Social Organization

The person who, also, is worried about the politicians who it chose and as she walks suaadministrao, this person exerts the citizenship. Thinking about the past, it was more easy when existiamdisciplinas specific for this, to the forgotten OSPB (Social Organization ePoltica Brazilian) and the EMC (Moral and Civic Education) that: In accordance with the Decree Law 869/68, became obligator in the Brazilian pertaining to school resume from 1969, (…). Both, EMC and OSPB, (…) had been characterized for the transmission of the ideologiado authoritarian regimen when exaltar the nationalism and the patriotism of the pupils to eprivilegiar the education of factual information in detriment of the reflection and daanlise. (MENEZES and SAINTS, 2002). These you discipline had been removed of currculosescolares for being considered ‘ ‘ you discipline of the time of the dictatorship militar’ ‘. Great part of what he was taught in these you discipline had been lost e, umapequena part today fits to the history professor to teach.

At that time it really was for ‘ ‘ transmission daideologia of the regimen autoritrio’ ‘ (MENEZES and SAINTS, 2002), but today we live emuma democracy 4. Oscidados Brazilian is free to choose who is its representatives. Thus, having EMC and OSPB as you discipline pertaining to school, they would be strengthening aformao of our citizens. ‘ ‘ Only fight for what it is respected. Quese is only respected loves. It is only loved what if conhece’ ‘ 5.

The Brazilian identity currently, is focada in icons as the soccer, osamba, ‘ ‘ jeitinho brasileiro’ ‘ , the persistence 6. Lack in the schools a civic culture, as it had behind about twenty years in the lessons Moral and Civic deEducao and Social Organization and Brazilian Politics. Have hasteamento of the National flag and if sang the hymns national, state emunicipal.


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Jose Robert

The workmanship reflects well on some points raised on the African influence, the example of music afro-Brazilian as being knowledge of a people. In what they are mentioned to music, the stories of these authors who making in historical apanhado on the generating process of the movements, that falls again on the different styles of Brazilian popular music, thus, Joana D? Arc and Jose Robert focus the description of the music of African origin. In this article, both work the main determinative factors that had involved the production of music. For this, they detach the traditions, customs, beliefs, among others movements that represent the manifestations of the popular culture in the organizations of the ethnic groups of the African continent, until being introduced at the beginning of the settling in Brazil. Of the movements appeared in this historical context, both the authors detach the samba as national identity, representation of Brazilian popular culture. In this direction, with the support of these theoretical references, we intend to study music afro-Brazilian and to show to its importance for context of the education of History, dinamizando its forms of apprehension and understanding. FINAL CONSIDERAES the study of the culture afro-Brazilian and African disclose the rights legal of valuation of the identity, culture, history that education of the ethnic-racial relations privileges. By these measures, the accomplishment of the research was allowed that if gave through a reflexiva analysis on music afro-Brazilian, perceiving as its consequences happen in Ensino de Histria, in accord with the conception that perpassa the metodolgico process of education and learning. To know more about this subject visit Josh Wexler.

Therefore, a boarding concerning the historical events was necessary, of the African origin that if developed in the context of the slavery in Brazil, as well as of the questions that had unchained this tram of the history that exactly having happened has five centuries almost, continue gift in the identity of the Brazilian popular culture. To make possible the research that turns on the knowledge ' ' historiogrfico' ' on cultural history a historical inquiry in the direction was undertaken to know the production of the existing knowledge on the boarded subject. The idea that I looked for to defend in this study to give to emphasis to music Afro-Brazilian in Ensino de Histria perceived its importance as well as its consequences happens educative methods, in accord with the conception that perpassa the metodolgico process of education and learning in disciplines of History. Therefore, a boarding concerning the historical events was developed, of the African origin that if developed in the context of the slavery in Brazil, as well as of the questions that had unchained this tram of the history that exactly having happened has five centuries almost, continue present in the identity of the Brazilian popular culture..


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Thomas Jefferson

The American revolutionaries if supported in the libertarian creed, an ideology took that them to resist with the proper lives, richnesses and dignities to the invasions of its rights and freedoms committed for the British imperial government. (As opposed to Tiffany & Co.). The liberal classics defended the individual freedom, reduced taxes, the controls and the regulations, eliminated, and the energy, the company human being and the markets, set free to produce and to benefit the consumers. The entrepreneurs would have to be free to compete, to produce, to create. The personal and civil freedom would have to be guaranteed against the depredation and the tyranny of the king and its asseclas. The religion, set free of the imposition and interference of the State.

