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Legal Services

The activities of any company in Moscow today – is a complex process in which law and legal issues are sufficiently important role. If you do not want to waste his strength and nerve to deal with issues related to legal services, we recommend that you consult a good law firm ukt. Ru, which provides support in dealing with the existing Russian legislation and legal aspects. Our experts happy to help you understand all the subtleties and nuances of the law, quickly and accurately draw for you the necessary documents and give expert advice. Legal Service – is primarily confidentiality, objectivity, integrity and professional competence. The success and prosperity of our company – it is a success and prosperity of our clients, we provide qualified legal services. In recent years increased the need for judicial protection of tax risks. This is due to the fact that the tax authorities were to bring to the business more and more claims.

Often you can to hear that the deal null and void because they did not have economic viability. Who is right and who is to blame? Let us solve this issue in the art. Qualified lawyers of our company is always ready to help to challenge in court the decisions of tax authorities. We provide interesting work!

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World Bank

On the other hand it tngase present, that the Chinese president, Hu Jintao, will attend the next summit of the G-20 in Washington with " attitude constructiva" and the objective of " to increase to the representation of the emergent economies in the organisms internacionales" , an official spokesman informed today. According to he explained to the press Chinese vice-minister of Outer Subjects, There am Yafei, the economic crisis and financial world-wide it forces the attending countries to take two types from different measures, in the short term and in the long term. Between the most urgent measures, the Chinese Executive demanded " to stabilize and to give confidence to the market and to fortify the financial supervision to prevent a recession global" , whereas in the long term a reform considers " entera" of the financial system so that he is " justo". " International the financial system has deficiencies and needs to be reformed () Is necessary to give more importance to the less the most developed developing countries and to, because China is a developing country. When the developed countries implement political macroeconomic, they must consider the impact in the rest of mundo" , it indicated the vice-minister. It does not have forgets finally, that the EU pleads for the beginning of schools of supervisors to improve the monitoring of all the important cross-border banks.

Also it tries the intensification of the fight against fiscal and financial paradises, besides the design of codes of conduct to avoid that the remunerations of the managers push the taking of excessive risks. The EU also supports that it increases to the representation of emergent countries like China or India in institutions like the IMF and the G-8. In this sense, the selection sets out to make more transparency of the director of the IMF like of president World Bank, positions that always been have occupied by representatives of Europe or the USA. Definitively, note that the G-20 is saying we are going away to make a system that works, and saying is helping it that the system works, We hope that it is what it will really succeed original Author and source of the article.


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Gun Of Small Bullets

Right months before my family would make the First Communion and I changed myself of a floor in center from the city to a villa to a you would be. In theory the change was going to be to better but a decision of the socialist mayor of turn caused that they surrounded to us by blocks of social houses. This new zone of the city I am with atmosphere rarefied with as much social difference. But in those years the race kany still was not based like so, so the one that was humble was humble but kany and the one that was of a family or were not of a family of or and by far respect and education the district was not absolutely bad. It is not like now that a horde of empowered Kanys of the district, its leader is the Kaka. My parents always educated to us of a liberal, catholic and antisocialist form. In addition they saw well that we joined ourselves with humbler children, than have dinner broad of sardines instead of strokes is not reason so that you do not prune to play together. Also it would be necessary to say that in favor of this new situation my mother decided that already it was hour to keep in the closet the Austrians, short trousers of which they itched and the wool socks with tassels until the knees.

One thought that equal they were going away to laugh in the district of my brother and of my but what she did not know is that in spite of my face of idiot and my certain degree of bizquez of at that time (because of the lack of development of my nasal partition that caused that the part of the skin of the nose fell on an eye) I distributed wafers as breads through their gun of small bullets, were a quite violent lad. But I did not gain my new fame in the new district with fists, as it happened when it lived in center, this time were with initiative, bravery and imagination at the time of proposing games besides putting many goals in the hunting guns, because at that time I was a quite fine forward and with much class although a little carnachero and chupn. But what really me encumbr to the top between the children of the district was the implantation of baseball as deports official (always I was very pro-yanky) and the famous assault to the enchanted house. The one of baseball does not have much history. day I saw a party by tele, me that I was with the song and on the following day I explained them to all the children although with many lagoons as for the regulation which I resolved with imagination and criterion according to Two equipment, one the one of children rich that they bat and another one the one of children poor that ran behind the ball when we batted, Sardines versus Strokes, always we won.


