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Reform Labour Operated

The aspiration of the Government with the recently approved labor reform was none other than the deal the four pillars considered necessary to eradicate on the intrinsic defects of our model. That is why they adopt measures to eliminate labor duality, putting stricter limits on temporary recruitment, at the time, reducing the rigidity of indefinite hiring. Undeniably accused destroying employment in times of crisis. I personally quite enjoyed the definition that once heard of a specialist, who resembled unemployment in Spain as a static picture of a room in which constantly enters and leaves people. You can than new regulation when it least bring congruence between the different hiring modalities that previously were unconnected. Be more flexible collective bargaining, foreseeing the possibility of pick up wage negotiations of collective agreements of top-level, responding to an old claim to the small and medium enterprises. Is It modifies and improves labor mediation giving greater autonomy to temporary work companies. Expected of them fairly when it comes to a proactive promotion of employment.

It is finally acts discreetly on the unemployment system so not it discourages job search. Good intentions that will be ruined by lack of pragmatism. While our social courts have to review the good faith in the use of the possibilities offered as recurrent resource, labor lawyers generally consider that nothing has changed. As a labor lawyer I understand that reform of the order was the axis on which influence, and this has only been tangentially addressed by known as the new judicial office, which deals with all the orders with dictatorial generality.

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This specialized powerful software that is placed on one or more separate (dedicated) web servers, that 24 hours a day only address problems associated with mailing and handling problems for customers for this service. Try to pitch to 20.000 subscribers in most of the traditional virtual servers hosting and you immediately arises a lot of problems, ranging from restrictions on the server and ending to failure to address the many mail servers of your subscribers, and thirdly, the Web service is usually of a serious business machinery and infrastructure that supports the entire system at a high level of performance. This means that majority control of the processes of distribution and processing of mail does not hang on the shoulders of the author, and on the shoulders team serving the web service. Any deviation from the normal (non-delivery of mail to some direction) is not solved the author of a series of letters, and data services. It is for this reason that cross-lists with web servers on the order of above; Fourth, as the author constantly pay a web service, then he constantly receives high interest on the part of support services in providing advice and solving some of its problems. Vendors also scripts or software, once received money, and then eventually lose interest in intense interaction with their customers, because there is no financial motivation in this and the resulting interest on their part. From disadvantages of web services, you can select only two: First, it is a dependency of the author of a Web service. But as experience shows, this dependence is always going only for the benefit of the author, because the lack of complete freedom helps to avoid the , inadvertent violations of network standards from the author, rapid problem solving with subscribers and with mail servers.

In the case when the author himself sends his letters – he takes all responsibility, as well as can substitute the host, or if it is sending mail through your isp, it substitutes a risk of it, and secondly, it's permanent small payments for the use of opportunities, services and resources to the web service. That is, using a web service you do not do one-time payment and does not become the owner of the copy of the software. You simply rent account and resources on the web – service. Of course, that everywhere has its pros and cons. For example, the advantage of this approach for the author is that he is constantly paying money to a web service that receives as a result of a lot more free time and the confidence that his series of letters sent stable enough and someone is constantly monitoring the situation. If you give a clear example, you can use in any area of professional services and pay for it, or you will have to be very professional in it and spend a huge amount of their time and energy. Therefore we can not say that a path is correct and the other not – just everyone chooses his own.


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The Realities Of Marrying A Younger Woman

One dream of many men, or fantasize of being with a younger woman, is to prove to themselves that are still vital, still can compete? The destiny wanted that actually have many Russian and Ukrainian women are looking for one older man, so that the dream can become a reality. The fact is that the possibility of having a couple younger, lover or wife is very attractive to many men, but can it work? The final result is not Yes and why, but let’s look at the consequences of such a union. I am lucky to have a common perspective as the owner of a Ukraine International Agency of appointments and I am able to tell you that Yes you can win the heart of a younger woman. It also seems prudent to also consider the implications for both parties.While the ladies registered in my agency has between 18 and 50 years of age, it is very notable, especially with youngsters who are looking for one man older than them. Why? Why are these women seeking an older couple? What is the attraction? The first issue to consider is that ladies from Russia, Ukraine are the only ones who seem to mature at a very young age. Very well what this should be is not clear for me, but it is an undeniable fact. Maybe it’s traditional, maybe always has been the case in these countries.

Of course, the physical difficulty and material within these countries must play a role. Many of these women embark on educating themselves on what is Western standards a very early age and many have completed a university course he took a diploma at the age of 22 years of age, and take very seriously his education. Get the best education and achieve a valid title and professional is very important for the majority of these women, what typically comes before thinking about marriage.

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American Family

When reaching the level where the benefit delinquent is equal to the cost delinquent, its improvement is carried through. Lesson for the crisis: if you find that benefit delinquent to acquire plus a quota of the deep one managed by the company of the Maddof is greater that the cost delinquent, thinks of new. People answer the incentives: as the people take decisions comparing costs and benefits, its behavior can move when the costs or benefits if modify. That is, the people answer the incentives. When the price of apples increases, for example, the people decide to eat more pears and little apples, because the cost to buy apples is bigger. At the same time, the apple producers decide to contract more people and spoon more apples, because the benefit of vender apple also is bigger. Lesson for the crisis: if you work in a great American bank that granted to bond millionaire for its executives as incentive so that they took decisions riskier, I find that you probably already are dismissed.

The commerce can improve the situation of all: when a member of its family looks job, concurs with members of other families who also are in job search. The families concur ones with the others when they go to the purchases, why each one of the families wants to buy the best products for the lesser price. Thus, in certain direction, each family in a economy competes with all the other families. Although this competition, its family would not be in better situation if it isolated of the other families. It made if it, would have to produce its foods, to confection its clothes, to construct its proper house. Evidently, its family earns very with the possibility of being able to deal with others. A commerce allows that each person if specializes in the activities where she is more apt, either in agriculture, the confection of clothes or the construction.


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