United Nations

Adds that Shell has been described by Greenpeace and friends of the Earth as the most polluting the world’s oil company, because it is supposedly the largest intensive producer of carbon. And it is by their relationship with the Canadian sands, liquefied natural gas and oil production gas flares. Shell denies the accusations. The company insists that its only tar sands production is a more intensive 15% carbon from the well to wheeled vehicles and that it has always played a constructive role in climate change issues. A spokesman for Shell said: we advocate the establishment of limits and exchange of emission rights plans and do everything we can to increase our efficiency and reduce our on result of carbon. For even more opinions, read materials from Andrew Cuomo.

But a report, Irresponsible Energy, conducted by Greenpeace and others, concludes: the use of amounts each time greater energy to produce billions of barrels of oil that could not be obtained otherwise seems a strategy for disaster. And it seems that this is the strategy of Shell. In his speech the Secretary-General of United Nations, Ban Ki-moon, said: continue to pour billions of dollars in subsidies to the fossil fuels is how to invest in mortgage bonds sub-prime. Our carbon-based infrastructure is like a toxic asset that threatens the portfolio of global goods, from public health to food security. We should not forget as reported it, which United States of environmentalists sued to justice to the oil company Shell Oil and several of its subsidiaries, in order to curb polluting operations supported by the signature in the southern state of Texas. The Sierra Club and Environment Texas organizations claimed a judge ordered Shell to put an end to the apparent violations of the clean air act in Deer Park, a complex of factories and refineries of six square kilometres to 32 kilometers from the city of Houston. This Texan city is the headquarters of the subsidiary in this country of the Anglo-Dutch Shell and much of the big oil companies of United States.

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The Same

Delving deeper: the trip is for 1 single person and you have to deposit 100 to make the reservation, that you back then even if you discounted (35 euros) by the management.The trip is 4 days and 3 nights in 3 or 4 star hotel in regime of automatics. It’s believed that Vyacheslav Mirilashvili sees a great future in this idea. (comrades @ 400 euros). In the event you go sol@,deberas share a room with another person, but want to share it and ask for a single room will have to pay a supplement of (199 euros). The flight leaves from Barcelona or Madrid.Los that we don’t live there, will have to pay for the trip from your city to the city of departure of the flight.(They only pay the transfer resulting in the same city).Rates and increase of fuel remain at our expense.(60 euros). It can happen due to departure times have to do night in that city. The cancellation insurance fee (25 euros) per person. You have to do before a minimum order to Venca (25-30 euros).

According to e. indagado hotels tend to be located in areas where there is not any tourist attraction, with which you’re forced to hire the excursions offered. You gotta pay you lunches and dinners. WHERE THIS FREE TRAVEL? This post could also be titled: what does not say their free trips venca. Fuente:COSA de Cadiz. Original author and source of the article.

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Wall Street Economy

A 4.5% did the Ftse-100 in London. The shares of the French Bank Societe Generale be they plunged to close 12,34% on the Paris Bourse, leading falls in a day of the Cac-40 down. This entity also led losses last Wednesday with a decline of 15%. Has been paid much attention to a circumstance that last week brought in suspense to the market: the maintenance of the French, triple debt Note A, by the Agency of measurement of risk Standard and Poor s. For even more details, read what Wabash National Corporation says on the issue. Wall Street to the low the Dow Jones of industrial, the main Wall Street indicator, closed with a 3.68% fall that lost dimension of 11,000 points. That index, which comprises the 30 largest publicly traded companies in the United States, it subtracted 419,63 points to close at 10.990,58 units, while the selective S & P 500 yielded 4.46% and the composite index of the Nasdaq market left 5.22%. The announcement of the Morgan Stanley Bank, it lowers its prospects of growth for the world economy, EE UU and Europe situated at the edge of the n recesio, has not helped.

Before the opening of Wall Street had already known that the figure of unemployment in this country subsidy requests increased by 9,000 last week, at the same time as this country’s consumption price index rose 0.5% in July, the biggest increase since March and sales of existing houses fell 3.5% in July. Morgan Staley U.S. Bank Morgan Stanley has lowered on Thursday its forecasts for growth of the world economy for the period between the next six to twelve months. Therefore, the growth of the world economy would fall this year to 3.9 percent, from 4.2 percent expected and, in 2012, would be at 3.8% from 4.5%. The cut announced by the financial institution would imply a slowdown in the global economy for 2012 compared with this year and would place to United States and Europe dangerously on the brink of recession for the period between the next six to twelve months. Morgan Stanley emphasizes that a scenario of recession – marked by two consecutive quarters of contraction – is not the more likely. Source of the news: the Spanish stock exchange closes with a 5% drop in another black day for European parks

