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Energy Efficiency

On bettervest you are investing in an energy-efficient future – and benefit everyone. Frankfurt am Main, 3 December 2013 bettervest offers BU? which irritate Mo? possibility, Elizabeth? ge from 50 euro to invest in energy efficiency projects by companies and to contribute to the energy revolution. With this innovative idea has not only several prizes the platform, but also first projects implement ko? tonnes. Among the leading companies, the the new Finanzierungsmo? tolerability of bettervest use, belong? rt now also the Schleidt pet trade market from Saarlouis-ro? Derb ERG. Pioneer from Saarlouis-ro? Derb ERG Schleidt pet trade market: just Heimtierfachma? markets have high electricity costs to ka? fight: the variety of species means quite different requirements for Lichtverha? conditions and temperature in the Verkaufsra? trees. With the decision a former Garden Center to u? thereof and to reconstruct the pet trade market Schleidt from Saarlouis fu decided? r an energy-efficient equipment of the new Verkaufsra? ume. With bettervest found a suitable partner fu? r funding this Project.

We want to not only from Kostengru? ND energy saver. Sustainability and environmental protection are core values of our company concept. bettervest gives us now that Mo? possibility quickly to finance energy efficiency measures and savings bestmo? offset to use. “The Crowdfunding model energy loans ‘ ko? can our customers this meaningful project participate”, explained? rt Hans Schleidt, business? ftsfu? hrer and project owner. In cooperation with energy consultants, bettervest has developed a concept that will help to save energy. So should the outdated lighting systems through an efficient replaced and the heating of the aquariums in new innovative Weimann? are tested.

This can reduce the power consumption of both systems to a total of 66%. Under BERU? la cksichtigung price of electricity expected? the Yes? annual energy cost savings then u? ber 5,000 euro. * also a CO2 reduction is expected to be reached 25.160 kg per year. This entspra? che the power consumption by ten households. The cost of fu? r these measures EUR total 23.350. This sum is now to u? ber the crowd gathered. And that is how it works: who invest in the measure mo? nights, can amounts? ge between 50 and 2,350 euros deposit. In return, the small investors u should? be involved on the electricity savings over six years. The expected yield is 9% p.A. * Fu? r, the calculation of the savings was an electricity price of 14.5 cents / kWh and Fernwa? rmepreis of 8.05 cents / kWh fu? r the year used as a basis. About bettervest on the Crowdinvesting platform ko? can BU? trouble self-referentiality? tagged from 50 euros in energy efficiency projects by companies, Sozialtra?, associations and municipalities to invest. With these funds, o be? all meaningful energy efficiency measures implemented, costs, energy and CO2 savings fu? should eat. The operations financed have been previously designed by experienced energy consultants and calculated. The project owner who undertakes a share, yes? annual cost savings u? over a certain period of time to the parties Weizsacker? cker.

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Stable Investment

Precious metals trading Frings from Aachen informs the diamond offers the highest concentration of values in the smallest form. Public access was never exercised on diamonds and as the world’s hardest currency, they have survived many crises and times of war. In addition to gold, diamonds have long been a very lucrative investment. The precious metals expert of Guido Frings from Aachen informed about the benefits of diamonds as an investment. Diamonds offer many advantages as an investment: protection available substitute currency advantage of anonymity for the seller deposits, which requires no maintenance costs and is constantly set handy, because no other sources of value against inflation, market crash, bank failures and currency changes as safe and easy to hide and the biggest advantage of mobility. The single gems of the world, where security can be based on exact international assessment standards are global convertibility, because extremely wealthy Tax-neutral investment in contrast to many other luxury goods long-term value retention and appreciation as all pieces of jewellery, precious stones and precious metals should be the value and authenticity of the diamond reliably be estimated. Only a high-quality diamond represents a sensible investment. As expert in the field of jewelry and precious metals and as a certified expert Guido Frings from Aachen is available for further information about jewelry and diamonds as an investment available.

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Justice Investors

Lawyers assist investors in the enforcement of claims for damages which is applied Hanseatic Immobilienfonds Austria II GmbH & co. KG in 2002 by the underwriter of HCI for investors to the fiasco. Now at least the return of loans to be enabled by a sale of the real estate, operated by the Fund management. Otherwise threatened due to incipient further vacancy the insolvency of the Fund and the recovery of dividends received in the last 9 years not even 30% of the invested capital. For investors, this means a loss of 70%. High risks are carried out are closed-end real estate funds, such as the Federal Court of Justice in its judgment to AZ.

III ZR 249/09 formulated corporate investments that the risk as such, that capital at least for a part can be lost. This risk depends in its extent, inter alia by the equity / debt ratio, indicated the development of property prices and rental and valuation. Da It fits already little that the HCI was already advertised Fund Austria II on the brochure cover as “eternal investment”. Claims for damages due to incorrect advice many investors of the Fund, tell us that they were not informed of their advisers in the run-up to the participation in the Fund about the risks of the Fund. Some points always appear: loss of value of the real estate: the value of commercial real estate is subject to, as well as the rent for commercial real estate, economic fluctuations. Accordingly, the real estate fund is not a stable system. Terminal rental risk: Depending on the economic situation on the real estate site and the attractiveness of a location changing difficulties can arise, to re-rent freed space. Here are any vacancies to make expenses the tenant search and investment in the adaptation of the rental space to the requirements of new tenants, which can be detrimental to the income of the Fund.

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Forrester Research

Are these products really advance my fortune or increase only the profit of my Bank? “Maybe you know this: are in a consultation at your Bank and have the impression, will not advise you, but it only comes to sell products to you and ask yourself: these products are really advance my fortune or increase only my Bank profits?” It is more and more private investors. 60% of all customers are not satisfied with the services of their bank because they can no longer trust the offerings of their advisor. (Source: Forrester Research) I question but also don’t think Barber, whether I need a haircut! If the financial crisis has shown us one, then is it that existed only quality has. And only a broker can be found who is personally liable for his error real independence. For irresponsible contractors who accept no liability, it would have water and bread be – and in the afternoon the whip “Jonas R. Siepenkotter co-founder and President of Jonas Ark group.” The story of Jonas Ark investment is as unique as your services today helping people all over the world, to achieve their goals, and thus to increase their quality of life. Started with the common vision of forward-looking investment professionals Rainer kokoma happiness and to start a business, the financial mentor and marketing genius Jonas R. Siepenkoetter the world the path to success has financial advisors, an approach masgebend could change the financial industry..

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