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Management Presentations

EPIC information overload undermined the communication objectives and we plan to extend this concept to our two other target groups, it is also possible to offer the whole thing in the modified form, wait, that I can show you on a different chart, the presentation of of head of marketing for the sales activities of the year 2014 comprised a total of 130 films, many of the present field staff had already after 15 minutes other things, such as their smartphones, used to. So it is issued daily countless managers who come in your presentations to the point soon lose the attention of the audience. Your request is initially the completeness: If a single value of a time series is important, are all expelled, deposited as possible with its development history, when only two are relevant from a set of different features, all are still listed and described. However, the completeness claim tracked not the goal of an objectivised representation, but serves primarily the self-protection and self-representation: a variety of information is the consideration of the epic expression for competence, commitment and care. Hyper-information but also to change the filtering of the result, reduction and decision ability scale: important can be indistinguishable from unimportant, because you want to make it all right and no corners. Also the now increasingly sprawling operational working group and meeting mischief is responsible for this, because many managers no longer decide (can / want to), but transferred the decision-making groups. Can that be used in presentations of course not to and so you holds open on all sides, goes on to different alternatives and inflates the content as a result. This leads to the consequence that the ‘average’ management presentation without information loss by half is shortened. Companies that want to eliminate the problem of epic and strive for a reasonable, but especially productive presentation culture, must adopt rules that define a framework for content, form, and time. Once implemented an adapting occurs so it shows practical experience for fast initial resentment and there is a noticeable increase in quality. Klaus-Dieter Thill


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Mind Manager

This helps to better visualize ideas and communicate more effectively. Today there are software tools to build concept maps, there are free use (free) and commercial. See more detailed opinions by reading what Itron offers on the topic.. The two that we have used to the inside of our company are Cmap (widely used tool at the academic level, it can be downloaded in) and Mind Manager, an excellent tool that we use for processes of gathering information, analysis of situations, generation of ideas and communication sessions. You can consult your scope on maps conceptualescorresponden to a technique whereby the graphic expression is used to represent knowledge in a specific topic, using some basic rules for writing and reading. A conceptual map uses two key elements: the nodes, each of which represents a concept and the joints between each of the concepts that represent relationships between different concepts. More details on the definition of Conceptual map here the graphic structuring of ideas and concepts can help generate a dynamic in the work of analysis and much more productive communication that make it in the traditional way. A conceptual map is a means to visualize concepts and relationships of action between concepts. Human Mint can develop an ability to remember much more complete through the use of Visual images that through the use of written texts.

With the elaboration of conceptual maps leverages the ability of the human mind to recognize information on images to facilitate learning and memory. Below are a general example of what can be a conceptual map. The development of concept maps can be made simply with a sheet of paper and a pencil. One need not be an expert drawing, just have to follow some basic rules for the design of the maps. To illustrate this topic I will outline the steps we take to create a conceptual map: select the main concept to be developed (e.g. launch of a new event product) identify secondary concepts associated with this first concept and draw them around the central concept.

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Purchasing Manager Index

Yesterday was no exception, especially by the optimism generated by the publication of the Purchasing Manager Index s. This indicator next to the various stock markets gains benefited the euro, currency who managed to advance against the majority of currencies. The euro closed at $1.3376, compared to $1.3315 earlier. The EUR/JPY pair advanced and reached the 132.10, regarding the previous 131.35. And on the other hand, the EUR/GBP pair gained ground reaching the 0.8945, regarding the previous 0.8890. The euro benefited lately, above all, by the doubts which now generate coins refuge. Several investors began to invest in higher risk assets, and the Euro area is estimated as a beneficiary region. Therefore, the euro and the pound are taken all the advantages.It is estimated that during these days you will notice great volatility, given that awaits with eagerness the decision of the ECB with regard to interest rates.

It is estimated that the ECB will be decided by a reduction of 25 basis points in interest rates, however, may also announce unconventional measures. If so, the ECB will take measures similar to those taken earlier this year by the Fed, especially with the purchase of government bonds. If the ECB does not implement a reasonable program, may the euro pushed back against the American currency. JPY the yen at a low of three weeks against the euro yen recorded minimum values of makes 3 weeks against the euro, above all, by the rumors in plaza that the global recession would be ceding. In addition it is estimated that the American report with respect to the country’s banks will hurt the yen. Several investors are moving away from haven currencies and the yen to invest in higher risk assets. Against the dollar, the yen has retreated slightly last week. Yesterday the USD/JPY pair ended the day in the area of the 98.80, in comparison to the previous 99.45.

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