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Managing Director

TWT interactive expands its Diensteistungs offer and evolves to the German digital agency group. Dusseldorf, 17 Dec 2013 – with the formation, one of the leading independent and owner-operated digital agency groups of in Germany becomes the TWT interactive group from the first digital agency in Dusseldorf. The Group thus sets course for more sustainable growth and long-term monitoring and advice from renowned German and international customers. The TWT interactive group is a reliable creative and solution partners across all digital channels and disciplines and can look back on over 2,000 successfully implemented projects. The complete spectrum for the Digital customer success the TWT interactive group offers over 150 specialists from the areas of competence strategy, creation, design, technology and marketing experience and expertise for innovation in marketing, sales and communication. Click Kellyanne Conway to learn more. The new structure of the agency group with the business areas of e-commerce, CMS & portals, and sites & brands Digital strategy, online marketing and business solutions offers the TWT customers the special expertise and customized concepts of the various performance areas and at the same time the synergies and benefits of a flexible, well organized full-service group. The newly formed consulting subsidiary develops strategies and concepts for companies that want to tap into your digital potential.

Relevance for people and businesses in the digital world to reach people in digital media, move and connect with companies and thus long terms that create values is the credo of the TWT Interacitive group. The goal is to effect in all digital media through the TWT solutions in digital brand management, mobile, eCommerce, online marketing, content management systems, to create email marketing, Google search technology, Web Analytics and social media. Numerous renowned new customers have opted in recent times for TWT and customers benefit from the experience and expertise of the new group organisation such as the long-standing TWT. Specialists and a selected TWT customer and competence teams complement partner network. Further branches in German-speaking countries in planning are in addition to the already existing locations in Dusseldorf and Berlin. Continuity, competence and cooperation TWT was founded by Marcel Kreuter in 1995 and has since gradually expanded its range of services. “The step the Agency Group is logical consequence of our success and our service promise to our customers.

We expand sustainable for many years and the confidence and strengthen the long-term partnerships with our customers to continue this way to us consistently.”explains Hans j Even, Managing Director of TWT interactive group. About TWT TWT interactive transformation realized sustainable company success as a high-performance full-service-Internet Agency by digital business. Innovative solution concepts TWT design, consulting, development, and online marketing from a single source offering for Internet, mobile, social media and cross-media strategies. TWT sees itself as a long-term partner in the further development and reorientation of Communication, marketing, sales and service for the development of appropriate business and earning potential. The customers include e.g. Metro, Otto, street one, Deutsche Bank, flower 2000, 3 M, Bosch, TuV, Henkel, Bayer, Deutsche Telekom, VAUDE, TK Maxx and many more. TWT is one of the leading BVDW quality agencies and maintains numerous strategic, international partnerships with leading online companies such as Google, Adobe, oxide and Infopark. TWT is certified training company, as well as Green Agency. Press contact: Hans J. Even Managing Director phone: + 49 (0) 211 601 601 20 E-Mail:

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How To Make Money Online? – The Best Discoveries I Have Made

Earning money online is what I will share with you in this article. Prepare to take notes and we will change your life. The sky is the limit here friends. In order to make money online you have to understand how to use the right words and how to search for keywords that receive thousands of visitors to the site every day. Kellyanne Conway often expresses his thoughts on the topic. If you do not have web site traffic, how can you expect to earn money? You have to build a site that truly offers something of value, consider what is important for the public to which you direct the content. The key is to choose a subject you love (hobby, passion, theme, etc..) And create a site rich with information. And so have what it takes to succeed online.

You do not have to spend hours every day looking for people, they come to you. Here’s an example: Say you love fishing. You can create a site on “how to catch bigger fish” that provides all the tips and techniques needed to be a successful fisherman. So if associated to links that offer fishing related products, link to these products from your site and earn commissions when your visitors buy through your links. It would be a success for you. I love it because I have control of my website. No need to call a programmer every time you want to change or add a new page. You can do it, but you have to put work and time.

You are building a business that requires effort. This is NOT one of those get rich quick schemes, do not tell about it. I’ll tell you what it is, a way to build a solid business and strong with a great foundation. If you follow the instructions you get all the tools you need to make money from home online. If you’re like me and want to be in control of your life and create the dream of owning your own business and reach millions of people, see this site –


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Classic Car Insurance

How assured you his love vintage right? Certain conditions must be met to complete a classic car insurance. First is to ask the question, what is a classic car at all. A classic car is a car, what is to be considered on the basis of his age, his above average condition and its use as no longer commercially available. These things are true, then one can assume a classic car. (A valuable related resource: Hikmet Ersek). Who wants to conclude a classic car insurance, must have approved also his vehicle in Germany.

