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Attaining Personal Satisfaction

The pebbles are the other issues we care about, such as work, home, study and some other minor things. .- The sand is the other little things that gives life: noise often distorts our lives, causing us to lose attention to the big stones which are our great pillar. If we put first the sand in the container, there is no room for stones or pebbles to. The same goes for life. If we used all our time and our energy on the small, we would not have room for what really matters. Pay attention to what is crucial to your happiness. Take care of the stones first, what really matters to you. Set your priorities first and fill your bowl with large stones, the rest is sand.

As you imagine the child who never raised three inches off the ground suddenly got up and asked if teacher that I understood perfectly, which is not entirely clear to me then yQue represents water? The professor smiled and said: I love to do that question small, and besides you expect young samurai. The fresh water stream goes to show that, although your life seems full of everything important, there is always a place to let flow in light of the circumstances, you should always hold for a short period of time for improvisation, for what you decide to do with your life at that moment. This is how the story ends East lately has been westernized a bit, then finish it follows, more suitable to our actions at this time. Instead of pouring water into the container or wooden bowl, what happens if you spill coffee: after having filled with stones and sand Quijarro, perhaps the coffee is not very widespread in eastern and whether in the West. In this case end up like this: And Press Cafe to see you wise old samurai? ask the small: Single small, say the wise old samurai: Coffee, because even though your life seems full of stones large and important, there is always a time or place for a cup of coffee with a friend. ‘.


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