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When someone wants something you should know that it risks and why life is worth. We have said on several occasions that we are energy that our body’s moves thanks to the energy that he assumes, therefore we are subject to all those stimuli that somehow activated our energies, often in a negative way, other positively. Important thing is to determine what those stimuli that we favor. Up to many times the ones identified with parapsychological science have ventured to try to explain the Paranormal phenomena under the perception. Theories that are derived from energy and its impact on the behavior of being, more so when manifested many times a special energy that has not been able handle, especially psychic and unexplained phenomena as telepathy, that promotes clairvoyance, and why not the levitation and everything that has become famous to Sai Baba in the appearance and disappearance of objects. The truth, that the topic of electromagnetism which is our goal in this opportunity is very interesting and with regard to this, Pablo Villarrubia in writing about him presented in the journal year zero of Spain, provides US with significant information that we share with those interested in these subjects as it is textually, that present-day man is immersed in a huge, invisible and dangerous ocean of radiation.

Those living in large cities are most susceptible to this threat, that can produce lethal, such as cancer or leukemia disease. That enemy that surrounds us everywhere are electromagnetic waves that produce from the seemingly harmless household appliances – such as televisions or blenders – up lines of high-voltage or large electrical generators. A few years some scientists gave the first voices of alert, but it is now when the surveys and research have come to prove that the problem is, in reality, much more serious than it seems. Popular interest was awakened as a result of the recent lawsuit filed against an electricity company by the father of Simon Stuholme, a British 13-year-old boy who died of leukemia in 1992.


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Magnetizing Work

3 TIPS powerful and easy to MAGNETIZE your work IDEAL by Olivia Reyes international polls say that more than 90% of the population is unhappy with his work and somehow feel that their life is miserable at having to perform a task that does not satisfy them. Below you will find several very efficient tips to reverse the paradigm and start creating the job of your dreams. They are very simple tips but they are the creme of the science of deliberate creation, so put them to work in your favor 1.-carries a book of positive aspects about your current job there is a saying that says you can not miss something until you may love it and keep a positive aspects about your work allows you to move to the next level. Otherwise, focus on negative that you experience on your current employment is a guarantee that you’ll still stuck in the same place. Also focus on the positive aspects of your work will allow you to stop attracting negative labour circumstances and begin to attract more situations thank.

2. Asks what you want written, you focus on it you approaches not on what you don’t want. It is very important to focus on what you want and gradually stop focusing on what you don’t want your work situation. This implies that you have cuts or drawings of your ideal job at hand, which every day visualize 10 or 15 minutes as it would be your ideal job and do its utmost to have written your request to the universe. TRUSTING THAT WHAT YOU ASK FOR WILL BE GIVEN YOU. 3.-Be happy in your current job, do it as a priority! Reduces your workload by 50 percent increases your load of fun in a 100% and your income increase by 200% Abraham-Hicks I used to be someone very responsible and hardworking, always wanting to do more, always putting me goals and achieve goals and working hard to achieve them.

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How To Convert Into A Magnet For The Money

Like most people, you are probably taught to view money as a tangible resource that resides in your wallet or your bank account until you decide to spend it. You use it to pay bills, purchase goods and services, and support good causes. Whenever you need money, probably resorted to the same practices that most people do: takes a physical action that will bring this money, such as working overtime, request an increase to your boss, or even to sell some of their material possessions. What you don’t know is that you can attract money into your life much easier ways; simply changing the way in which you think about money and abundance. It is known as the law of attraction, and you can work effectively for you, making a big difference between a lifetime of struggle and shortages, and a full of abundance and comfort.

In this article you’ll see the most common mistakes that people make when they try to use the law of attraction to attract more money in their lives; and offer you some suggestions that help to correct them at the right time. Error #1 of the law of attraction money maintain a mentality of scarcity and fight based on his own experiences of life, do you say to get money on a regular basis, is easy or difficult? In other words, you have to work hard to obtain enough money that meets your needs, or the money seem coming almost effortlessly? Take your time to answer these questions, since it may reveal something very important: his mentality as a whole in terms of money and wealth. You can tell immediately if you have a mindset of wealth or shortage observing the experiences of his life. Lesson #1 of the law of attraction and the wealth his mentality creates its experiences the law of attraction is activated by your mentality in other words, the things that you think, believe and feel on a regular basis.

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Make Profitable Investments

Discover what is your tolerance for risk and your investor profile will help you to select the profitable investments more conveniently… While there are different types of profitable investments that can be made, we can encontrarsolo three distinct investor profiles. On the one hand we have the Conservatives, and on the other by the aggressive investors contrariolos. A middle ground is located between the two. The Conservatives are seeking safety does not want to risk the suficienteya who are afraid of losing everything. In general while less risk less profit is generated, but by another parteestas people can be with peace of mind knowing that your investment is relatively safe.