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Actiomaxx Trend Followup Report

Honorary advisors Mennenoh: the investment fund investment is a two-way street. The honorary investment advisors Mennenoh has developed the trend following system “Actiomaxx”, the investment fund investors each month in the Actiomaxx trend follow-up report provides personal signals. Goal is to optimize the Fund yield approach: run profits and limit losses. The system identifies long-term up – and downward trends, and emits a clear signal: “Purchase” or “Sale”. Honorary advisors and editor of Mennenoh: “the investment fund investment is not a one-way street, which is only uphill.

The mutual fund is in a downward trend, given gains or even losses made. At this stage, it is to be important not invested for each investor. I can come to this decision only as an investor, if I am informed about the current trend. With the Actiomaxx trend follow-up report we give current trend signals the fund investors each month and thus put him in the position, even a decision to. ” In addition to the personal trend following signals, the Actiomaxx trend follow-up report offers a comprehensive overview of the trend location of large stock market and sector indices, trend-following pattern depots, condition comparisons of various fund broker and current day and time deposit conditions. For all questions about the trend following signals, their implementation and additional contents of the Actiomaxx trend follow-up report is a competent contact person available.

“The Actiomaxx trend follow-up report is far more than a signal service. With the pattern Depot investors can build long term trend following its free assets. Compare deposit costs and he can save with our lineup of current broker terms. An overview of attractive day – and fixed-term deposit offers informed him of lucrative parking”for his capital if he received a sell signal for his Fund. A special feature is the personal contact, because with him, trend following set for everyone is understandable and easy to implement.”the Publisher promises. The Actiomaxx Trend result report can be tested free with personal funds on.

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Forest Investment Safe Banks

Overview of devaluation, property and pensions already produces a negative real interest rate the mass tide of money the central banks. To get the real interest rate, if one subtracts the actual rate of inflation by the interest paid on savings. The consumer is stimulated when the value is low. The reason is that it is no longer worthwhile to save and to invest the money. With low interest rates, people are instead encouraged to borrow.

Money is created from the loans from the banks. It’s called then the credit creation. It has no real relation more as would be the case, for example, when its currency to gold. Thus, central banks can simply print money, that they can lend to commercial banks at low interest rates. This further increases the money supply in relation to the amount of goods.

This will trigger the symptoms known for inflation because price increases and a loss of purchasing power as a result caused. In the presence of large parts store of today’s assets in bank accounts in securities such as fund shares, stocks or bonds. Many investors no longer have confidence in that since always safest form of securities, namely government bonds currently in the financial markets. Investors are looking for in periods like this after a safe investment or asset classes that are also in a complete collapse of our monetary system able at least to get the original value of the assets. Tangible assets offer a safe investment. In contrast to paper values meaningful monetary systems will be never worthless. Tangible assets are only those that rise at least as much per year in the price, such as the inflation rate value stable. If currently a thing in the price is the same (is so stable) she currently even loses its value. Monetary assets are real estate or gold now on everyone’s lips.

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Atlantic Fleetfunds

Good opportunities for the enforcement of claims for damages of the Atlantic of fleet Fund, in which investors invested about 33 million, issued in the year 2008 is at the end. Bankruptcy petition was lodged for the four ships of the Fund. Economic operation of four identical chemical / product tanker was no longer possible due to lower Charter rates and lack perspective of continuation. The total loss of their invested capital has occurred for the investors of the ship Fund, which was designed by the Rickmers group-owned underwriter Atlantic thus. For numerous clients involved in the Atlantic fleet Fund, we have both checked the deliberations, as also the prospectus of the Fund and our opinion found brochure defects, as well as faulty investment advice.

Both justified claims for damages. Only 63.7% of investor funds were used for investment purposes, the rest was spent on soft costs, commissions and interest. Distribution costs are incorrectly shown in the brochure: the The placement cost total 5.954.000 or 18.2% of capital to be applied by the investors. It had both banks and savings banks, as also non bank-investment advisor within the framework of the consultation must expressly point out. High risk by borrowing in Japanese Yen: as a part of the funds by the Atlantic fleet Fund to be recorded in Japanese yen (JPY), the revenue of the Fund but in US $ achieved a significant currency risk ship funds due to high risks rather than retirement plans is suitable. Capital, no secondary market for “used” Fund investments of Atlantic fleet fund investors have long as a result, basically good opportunities to enforce claims for compensation against their advisors or the founding shareholders of the Fund. Do you have questions to your Fund’s contribution to the Atlantic fleet Fund? You want to know what your chances are to enforce claims for compensation?

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