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Stone Stairs

But of all the set types of stone most widely used granite and marble. Stairs made of marble stairs of marble can be massive and graceful, modest, restrained, or pretentious luxury. The color of natural stone – warm or cool colors – selected on the basis of a general trend trim interior. Sunlight serves to emphasize the figure of marble, all of its nuances. When the device overhead levels or stages of the tiles need to choose the right adhesive composition: white – that he did not shone through the marble, and quick-to not saturate the porous stone of excess moisture. For protection against external influences marble steps necessary to handle special structures: adhesives for stone, bee wax. Such care will prolong the life of the marble staircase and preserve its attractive appearance. Marble stairs quite rugged and durable, but in public places with high level of traffic as material for making better use of granite steps.

Granite stairs granite staircase installed both indoors and outdoors. Depending on the color of natural stone, granite stairs can look different: black – monumental and even luxurious, pink and red – the bright and elegant, gray – restrained and solemn. Granite anciently used as a finishing material, and still goes out of fashion. Due to the high strength of this stone and its ability to withstand weathering, steps made of granite are from 50 to 300 years, without losing the initial visual appeal. Unlike marble, granite step does not require extra care and pereshlifovki perepolirovki.

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The History Of Carpet Weaving

The history of carpet weaving oldest carpet in the East House begins where the carpet is spread out. Even if the surrounding parched desert or harsh mountains and omnipresent dust cloud hanging over the dead unsteady sands, even if heavy, molten sun, such as lead, pouring a world full of camel thorn, even if instead of walls – a thin cloth tent. Carpet – is an oasis: lush gardens, disheveled head overmature roses on snake-like graceful branches of the strange shrubs, colorful birds in the trees. " When there was a carpet – just do not know anybody. Date of its origin is hidden somewhere in the mists of time. However, according to scholars and historians, the art of carpet weaving began more than than two and a half thousand years ago.

The oldest extant carpet was woven presumably more than two thousand years ago! Dense Wool Pile fabrics depicting deer, vultures, and the horse was found during excavation of the king's burial mound in 1949. The fact that the carpet so beautifully preserved, it must special climatic conditions – in the disposal of infiltrated water and air, resulting in the carpet froze and escaped decay. This finding indicates the unique facts: after centuries classical technique hand-woven carpets has not changed! Today, this masterpiece centuries decorate the Hermitage collection. Yes, it is a masterpiece of the ages ", because carpet weaving – an ancient art that has its roots in the Ancient East. How did it all begin? Among scientists there is a perception that the original carpet is a particularly practical functions: eastern nomads invented weaving warm cloth to be able to quickly build a house.

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