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Investment Project

The uncertainty is present in all times, in each of the levels of study of the pre-investment stage. Therefore it is necessary to specify, that as it progresses in general studies of the phase of Pre investment levels, the degree of uncertainty must gradually reduce (increases certainty), but it is evident that they are not deleted or reduced to zero ever, since there are variables that you can not predict or manage. As a counterpart to the reduction of uncertainty, we have that the s of the studies and the time spent is increasing as we deepen more in the project in the search and demonstration of its profitability. This behavior is reflected in the following chart of Figure 1. The great question if the orientation of our business idea, comes from the detection of a problem or market opportunity, and is focused on generating goods and/or services from a micro or small enterprise, is evident a question: is it necessary to complete all three levels of the stage of pre studies investment to be able to demonstrate the feasibility of our idea? The stage of general surveys (profile, pre-feasibility and feasibility) are normally the levels and logical sequence that should be followed to full justification of an investment project; However, when the project is referred to micro or small enterprises (SMEs) of productive industrial type, with use of technologies already assimilated and tested, raw materials and supplies available and next to the plant and is known or there is information of similar operating companies, the designer or Manager of the idea should focus on testing that there is market for products andin this case you must reach the pre-feasibility level. But being a new product, non-existent in the market and both not there is information of other experiences, is recommended to perform up to the level of feasibility studies, but, since the level of investment for the micro and small investor can involve the loss of all its capital investment and stay even in debt in case of recourse to a funding source, It is necessary to establish a proper balance between the information obtained, the costs involved in each study, the experience of the entrepreneur or designer, the time of validity of the information obtained and the requirements of the financial institution (if it resorts to financing).

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Investment Fund

When it comes to invest and put at risk our money and heritage, the best is always be super safe and prepared for everything. Investment funds represent a very good choice to invest because thanks to its wide diversity, they allow us to choose which is best suited to our economic capabilities and short and long term plans. It is true that before choosing a mutual fund should one study as much as possible related to matter to make sure that our money is going to give this fruit. When looking for a Fund in which to invest, you can support you in financial experts, in reports and previous portfolios, statistics and various technological platforms that you can advise. A Fund of investment by its name, you can search by category, by dealer, by performance or by sponsor. These are just some of the features on which you can base when it comes to search and choose your investment fund. Is also very useful recourse and consult news and reports related to the investment funds, as well as what is based somewhat in the general ranking of investment funds, which will tell you the name of the Fund, the sponsor and its performance.


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