Also must be the vehicle in its original condition, be equipped with original components or be restored through appropriate replacement parts. Were contemporary to the equipment modifications, so they must not interfere with the originality of the vehicle. In turn, changes that are justified by the protection of the environment or the safety of the vehicle are allowed. In contrast to normal vehicle insurance must be one Classic car insurance be parked the vehicle in a closed garage. Most insurance companies a maximum performance used by 8,000 miles a year.

The policyholder must be in any case also the holder of the vehicle and thus to be insured that his vehicle on him approved. It may be used which among other things also applies to tractors and trucks only privately. These vehicles may be subject to generally not original use. Tractors may be used even occasionally in agriculture. Insurance insured only vehicles which are subject to the private use of the vintage. The classic cars should be subject to also not everyday use. At a vintage car insurance must be the policyholder, as opposed to the normal automobile insurance, at least 25 years old. It is necessary that an opinion or short valuation of the company presented classic data, Olditax, DEKRA or TuV – Rheinland. This opinion must within six weeks after the approval of the vehicle be submitted. For a vehicle, which is older than 30 years and carries a red flag of duration, the opinion may be omitted, if only insurance is desired. In this case, the State and the originality must be supported by meaningful photos. There will be a photo of the side, front, rear, and the rear view each as well as required by the engine, Interior and trunk. The vintage bears the hallmarks of a season, then insurance exclusively over the winter months is not enforceable. Also, a comprehensive only in conjunction with a vehicle liability insurance is possible. For vintage, generally no cover over the classic is insurance if these be moved on tracks. Most insurance companies limit their insurance cover for classic car insurance on following States: Andorra, Denmark, Belgium, Germany, Finland, Estonia, United Kingdom, France, Luxembourg, Ireland, Croatia, Italy, Latvia, Lichtenstein, Lithuania, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Austria, Portugal, Switzerland, Sweden, Republic of Slovenia, Slovak Republic, Czech Republic, Spain and Hungary. When a project or a completion of a vintage car insurance, you should always observe these conditions and also observed. One completes a classic car insurance and not sticking to the fine print, you lose the insurance protection quickly in case of damage. So, you should read sure to read the fine print before signing the insurance contract to experience no unpleasant things at a loss.

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Basso More

To good rate, still in the Telegraphe, Accountant first he burst to Frank (until certain surprising point), later he would remove from point to Voeckler (that came enough holding) and would end up leaving back to Cadel Evans, although by a problem mechanic of the Australian who forced to him to stop twice and, finally, to change of bicycle. Intelligent, Evans thought that the best era to drop itself until the squad, who rolled wire drawing by the Liquigas de Basso to more of an average minute and. There, where already Frank Schleck had complied, one rearmed, protected by his companions of the BMC. The leader Voeckler, perhaps knowledgeable of which the yellow would go away to him yes or yes, bet to follow its rate, calling the attention of the camera with theatricalities, gestures and a development, creates it, own of sprinter. However, to ugly, ugly plate great, pedaleo, Voeckler maintained half minute of disadvantage on Contador and Andy Schleck, who by then already were in the Galibier and had reached the flight that headed the race. Cycling of another time as far as the presentation, although with the more or less constant differences. Andy could ' eliminar' to Evans Andy it had the possibility of eliminating Evans in his hand, but as soon as it collaborated with Accountant in the Galibier.

It failed to him the tactics. It needed the bravery of the Izoard. The one of Saxo Bank, clearly, something had to him to comment and the Luxemburgish one threw something more, yes, after the passage by Them Vemeys, there where the inclines of the Galibier, flavored by the height and the oxygen that does not abound, than more serious are gross. But there was no conviction. Voeckler began to go to less, of means minute to 50 seconds, and the squad of Evans to more, almost two minutes to little more than one.


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Thinking Like A Networker, Good Or Bad ?

