Dr. Leopoldo, doctor pensioner and unit family head, had much pride to occupy the rank of investigates of the building where it liveed has thirty years more than. He was one of the first inhabitants, having always made question to be cliente of all the questions of the condominium and in last the ten years, with intention to fill the time after to have if pensioner, it decided I investigate to candidatar itself it seguidamente having been elect for unamimity. Dr. Leopoldo lived alone in an ample apartment of four rooms in the Tijuca, that made question to conserve, no matter how hard its three children had insisted it to vender and if to move for a minor, when was widower, but it said that it would be good for keeping the great apartment to when the children they came to visit it with the grandsons and daughter-in-law, what its regret only happened in the Christmas and rare in the day of the parents and exactly thus, even so never demonstrated any type of insatisfao, never slept for there. After some years, the children had given up to try to make with that the father if moved. The activities of I investigate filled the time of that man still full solitary and of energy.

He was always to the front of that if he passed in the building, he had obtained to reduce the accounts of the condominium, at any time decided any problem of the day or the night, the inhabitants had never been so satisfied with one investigate and it felt itself carried through in its functions. Everything ran very well until a new inhabitant arrived and started to make an interminable workmanship causing some upheavals. The claims had started for the neighbor of apartment 901 that it had its room flooded for an emptying of the workmanship of from above floor.


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If this already was a problem, more serious still was for the fact to have occurred to the three hours of the dawn not having the inhabitant hesitated in beating the door investigates of it in search of a solution. – Dr. Leopoldo It forgives me for the hour, but as he can see we have a problem it has, you that to come now with me The inhabitant said exactly pointing with respect to itself efusivamente. I investigate it that still it trembled for the scare to have been waked up in the way of the dawn, did not understand well what that pyjamas man and completely wet made in foot its door trying to convince to it to go with it wise person there pra where. – But what it has of so serious? What it was that had? Hablio, the inhabitant of apartment 901, did not give possibility investigates to it to withdraw it grasped and it for the arm and it dragged practically it until its apartment, saying that it had that to see with you sweat proper eyes what was happening. When arriving, the water already was for all the apartment, but already it had stopped to leak for the ceiling of the room and I investigate finally can understand it the desperation of the inhabitant who informed to it that he woke up with a water spurt on it and that before having IDO to wake up he tried it for some times, but without success, contact with from above neighbor.

There I am going now to see what it is transferred Dr. Leopoldo left in direction to apartment 1001 followed by Mr. Hablio. It thought for a moment that it would not have due to hour, but did not have another solution had that to touch the bell, blim blom – Good night, the one that I must the honor of the visit? They want to enter? The inhabitant of apartment 1001 took care of the door, rolled up in a towel, eating one enormous sandwich and nor seemed that it was in the way of the dawn, given the naturalness with that received its visitors.


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Then, I thought: they had stolen. skies! now, as I will take mine> did not count on this unexpected. I bound my husband to search to come, telling me to it the occurrence. It came, only that he forgot my lesser son in house. I do not know what it is worse, to have the stolen car, or the imprisoned husband for abandonment of incapable! Then, I said to it, go with the Mrio for house, catch the Marquinhos and come back to catch pra me, therefore in the car of my husband nothing did not fit more! As it was delaying pra to return, I decided to go to the same foot, therefore it liveed relatively next to the market.

I was surprised by one trombadinha, that it demanded that it of this my clock and my pair of tennis. Logical that I did not react, and I delivered what it wanted. As between the place where I was and my residence, it had a hospital, which I could use for to take closets, but it was in go, they had not believed me, and still they had left to escape that I seemed a woman who has times behind enters in the hospital and stole a child of the maternity, I can? To the look for the deep ones of the hospital I could see my husband in apuros with the children. I did not think two times: I went off inside running. From there pra ahead was that running! I behind my marry, the watchmen behind me, and my feet running more than what I never could imagine that they could. In one it has slid of the guards, I stopped to breathe, and I thought: how it lacks makes me my slippers of fingers! There it had if them at that moment, never would pass for such constaint. Finally I obtained to esquivar me> canvas shoe, but the most legal of this everything was that I could understand that it is of simplicity that we need. I did not advance to have a pair of fine shoes at the moments where I needed the slippers.

They have its established paper. They are singelos,> but when necessary they fulfill its task: they protect in them of the attrition of the ground, serve as isolating thermal, they prevent hurt and calluses in the foot I took this pra my daily life. How many times we disdain the simple ones in search of the showy one, of the fancy one? How many times we forget to give attention for the small essential things and demasiadamente we demasiadamente worry in them about great things that do not serve in them? I understood that little it can very be, and very normally is dismissable. Today I try to give more value to each moment, thing or person. After all, I do not know until when I go to use my slippers of fingers (…).


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