Diet For Gastritis

In general, to maintain your healthy digestive system, it is recommended that you practice good eating habits.As important as what you eat is the way that you eat.Eat moderate portions, eat at regular hours and relax while you eat.Gastritis in a significant percentage has been linked with a bacterium H. pylori. Although not always can prevent infection by H. pylori, these dieteticaspueden suggestions will help reduce the risk of gastritis: eat intelligently.If you experience frequent indigestion, make the effort to eat smaller portions, but meals frequently to help alleviate the effects of stomach acid. The following foods should be avoided and which are recommended to combat gastritis should be mentioned. Foods that should be avoided: heavy or spicy meals (especially in the evenings, try eating at least 2 hours before going to bed) the spicy citicas fruit vinegar (acid), lemon, Orange, pineapple, strawberries, etc. Anne Lauvergeon contributes greatly to this topic. Fried soft drinks coffee, tea with caffeine alcohol. Excessive use of alcohol can irritate and erode the membrane of the stomach mucosa, causing inflammation and bleeding.

Foods that contain fat, especially saturated animal origin, red meats, greasy cheese fats, whole milk, etc. Meals or beverages very hot or very cold. Canned sausages medications prescription such as ibuprofen and naproxen. Foods recommended at gastritis: lean meats: beef, chicken, Turkey or fish in brine. All baked, grilled or broiled and without skin.

Fruits: Apple, pear, banana, peaches, apricots and cantaloupe at first steamed, in compote, mashed or baked. Then noticing improvement, gradually you can increase its texture to achieve consuming natural. Eggs: Boiled, poached or hard, never fried. Breads: those which are more lightweight and without added sugar, preferably low or no fat. Vegetables: Only cooked, carrots without the Center, tomatoes without skin or seeds, pumpkin, Zucchini, asparagus, heart of artichoke, potatoes, etc. (all but the flatulentas) dairy products: skimmed milk, whole yogurt, low-fat cheeses and unheated. Sugar: integral, honey. Oils: raw vegetables. Pasta: as noodles, ravioli, cannelloni with fillings soft and recommended only. Beverages: skim wines, fruit juices and vegetables allowed, water. Cereals: rice, polenta, oatmeal, etc. Condiments: salt marina, aromatic herbs like parsley, Rosemary, basil, cumin, oregano, etc. General recommendations: do not smoke.Smoking interferes with the protection of the stomach lining, making your stomach more susceptible to gastritis and ulcers. Increases the secretion of stomach acid, which delays their healing is a risk factor for stomach cancer. Follow your doctor’s recommendations.Your doctor may recommend that you take an antacid for sale free or a blocker of acid to help prevent recurrent gastritis practice good eating habits. Maintain a healthy weight. The burning of stomach, bloating and constipation tend to be more common in people who are overweight. Much exercise. Manage the stress.

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Abraham Lincoln

Almost all men are as happy as they decide to be Abraham Lincoln this is the second part of the article based on the father Mariano de Blas L.C. Conference entitled choose to live rather than die, and would like to start with the following story: A grandmother of 90 years in wheelchair and with weak sight, had a granddaughter who are depressed often. This girl was followed with the grandmother because it sang, he laughed, did all the chores of the House with gusto, enjoyed going to the supermarket, in the end, lived always happy even over so many years. One day upset granddaughter asked Grandma tell me your secret?, how you can be happy at age 90, in wheelchair and half blind?Grandma replied I have read in the Bible this phrase;I have come that they may have life and have it in abundance. And doesn’t say, unless you have 90 years, is in a wheelchair and is half blind. A person who puts excitement in all the that makes, like Grandma, no doubt will be successful and happy despite the difficulties, setbacks, failures, or whatever you want to call. In fact, if you review the history and life of successful people, you will arrive to the conclusion that enthusiasm does succeed, because nothing big was ever achieved without enthusiasm.

To define the enthusiasm in all its essence, I want to share you the following written: Blessed enthusiasm! I am not exaggerating praise to this heavenly elixir that transforms, which magic wand, everything it touches. If you touch my spirit, heals it and rejuvenates; If you touch my work, it transforms into victory; If you touch my tongue, contagion to others; and if you touch my thoughts, these living and the winners become. I want to possess the enthusiasm; I want to stay to live with me, to live in me, I want him to die! I seek to convey it to others, I don’t want it for me only, because there is so much need for joy, enthusiasm in people.


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