Egyptian Tarot

Egyptian Tarot cards provide the interesting possibility of studying the evolution of the tarot from its origins to our days. While it is attractive to be able to compare the similarities and differences between the Egyptian arcana and the Gypsy tarot, your analysis is particularly fruitful in understanding, especially, the way in which has evolved the reading of letters with the centuries. How to interpret messages from the letters, as it is natural, are changing as humanity evolves and faces new challenges to its limitations. Egyptian Tarot, the Empress is the arcane number III. It essentially represents the living energy of the universe focused and concentrated on the realization of an end. It is the Charter that speaks of creation expressed in action: ideas that actually do. For the Egyptian people, the realization of the ideas in the material realities meant perfect communion between the physical, mental, and spiritual planes. This is why that this letter may be construed as the announcement of a next stage of prosperity material.

Creative ideas favor production, and with it the physical well-being and material. The Egyptian Empress, however, also warns that the motorization of ideas brings with it a lot of obstacles to overcome. Although the consultant encouraged not discouraged: with its thrust, will be overcome without a doubt. In the Gypsy tarot Empress shows us the need to respect the natural time of each process. Rob Daley has much to offer in this field. Something that the Egyptian people, accustomed to the rhythms of nature, almost instinctively understood. But that humanity was losing, with the passing of the centuries, embarked in frantic racing toward nowhere, lost the vital tie with its essence.

For this reason the Empress has become little by little the Arcanum of the seed that is sowing and cares to see it germinate in due time. The one that speaks to us of the importance of wait time just to implement our ideas, without trying to hasten their development. Empress tells us that only thus will we obtain a lasting prosperity and is between the decks of tarot, the that emits the valuable message of not neglecting the human aspect of our business. Invested, this arcane speaks precisely of a power that does not respect the natural stroke and is, for that reason, condemned to failure.

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Drum Magnetic Separator

The Drum magnetic separator is applicable for wet mineral separation of such materials as magnetite, pyrrhotine etc. Drum Magnetic Separator Iron Application: This Drum magnetic Iron separator can separate raw materials with different magnetic rigidities. The machine works by using magnetic force and the machine force. you are designed to recover ferromagnetic materials. The separators are available in designs and sizes to provide solutions for all applications. Working Theory of drum magnetic separator: The mineral slurry flows into the cell through box feeder, the mineral particle is loose under the function of water flow of water feeder pipe when they flow into the cell. Affected by magnetic field, the magnetic particle swarm together and form magnetic cluster or chain. With the magnetism of ore slurry, the magnetic cluster or chain moves toward the magnetic pole, and is absorbed to the cylinder.

Because of the polarity of magnetic pole, the revolving directions alternate constantly, and remain fixed when it is working. When the magnetic cluster and chain go round and round along with the cylinder, the mingled gangue and other non-magnetic ore fall down due to the mixing phenomena produced by alternation of magnetic poles, and it is concentrate that is absorbed to the cylinder surface. The concentrate moves to the end of magnetic system where the magnetism is weakest along with the revolving cylinder, and is discharged into concentrate tank by the current drive by the discharging – ore pipe. The non-magnetic or weak magnetic remained are discharged along with the mineral slurry, and they are gangue. Performance and Features of Wet magnetic Iron separator: The magnetic separator has the advantages of simple structure, big processing volume, convenient operation and easy maintenance, etc.

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Minimal Investment

Position a website in a preferential place on Google, is something for which much work, and very few succeed, and this more than everything, not because it is difficult to do this kind of work, if, by the continuity and persistence that should not be to have results. Organic positioning can be done by anyone and especially with very little investment; in this article we will give them some scopes you can do before hiring a professional SEO. The pillars on which our efforts must be sustained are: 1.-create link incoming towards our website, (avoids paying for them), these links must be relevant and of good quality. 2 Have quality on our website or blog content (content is King). 3 Ensure that your target audience or market niche see it you as an authority on the subject. Let’s now explaining each one: Create Link starters for your web.

Spend an hour a day to upload your website to the various search engines and directories, we recommend that this work is done manually, since many of these sites they have questions anti-spam force to do it this way and not automatically. Higher number of subscriptions, better chance of success for your web page. Open a txt file, copy the url of your site, title, short description, long description, email contact, and to copy and paste. Participate in social networks, already since some time ago Google has decided to include the content posted by users in their SERPS (natural result pages). Currently there are many social networks, different types and specific audiences. But aside from the different types of social networks, you must do the impossible to be on facebook and twitter, and also create your facebook page, with all the information of your business and above all that it is well clear the link to your web page.

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Spanish SMEs

Leo these days one news that it gives me genuine chills in what to the management of the marketing and taking decisions referred to. According to a study that analyzes the behavior of 1,800 small and medium-sized enterprises, about 70% of advertising investment decisions do not evaluate the return on investment of past exercises. For those who are stuck in the world of advertising and online marketing are really outrageous this data type. And is that in an environment like the internet, in which virtually everything is measurable, it is unthinkable to not base your decisions or at least much of the same in good analysis. In this sense the online marketing agency should make an effort to transmit what measurable benefit, of do not spend money in anything that does not generate it and invest it in what generates it. To do this, we must add that some companies do not just identify niche market and leverage as the channel internet, so report highlighted that 79% of small and medium-sized enterprises does not possess a strategy based on the Digital businesses online through which plan their investments, highlighting the confusion that exists about the potential of online advertising. However, we can see how designers market is very atomized, if I put in Google web design Galicia, since it is my community, I see that appear more than 432,000 results according to Google, however get me the feeling that are in the web design and that the Galician SMEs and the Spanish in general you much to advance the development and generation of value through their online channel. Another of the major problems of these small and medium-sized enterprises is also that they were not sure where to go for the strategic advice of their actions and digital marketing campaigns, which indicates that there is a high level of confusion for them in the market.

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