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A widespread idea, both between small and big business is, that to increase sales of our business costly advertising campaigns should be to inform about our products or services. Many experts and business owners agree that the above is not, necessarily, a truth. While it is true, advertising sells, and those companies with large budgets for advertising can make a broad deployment for the promotion of their products, the truth is that, most of the times does not have big budgets for marketing campaigns. The lack of a large budget to deploy costly budget campaigns should not be reason to believe that sales of our products or services may not be increased significantly. In an article I wrote over one year ago, posed the following question does because you can not mount a WalMart type Corporation and the like, why not abririas a small shop? Or you wait until you have the ability of Wal-Mart? It It is true, both for traditional business to business online and in this article we are going to focus businesses on the internet. There are some considerations to keep in mind to accomplish a greater conversion, i.e., to make visitors and prospective clients, which are less expensive for our business, but not for that reason cease to be effective. It is apply some ideas to increase the conversion rate of our web site.

Let’s take into account the conversion begins when visitors become our website prospects and then latter on customers who buy our products or services. The above can be achieved without investing heavily in advertising campaigns. The foregoing is what call strategies versus money, having as main element work. Yes, work on the strategies used to achieve increased sales of our products or services is crucial. Let’s look at some ideas that can help us to increase our sales conversion rate.


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Funds and Investments

Currently, there are various ways to save; However, not all are good results. There are a variety of options offered by the Bank and long have been the most popular means for savings, as the master accounts, savings, among others. As time passed, these processes were being very limited service to offer customers and had to evolve according to the needs of them. That is why there is now the great choice of investment funds. That is why, that is if you are looking for have higher yields, the most convenient option is an investment fund. This way to save is to form a group of investors that have a purpose in common.

A point in favor of this mechanism is that he is does not need a very large amount to invest, since among people who make up the savings group support between them and in the same way of decreasing the risks. There are different types of societies, for example in fixed income or equity investors. The point of this is that the Fund’s investment is designed to suit the client, their capacities and needs. In this way, investment funds are positioned within the reach of everyone.

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Spanish SMEs

Leo these days one news that it gives me genuine chills in what to the management of the marketing and taking decisions referred to. According to a study that analyzes the behavior of 1,800 small and medium-sized enterprises, about 70% of advertising investment decisions do not evaluate the return on investment of past exercises. For those who are stuck in the world of advertising and online marketing are really outrageous this data type. And is that in an environment like the internet, in which virtually everything is measurable, it is unthinkable to not base your decisions or at least much of the same in good analysis. In this sense the online marketing agency should make an effort to transmit what measurable benefit, of do not spend money in anything that does not generate it and invest it in what generates it. To do this, we must add that some companies do not just identify niche market and leverage as the channel internet, so report highlighted that 79% of small and medium-sized enterprises does not possess a strategy based on the Digital businesses online through which plan their investments, highlighting the confusion that exists about the potential of online advertising. However, we can see how designers market is very atomized, if I put in Google web design Galicia, since it is my community, I see that appear more than 432,000 results according to Google, however get me the feeling that are in the web design and that the Galician SMEs and the Spanish in general you much to advance the development and generation of value through their online channel. Another of the major problems of these small and medium-sized enterprises is also that they were not sure where to go for the strategic advice of their actions and digital marketing campaigns, which indicates that there is a high level of confusion for them in the market.

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