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Imparcialidade Rains

Imparcialidade: Rains had not killed in SP and River? Edson Silva In the basic principle of a good information, at least it is what we learn when studying the science of the Journalism, is (or it would have to be) in first place the truth of the facts. It must be followed of imparcialidade, right to counsel, common-sense and some other elements, many of which subjective and that unhappyly they can oscillate as line determined for some agency of the same press or for the formation (or lacks of it) of character of certain professionals. Volume for example rains that had hardly punished Brazil since the end of the passed year, making vitimais fatal and homelesses in some states. In February of this year, the magazine of national circulation: The problem in So Paulo, been sees sample then governed for Serra (PSDB) and city managed for Gilberto Kassab (DEM), parties of clear and well-known opposition the Federal government of president Luiz Incio Lula da Silva (PT). In the layer photo, the magazine shows an immersed man in the overflow, Why It rains In such a way and the text: a rare combination of atmospheric factors is the cause of the dilvio that has more than 40 days punishs the South and the Southeast of Brazil tries to give explanations half Biblical (History of the dilvio counted in the Bible, Gnesis 6-12) and of perhaps to the phenomenon, that killed more 70 people in So Paulo We go now to the direction of the imparcialidade, or worse, of the lack of it. In April, less than two months later, Veja comes back to speak of rain and this time in Rio De Janeiro, been governed for Sergio Cabral Son and that it has the city managed for mayor Eduardo Breads, both of the PMDB, broken ally in the Federal government of president Lula (PT). The photo of the layer is of the Christ Redentor in tears ahead of the tragedy (that it killed 230 people more than) and does not have heading.

But the text: . U! In So Paulo rain is guilty and in the River not? It will be that some nugget dgua will be taken to the guilty banks of in the capital of all the expiatrios natives of So Paulo and of the irresponsabilidades will become bodes, that if proven, are equal the ones that can have occurred in the River? Without trocadilho, however it sees, this is to play with the intelligence of all the Brazilians. It is, it says the work friend well (journalist Ema Bianchi Aguiar) that the modernity of the Internet makes possible the readers if not to leave to influence for this or that news. After all, it is possible to appeal to the new versions, to consult diverse sites or blogs that they are trustworthy, being that the seconds normally are sources of information without censorship of the masters of the great media. I would add more, saying that some pseudos periodicals had to search the life of orquestrao, what it is then? It will be that the situations of pensioners, entrepreneurs, students were better, for example, has 10 or 15 years?


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