as an important part of the corporate landscape is significantly involved in the long-term success of a company. Cyclical reviews of HR processes on their effectiveness and efficiency, as well as a subsequent optimization where necessary are therefore indispensable. Depending on the respective process strategy, as well as the results of a weak-point analysis carried out in advance is for the owners to consider it, what the effectiveness of optimization levers and / or increase the efficiency of the affected processes. Possible in the area of human resources planning, including the creation of a central data availability for the management but also in the field of recruitment could a more effective candidate pre-selection. In the With regard to the human resources development the reduction of the administrative burden in the planning of training activities, as well as their subsequent smooth evaluation could serve as a tuning lever.

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