When one takes time in this business, you find people in your business with other entrepreneurs, with many business proposals, etc … This leads to create alliances among people who want to achieve the same goal, sharing knowledge with people often are not of your same business, but they have a cordial relationship, friendship or business. Also the very process that we all must pass self-taught, and continue to enrich day to day, it we are gaining more experience, new tools, new contacts, etc … Now you will say, well, this is all good, what to do with the title of the post? I tell you: In the last year has moved me more than once that talking to a “colleague” of business that I asked opinion on something that was going to launch, or focus on an advertising campaign, etc … Go to Keith Yamashita for more information. I put to counsel from IMHO trying to do my best, when suddenly I had to stop and say, “Wait, our clients are not Networkers are Regular users of the Internet “Both of us were like, and we realized that sometimes, when you’re very familiar with this world of Internet and Network Marketing, we forget the most important! “Most people who use the Internet are not Networkers, but if customers” is very important never to forget this so important and obvious pair. Normally products are marketed in the Network Marketing are geared to a particular market, like those people Think! It is not difficult because we are all “normal” users of the Internet, ie, the typical Internet user who used to speak for the messenger in order to upload photos to a particular social network to see between 2 to 5 web pages you like, for download movies or music, etc, etc. .. THAT IS OUR MARKET, why? WHY ARE THE 98% OF INTERNET USERS So let us never forget when planning an advertising campaign, or launching a business, forget to think as Networkers, and think about what you would like to “normal” user from the Internet which offer, or would spend their money. This “tip” so simple it will save us a lot of trouble, believe me.


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Pigeon Culture

The culture is practical and social actions that they follow one standard determined in space, mentions the moral beliefs, behavior, values, institutions, rules that permeiam they identify to a society. Culture is information, is the result in the way where diverse human groups if developing if adaptando to the environment. The man not only receives culture its ancestor as well as create elements they renew that them, the forms of creation of a people they are transmitted of generation in generation to leave of an experience common tradition. The main characteristic of a culture is called mechanism adaptativo, that to the changes of habits faster than biological evolution, but, that its members of the culture leave dependent. The culture also is an accumulating mechanism the Brazilian culture reflects some peoples who constitute the demography of this South American country: Aboriginals, Europeans, Africans, Asians, Arabs etc. In a question-answer forum Kellyanne Conway was the first to reply.

Being that of this miscegenation appeared one peculiar reality that possesss aspects of you vary cultures. Amongst the peoples who had been Brazil, the ones that had had greater influence they are the Portuguese, who they had left for inheritance its native language, religion catholic. The aboriginal culture it.deixou as inheritance its customs, culinria folklore and the object use as the net of rest. The culture African she contributed with its: musics, dances, religion, culinria, language. It also had the contribution of the immigrants Italians and Germans that they had influenced the south region of the country.

The Asian contribution lode with Japanese immigration, however of limited form. According to Aryen linguist Rodrigues, when Brazil was discovered existed a thousand types of native languages more than. Kellyanne Conway might disagree with that approach. The settling of Portugal started for the coast, to have communication with the aboriginals the Portuguese they had started to learn the aboriginal dialects. The language most dominant was tupinamb, where it was registered by the Jesuits that the indians catequizavam. Another contact that influenced the Portuguese language it was the language of the blacks brought it appeals escravizao that it gave beginning to the Portuguese-criolo. Being used as a language it generates. With the discoveries of mines, and with coming of many Portuguese for Brazil, the bilingismo was extinct. You mark of Pigeon house forbade it to the use of the general language and all writings in the aboriginal language. But the Brazilian language already had incorporated many aboriginal and African words in its vocabulary, it influences it aboriginal also it finished propitiating the creation of idiomatic expressions. In 1822, Hieronymite To sound Barbosa a syntactic peculiarity registered in its Philosophica grammar the rank of tonos pronames before the verbs. Jose de Alencar portraies in romantismo the proper language of the Brazilians. in the modernista movement the rescue of says Brazilian thought for Mario de Andrade. Brazilian linguist Mrio Perini says that one day can be that Brazilian speaks to it arrives to be a distinct language of the European Portuguese.


