This specialized powerful software that is placed on one or more separate (dedicated) web servers, that 24 hours a day only address problems associated with mailing and handling problems for customers for this service. Try to pitch to 20.000 subscribers in most of the traditional virtual servers hosting and you immediately arises a lot of problems, ranging from restrictions on the server and ending to failure to address the many mail servers of your subscribers, and thirdly, the Web service is usually of a serious business machinery and infrastructure that supports the entire system at a high level of performance. This means that majority control of the processes of distribution and processing of mail does not hang on the shoulders of the author, and on the shoulders team serving the web service. Any deviation from the normal (non-delivery of mail to some direction) is not solved the author of a series of letters, and data services. It is for this reason that cross-lists with web servers on the order of above; Fourth, as the author constantly pay a web service, then he constantly receives high interest on the part of support services in providing advice and solving some of its problems. Vendors also scripts or software, once received money, and then eventually lose interest in intense interaction with their customers, because there is no financial motivation in this and the resulting interest on their part. From disadvantages of web services, you can select only two: First, it is a dependency of the author of a Web service. But as experience shows, this dependence is always going only for the benefit of the author, because the lack of complete freedom helps to avoid the , inadvertent violations of network standards from the author, rapid problem solving with subscribers and with mail servers.

In the case when the author himself sends his letters – he takes all responsibility, as well as can substitute the host, or if it is sending mail through your isp, it substitutes a risk of it, and secondly, it's permanent small payments for the use of opportunities, services and resources to the web service. That is, using a web service you do not do one-time payment and does not become the owner of the copy of the software. You simply rent account and resources on the web – service. Of course, that everywhere has its pros and cons. For example, the advantage of this approach for the author is that he is constantly paying money to a web service that receives as a result of a lot more free time and the confidence that his series of letters sent stable enough and someone is constantly monitoring the situation. If you give a clear example, you can use in any area of professional services and pay for it, or you will have to be very professional in it and spend a huge amount of their time and energy. Therefore we can not say that a path is correct and the other not – just everyone chooses his own.


Saturday, June 17th, 2017 News