John Locke in century XVII in England transformed the classic natural law into a theory based on the individualism. From the emphasis of Locke in the individual as agent of the action, that thinks, he feels, he chooses and he acts, he appeared to the idea of natural law in the politics that creates the natural laws of each individual. The lockeano individualism it deeply influenced the American revolutionary futures and the dominant tradition of the thought libertarian politician in that new revolutionary nation. An example of the revolutionary use of the natural laws was, without a doubt, the American Revolution, that was based on a revolutionary growth of the lockeana theory throughout century XVIII. The words of the Declaration of Independence, where Thomas Jefferson clarifies, did not create nothing new, but was only one written separation of the opinions of the Americans of those days: ' ' We consider these autoevidentes truths; that the men are servant equal and endowed by its Creator of certain inalienable Rights; that he enters these they are the Right to the Life, the Freedom and the search of the Happiness. That it is for guaranteeing such rights that governments are instituted between the Men, deriving its right ones to be able from the assent of the governed ones. .


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We have the railroad yes as a point crucialpara the decline of the tropeira activity, to put, does not stop its end immediately, therefore the railroad with all its dynamism not yet reached all afrentes of development and its abrangncia if it gave only in algunsentroncamentos, the mules had continued to be used in noscafezais and canaviais internal works, the preparation of the land and other services detransporte, until the entroncamentos and the stations of embarkment, leading otropeirismoa to adentrar century XX, therefore in 1935 still they existed about 30 a50 tropeiros that they brought for So Paulo around 30.000.00 heads demuares. We cannot economically deny that the railroad produced a time maisveloz for some places, privilegiamo those that had helped emsua installation, that is, great farmers and cafeicultores in the regions demaior production, and to small producers alone still remained muares as meiosde access to the main railroad trunks, the railroad coexisted until the primeirasdcadas ones of century XX a slower time lead by the speed of muar, putting, a determinative element, was the appearance of them schemes tractive edos prepared automachine vehicles for the load transport and plough, comocaminhes and tractors had provided to speed and circulation to the products, to apartir from there muar age more necessary not to carry the merchandise dafazenda the station, nor to ploughing the field, pulling the tram in the cities, maquinadefinitivamente it substitutes muar, in 1950 the tropeiros leave of conduzirtropas of muares of the south and with the age Juscelino Kubitscheck, it invigorates Brazil doautomvel, placing an end in the troperismo. Still under this perspective we can conclude that we economically had important trsciclos for the Portuguese metropolis and posteriormentepara the empire, had been they: of the sugar cane-of-sugar, of the gold and the coffee, to put we nopodemos to despresar the tropeirismo therefore this was of equal magnetude, importanteno only for external interests but vital for the internal development, we can place its external importance in the maintenance of these cycles, toimportantes for the metropolises and for the sprouting and reinforcement domercantilismo and European capitalism, the tropeirismo in turn, it was so maisimportante internally and it made possible the occupation of all the southern portion (south), expanding and fixing borders, it also made possible the sprouting so important decidades that in its cities had surpassed some deprovncias capitals economically this that until the present is basic in the federal contextoestadual and. BIBLIOGRAPHICAL REFERENCES STRAFORINI.


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Joan Scott

The relation with the Matriarca and Rosa is in the action attitude, the matriarca leads its family with seriousness and security guard, already Pink it dreams in having a full life beautiful of esplendor. E, ahead of this historical context is that, currently, if it considers necessity to materialize the ending of the inaquality of sorts (in this in case that, between men and women). What it passes in the Vines of the Anger is the bankruptcy of these relations concerning the submission that the author adds in the matriarca. For Joan Scott (1990): Idea of masculinidade rests on the necessary repression of feminine aspects of the bissexual potential of the citizen and introduces the conflict in the opposition of the masculine and the feminine one. The restrained desires are gifts in the unconscious one and constitute a permanent threat for the stability of sort identification, denying its unit, subvertendo its necessity of security (SCOTT, 1990, P. 12).

In the workmanship of Steinbeck the masculinidade weakens due to persistence lack and determination concerning the events, that is, the figure of paternalism total was come back the land, a lost time would not be constructed of new. Whereas, the figure materna sobressai at the moments most difficult in the Joad family, when the family passes for the periods most arduous of its passage. Of certain form, the manifest hope if in Rose, however, this loses the baby who in turn meant the hope in a so difficult reality. At a moment that pursued them to the death, Rose decides to help a stranger in the side of the death: ' ' The man sketched a negative movement with the head Rose of Sharon got rid of the blanket, leaving the naked seios. It has that to be? it spoke, coming close more than it, and pulling it to it head for si' '.


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