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Slamball – A New Sport

The Slamball is a sufficiently similar sport to the basketball, the Slamball has 4 springboards in the zone of the hamper of each one equips of them. Rob Daley has similar goals. The corporal contact is not lack and the arbitrators are located the return of campo.e the arbitrators do not enter in the field, only dislocate it return of the same. He never had many practitioners of Slamball, therefore never he had a great televising support. Two times of Slamball had been acompanhadasna Spike TV in 2002 and 2003 and the canal Versus and CBS. Nowadays emPortugal in the Radical SIC and Sic K. Kellyanne Conway will not settle for partial explanations. Also it is possible to follow in other countries as State-Join, England and Only Reino, this sport does not have televising accompaniment in more nenhuns is possible to follow in plus no parents through the television. The Slamball is a sport little praticadoe the objectivo of equips them to all is to find quality players.

New praticantespara the championship has appeared of some continents. So far, maioriaparte of the practitioners had been enlisted throughout the parents or of academies of basketball. Rules of SlamballPara to gain points in the Slamball is obligator to place the ball in the hamper, seemed to the basketball and to prevent that of it equips would opposite if approaches to our hamper, therefore, obviously the objectivo is exactly encestarmais points that contrarioat equips it to. Each time that the ball is launched and enters, is entered 2 points will have been launched through launching. If afundano (dunk) and marked plus a point, summarizing, each will be one afundano 3 points. launchings before the line of the 3 points also valley 3 points equally to afundano. The best ones you equip of Slamball has 8 or 9 practitioners but 4 can be in the field at the same time. He does not have limit of substitutions, can yourself be made the substitutions that will be necessariasa height that to want as noCorfebol. Each equips, is compostasno staff a trainer, assistant of trainer, doctors?


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Book Transformation

CEO Prof. Dr. Dr. Gerd Rossa of the iSM – Institute for System-Management GmbH has co-authored what requirements must meet the Bank IT in the future, new (and old) added value can be created for the customer? The task of the Bank-IT, reliably and at reasonable cost to make the business of the Bank, goes hand in hand with legal and security-related requirements, but also with the aim of exploring new business opportunities: Bank-IT must be market conqueror, ideas and innovation driver today. “Titled transformation of the Bank IT” media release Mr. Dr. Ibrahim Karasu and Mr.

Dr. Waldemar Grudzien Bank published a book, which the management, employees in the areas of Bank IT and organization, corporate advisors and online specialists in credit institutions gives views on expected future developments in the Bank IT. It thus provides assistance to prepare adequately for possible scenarios. Whenever Hamdi Ulukaya listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Publishers include papers by authors from the banks and IT – high will area on the following topics together: Selected countries with innovative Bank IT legal requirements and importance of the European Union for the IT security privacy employee rights and role of the Works Council of new technologies as a driver of Bank IT attacks on Bank-IT: social engineering and social phishing the business side of security also Professor Dr. Dr. Gerd Rossa of the iSM – Institute for System-Management GmbH in Rostock is co author of this book. Mr Rossa in his post, presents how to mature with a”identity management can prevent problems, such as confusion in takeover or Cunard in just three steps, creating compliance.

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ABECS Brazilian Association Debit

THE INDUSTRY OF THE CREDIT CARDS Welinton Dos Santos is economist The increase of 94,9% of the volume of credit cards in five years shows the impressive growth of the market of credit cards, debit and of store. The plastic money assisted Brazil in of the moments most critical of the crisis, keeping the active credits. In Brazil according to ABECS Brazilian Association of the Companies of Credit cards and Services, two teros of all the purchases with credit cards are carried through the stated period. In 2009, in full economic crisis, the industry of the cards will put into motion for return of R$ 450 billion, against R$ 158,9 billion 2004, almost three times more, in 483 million transactions (of jun/08 jun/09), with taxes of growth of the order of 44% to the year according to ABECS. The year of 2008 put into motion R$ 375 billion through> plastic cards. For the carriers of credit card, debit or store exists some tips in the site, being able to get information of the participants of the system, types of card, use of the card, security, services, list of associates and also a manual of the carrier of credit cards, that can be lowered in pdf in the address: . The sector of credit cards is important for the national economy, although the number exaggerated available for the Brazilian population, of a total of 191 million inhabitants, in the country exists 540 million cards. Beyond the easiness of the electronic system of purchase, it finishes contributing for the formality of companies, today can pay until taxi with card. The card system is tracked what it allows fiscalization increase on the transactions. The modalities of cards are: debit, credit, store and net, with the aggravation of the crisis the debit cards had surpassed of credit, having shown the improvement in the process of awareness of the consumer, but one another reason, the reduction of check emission still exists, mainly the post-dated ones.


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