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Basso More

To good rate, still in the Telegraphe, Accountant first he burst to Frank (until certain surprising point), later he would remove from point to Voeckler (that came enough holding) and would end up leaving back to Cadel Evans, although by a problem mechanic of the Australian who forced to him to stop twice and, finally, to change of bicycle. Intelligent, Evans thought that the best era to drop itself until the squad, who rolled wire drawing by the Liquigas de Basso to more of an average minute and. There, where already Frank Schleck had complied, one rearmed, protected by his companions of the BMC. The leader Voeckler, perhaps knowledgeable of which the yellow would go away to him yes or yes, bet to follow its rate, calling the attention of the camera with theatricalities, gestures and a development, creates it, own of sprinter. However, to ugly, ugly plate great, pedaleo, Voeckler maintained half minute of disadvantage on Contador and Andy Schleck, who by then already were in the Galibier and had reached the flight that headed the race. Cycling of another time as far as the presentation, although with the more or less constant differences. Andy could ' eliminar' to Evans Andy it had the possibility of eliminating Evans in his hand, but as soon as it collaborated with Accountant in the Galibier.

It failed to him the tactics. It needed the bravery of the Izoard. The one of Saxo Bank, clearly, something had to him to comment and the Luxemburgish one threw something more, yes, after the passage by Them Vemeys, there where the inclines of the Galibier, flavored by the height and the oxygen that does not abound, than more serious are gross. But there was no conviction. Voeckler began to go to less, of means minute to 50 seconds, and the squad of Evans to more, almost two minutes to little more than one.


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Historical Agreement

The country lives a deep crisis from the elections of the 13 of June of 2010. King Alberto II has returned of the vacations, which is an indication. Hardly 24 hours ago the positions to train government were irreconcilable. Belgium is on the verge of obtaining an historical agreement on the controversial flamenco periphery of Brussels that can unblock the negotiations to train Government and to remove to the country of the deep crisis that lives from the elections of the 13 of June of 2010, according to average Belgians. The one in charge to train Government, the French-speaker Socialist Elio Di Rupo, is going to meet with the king Belgian Alberto II this same night to present/display a definitive agreement to him between flamenco parties and French-speaker on the electoral and judicial district of Brussels-Find, &quot assures the French-speaker newspaper; Him Soir". The main parties of the country, except the winners of the last elections, the flamenco independentistas of the N-VA, negotiate afternoon from first hour of a solution after they arrived at a point of blockade that seemed insurmountable. According to it explains the newspaper flamenco " Of Morgen" , the flamenco parties – the liberal Open Vld, Socialist SP.A, the Christian Democrat CD& V and the Groen- ecologist presented/displayed a proposal combines east noon that the Frenches-speaker – the Ecolo ecologist, liberal MR, the Christian Democrat CDH and Socialist PS- could accept.

The eight formation work at the moment to race against the clock to outline the last details in the agreement with a view to which I gave Rupo can present/display it next to the king. The agreement concerns the BHV situation exclusively, an old flamenco vindication that motivated the fall of the Executive Belgian and precipitated the call of elections anticipated more ago of a year. If finally this great advance is confirmed, Belgium will have crossed in only one day extreme both possible on its future, the solution and the catastrophe, since this same dawn the positions seemed so irreconcilable and the so serious situation that the king was itself forced to return to the country after only two days of vacations in France. Before the unexpected one extended return of the king, the news of the day in Belgium was the abandonment of prime minister in functions, Yves Leter to me, after than 500 days governing more of provisional form, to become attached Secretary General of the Organization for the Cooperation and the Economic Development (the OECD). Source of the news: Belgium, near an historical agreement to end the political crisis that paralyzes the country


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George Everest

He was there per 1852 when one settled down that the Everest was, with 29,002 feet (8,840 meters), the highest mountain of the planet, after a study of British and Indian topographers, who drew their conclusions by means of trigonometrical method. Call until then Tip XV by the experts, the mountain received the name of Everest in honor to George Everest, an old general topographer of the India administered by the British Empire. For the nepales it is, however, from 1960 Sagarmatha, that means &quot literally; more discharge than cielos" , and the tibetanos talk about on the other hand to her like Chomolongma (" mother Earth goddess ") from before outside baptized Everest. How the Everest will be moderate Whereas the first studies took control of trigonometrical methods and of leveling, and most recent with the system of global positioning, Nepal now glides to use so much those of leveling as the GPS when it is necessary, to avoid controversies. Within the framework of the project, the Executive tries to settle down for July of the 2012 and by means of the leveling method height of three points of rrencia in the south of the mountain, a strategy that will later make the use easier of the GPS. The three chosen points are Namche, Taksindo and PK, all of them near the base of the mountain.