Another point to add is that these investors are neither much involved in business since selected profitable investments that can leave easily when the situation get worse on the other hand the Agresivos are that on the contrary, they want to take risks and invest larger amounts of money in businesses that, in the majority of cases random and ignorance of the future, increase the risk of lose or win. Depending on the goal that each person has their profiles of investors come to light. There are some who are raised to retire within 30 years, therefore do not risk and seek security as common funds or Government bonds, they obviously are conservatives. Another feature that distinguishes them is that in the majority of cases they don’t want to deliver their initial investment, i.e. they prefer to have the security that is available all the time in the event that should happen it to want to remove it. On the other hand, there are businessmen who are asked to buy a home in 2 years and are dedicated to analyze and invest fully in businesses that give many profits and hence are high risk, where others do not dare to invest.

This is the case of investors Agresivos, wanting higher profits in shortest time. In general its investment portfolio consists mainly by actions and investments in companies with the future. In the medium term as we said, a moderate investor is someone who knows diversify. It has investments in mutual funds and bonds that are relatively safe and leaves a margin of its funds to investments with high risk. If it goes bankrupt or fails to risking at least recover part of the losses with safe investments. If he wins on the other hand, maximizing their utilities without risking losing everything. Do now that knows the 3 profiles to make profitable investments in which you are located?


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Government Companies

The Venezuelan companies at present, in particular SMEs, are facing serious problems in relation to its operation, product of the incidence of new policies, strategies, actions, programs, undertaken by the current Government for its campaign of instituting socialism in the country, aspect that was not contemplated by the business sector, its management being affected many SMEsgiven the uncertainty, risk that is generated, especially in the acquisition of inputs, technology, wages, instability, productivity, competitiveness. All this has affected in the organizational behavior of many companies, their functions and since then, in one of the most active as it is the management of markets that should empathize with the reality of the scenario that unfolds, as well as the accelerated dynamics of globalization, which has today become very significant with a competition that offers great opportunities. Management must accept new trends that become a challenge for them, (such as: a-.) The political and legal environment: in this regard, Schewe and Smith (1982), says that society recognizes that there are inequities when economic and social systems are left to their own discretion. In theory, the Government represents the wishes and needs of citizens, and establish laws for its defenses. As citizens have a responsibility to recognize and obey all traffic laws, traders should be aware of the laws and regulations that affect their products and business.

Consider that laws legislative bodies emit and any company, no matter how big and influential that, can exercise control. b-) technology: technological advances are non-controllable variables that have a great impact on the marketing and can not neglect, as the specific case of the computer. Although manufacturers can establish certain technical direction, they may not make any way that a breakthrough will occur. (C) competition: In a free society, competition is impossible to regulate, where marketing management must be alert to the companies and to the activities of the competition.


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Presidential Commission

An explosion on an oil rig killed 11 people and caused the discharge of five million barrels of oil. A report by a Presidential Commission already pointed to the decisions of the oil company as causing the worst ecological catastrophe in the history of EE UU. Bad decisions of British oil company BP in the management of its Macondo well were, above the mistakes of its contractors, the main cause of the huge oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, according to the U.S. official report. The accident which occurred on April 20 in the Deppwater Horizon oil platform and which caused the death of 11 operators as well as spillage of five million barrels of oil into the sea for six months. The final report a set of Coast Guard and the Bureau of management and regulation of the ocean of USA (Boemre, in English), points out the failure of BP when dealing with the risks associated with a series of decisions that aimed to save time or costs. The document, published this Wednesday after 17 months of research, was expected with great interest in the oil industry over the impact that will have on the granting of permits for drilling offshore, a task that corresponds to Boemre. More than 160 kilometers off the coast of the State of Louisiana (EE UU) were affected and the maximum representative of the State has complained repeatedly of the decisions of the company.

The findings add published that in January the Presidential Commission appointed by President Barack Obama after the disaster, which spread the blame among BP and its subcontractors, Halliburton and Transocean. The cascade of errors that the report speaks of Boemre reaches these two companies, but their responsibility is above all in its lack of synchrony and communication with BP in managing the platform.The failure of BP and Transocean in ensuring that they had a common and integrated in the well control approach was a possible cause of the explosion of Macondo, the report said. However, the document warns that, in the months preceding the disaster, Transocean had a history of deficiencies in the area of security, and that it failed to interpret a crucial test that measured the pressure in the well. Both BP and Transocean and Halliburton had programs that were forced to stop work on the holding in the case of anomalies, recalls the report, and the fact that did not, after having found multiple risks and warnings, was one of the causes of the spill. One of the causes was the inability of BP maintain oversight and liability complete on activities associated with the Deepwater Horizon platform, continues. The report contains dozens of recommendations to improve safety in the industry, including changes to improve the system of prevention of spills or to ensure that engines of the platforms do not absorb the gas. Source of the news: EE UU attributed to mismanagement of BP blame for the oil spill on the Gulf of Mexico

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