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Forest National Corporation

With these words three members of the Regional Consultative Council of Protected Wild Areas – Miriam Chible, Peter Hartmann and Safe Patricio made their opinion with respect to the commemoration that is taking ahead, through the Forest National Corporation public (Conaf) and other governmental organizations, within the framework of the 50 years of the publication the 28 of July of 1959 in the Official Newspaper of the creation decree del that can be considered one of the more important territories under defense official of the country. Their words aim at that worries that in the words the importance of the park is released, calling it world-wide reserve to us of fresh water, but that actually, in the administrative facts, the Government in the region, essentially their political authorities, act with negligence in protecting so invaluable patrimony. Not therefore the officials government of Conaf and other organizations, that carry out their work with rigor, the one that lamentably sees past take by decisions other people’s to its will. They remembered in this sense the decision of the Regional Commission of the Environment (He struggles) that the past 13 of March approved (with the opposite votes of seremis of Mining, Public Works and National Goods) a declaration of environmental impact for a concession of a center of fattens of salmons in the Matting Elephants, the North side of the Blizzard San Rafael and in track of navigation towards the lagoon. In a place that is defined by the zoning of the coastal edge like area of extraction of bentnicos resources and not of aquiculture.

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The Same

Delving deeper: the trip is for 1 single person and you have to deposit 100 to make the reservation, that you back then even if you discounted (35 euros) by the management.The trip is 4 days and 3 nights in 3 or 4 star hotel in regime of automatics. (comrades @ 400 euros). In the event you go sol@,deberas share a room with another person, but want to share it and ask for a single room will have to pay a supplement of (199 euros). The flight leaves from Barcelona or Madrid.Los that we don’t live there, will have to pay for the trip from your city to the city of departure of the flight.(They only pay the transfer resulting in the same city).Rates and increase of fuel remain at our expense.(60 euros). It can happen due to departure times have to do night in that city. The cancellation insurance fee (25 euros) per person. You have to do before a minimum order to Venca (25-30 euros).

According to e. indagado hotels tend to be located in areas where there is not any tourist attraction, with which you’re forced to hire the excursions offered. You gotta pay you lunches and dinners. WHERE THIS FREE TRAVEL? This post could also be titled: what does not say their free trips venca. Fuente:COSA de Cadiz. Original author and source of the article.

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Project Continuity

To give continuity to the project, it is made distribution of the chosen species in accordance with the idea of the author, but is not simply to place the flowers, foliages, trees A principle must be had reference collator, that is, an objective must be reached with this ' ' organizao' ' what the occupant of the space will have to see and to feel. This is one of the qualities of the paisagismo, the capacity that the work has to transmit sensations, feelings, attitudes Therefore that many times are the proper paisagismo that enhances some constructions that if were seen by itself they would not have no attractive one. Beyond the necessity of the planning of a paisagismo in such a way for a residence, public, commercial building, among others It also has of the cities, therefore in the urban way she is necessary vegetations and arborization, mainly in the squares. Analyzing the scene of the cities, a chaotic vision in the arborization, caused for the wrong plantation of the species is found, for uninformed people not qualified. When it will have any intervention in an urban area and this implies in the introduction of trees, the first observed aspect is the way where this tree will be inserted, that is, presence or not of electric net, how much to the space and the main o it has carried of the species. It must consider the height, to opt preferential to native trees, to take care of if it does not possess toxic leves or fruits, the behavior of the roots Here it has some aspects that contribute for a good choice at the moment of the plantation, valley to remember that the squares also must be organized, for being one of the important places marcantes and of the cities, therefore they must offer shade, places of rest, leisure and the visibility for security guard questions. Therefore, an environment or place where the nature if makes gift has the power to transform and to exert positive influences in that they appreciate it and this is the power of the paisagismo that I eat was mentioned previously is not the simple choice of the species, has a work all entorno of resulted project and with an only one, to move with sensitivity and the welfare of the people.


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Internet Auctions

Sellers in the same "hammer" lay in the cost of a tortured vcr and shipping costs somewhere in the Far East, and possible risks and the cost of own nerves, and yet God knows what. In the end, find something worthwhile to "hammer" is very problematic. Interest in this online auction is basically for collectors – stamps, coins and badges are represented by a wide range, but foreigners buying up old toys, children of the Soviet Union. Provided, of course, that foreigners speak Russian. The second problem of domestic Internet auctions are also associated with the peculiarities national character. Bitter experience has taught us not to trust anything domestic, including auctions.

In the minds of most users online auction related to the financial pyramids, natural markets and other ways of obtaining money is relatively honest. That's why people are trying to basically stay away from Internet auctions. More advanced users, business people with middle and higher incomes prefer use the services of the Internet auction site eBay as the most prestigious and renowned trading platform. Needless to say, the Internet auction site eBay has made itself a big name, he is well known throughout the world, trust him. In contrast to the same "Hammer, eBay – this is an auction. It can and should be traded on the principle of trading is based the whole scheme work. Auction – it's not just good deals. This is a game, passion, desire to win. All of this completely devoid of domestic Internet auctions, where practically has a function of trading.


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