Also other well-known places located in an elevated position will be moderate something more than those three points, with the aim of increasing the precision. Once the altitude above sea level is determined of the points of rrencia, will require the ascent to the Everest of mountain ctuar measurements with GPS, including the top, where an equipment of this technology will settle. Nepal, whose territory does not kiss any ocean, takes like rrencia from the level from the sea the Bay from Bengal, in the neighbor India. The topographers also will have in consideration that the altitude of the mountain range of the Himalayas increases to every year about four millimeters due to the movement of the tectonic plates. The Himalayas formed about 50 million ago years when they hit the plates indoasitica and eurasitica, and the push of the first plate continues nowadays, reason why the mountains continue growing. Source of the news: How much it really measures the Everest


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Sutherland Highlanders

The Ministry of British Dnsa has abierto an investigation. Some soldiers take trophies from the enemies who demolish, but never parts of the corpse. The Ministry of British Dnsa is investigating to one of its soldiers to cut to members of the insurgents talibanes and quedrselos as souvenir. Is a very serious accusation, has affirmed the spokesman of the Ministry of British Dnsa, that has assured that the investigation already is in march. The soldier would have gathered the fingers in the final phase of his stay in Afghanistan, between September of 2010 and April of 2011 in the province of Helmand, according to information of the Huffington Post.

The military form leaves from the battalion of the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders, of the Regiment of Scotland. It returned from Afghanistan in the month of April, according to inform average British. The Battalion Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders is specialized in aerial assaults. The hehcos would have taken place while they were of round by Afghanistan, helping to the police and collaborating in the operations around Helmand. Nevertheless, there are no data on the company in particular to which the soldier would belong. From Special the Air service of the United Kingdom, Clive Fairweather has said that if the accusation is confirmed, he would be horrible knowledge that a soldier been collecting member has mutilated s for llevrselos like memory. Sometimes, some units must return with evidences that reflect the outcomes of battle or which they certify the death of the enemy, it has indicated Fairweather, but normally it is enough with photographies or DNA samples. Some soldiers take trophies from the enemies who demolish, but nonparts of the corpse.


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The Spanish Tebeo Appears In The Country Of The Sleeve

Spain is the country invited in the Fair the International of Libro of Tokyo. There national authors of reputation are occurring to appointment and are being the last new features of the publishing world. Without a doubt, it is emphasizing more and more distinguished cmic Spanish. Spain landed like country invited in the Fair the International of Libro of Tokyo, where national authors of reputation occurred to appointment and were the last new features of the publishing world, in which emphasizes distinguished cmic more and more Spanish. Prince Akishino, son of the emperor of Japan, along with his wife and the writers Carmen Alborch, Julio Llamazares, Fernando Sanchez Dredged, Alfredo Go’mez Bristle, Isabel Coixet and Santiago Barns was in the inauguration of ' estand' Spanish, one of the majors of a fair that also puts accent in e-book. The authors, who will offer conferences in ' Day of Espaa' that east Saturday will be celebrated, are the great Spanish bet along with the collection exhibited in pavilion, that goes from the last Prizes National Cervantes and Premios to volumes of art or infantile and youthful books.

The greater fair of Asia This is the first time that Spain goes like the country invited in the Fair the International of Libro of Tokyo, the major of Asia and that this year arrives at his tenth eighth edition with the presence from more than 985 exhibitors and about 85,000 professionals from the sector. The chief of a main directorate of Libro, Archives and Libraries, White Rogelio, explained that the presence of the Spanish publishing industry, fourth of the world, in the fair of Tokyo is " a necessary bet in a market of the quality and the spread of japons". Cmic Spanish extraction chest Within the nourished catalogue that the Spanish house will exhibit in the contest, until next day 10 of July, emphasizes cmic Spanish, more and more appreciated and translated anywhere in the world.


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