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Challenges: Effective Communication Mobilized Forces

Communication errors can have on the company’s success. To avoid this error, the Karlsruhe u-motions GmbH offers concrete assistance companies. Based on neurobiological insights and years of practical experience with neuro events, the company has developed a tool that opens up completely new possibilities for communication in particular at events. A study of the University of Hohenheim sheds light on the role of communication in the change management of Germany’s top companies. 43 percent of the companies surveyed recognize that they focused too little on the emotional needs of their employees and not friendly service to communicate. Claudia mast, Professor of communication sciences of the University of Hohenheim, expresses in the study, that many companies the management of emotions still need to learn. Solutions come from the brain research.

This discipline can provide valuable assistance to communicate important information at all levels of the hierarchy and anchor. For this purpose, the Karlsruhe u-motions GmbH combines the areas of event-business and Neurobiology. Starting a neuro code for companies and guests, pursuing u-motions an event and communication concept in six steps, that offers many advantages to companies. Dr. Nikolaus Korner, Managing Director of u-motions, explains: our neuro events guarantee more effective through a brain-friendly adaptation of the information to the feedback of score, more credibility through optimal selection and briefing of the persons involved in the event. Add more we get reduced misinterpretations by taking into account the presumed prerequisite knowledge, “feeling by change of perspective in planning and implementation, as well as a more efficient planning through clear target focus.” Martin Mauracher, lawyer and mediator in the German bank employees Association, underlines the results: “As long as the specific concerns and needs of the people not be addressed, as long as you not reach the hearts of the people, nor can be achieved with spectacular performances, such as with inspirational rhetoric or compelling visions.


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ESport In The Public TV As Well!

Eurosport Intel Extreme Masters V in Shanghai first sends Eurosport 2 on October 2, 2010 at 12:00 a 30 minute summary of the Intel Extreme Masters in Shanghai. What represents a first of the esports in the television and could be another upswing in the European eSports with the ESL Intel Extreme Masters season is broadcast the channels Eurosport 2 first eSport competitions on television. So are viewers and others with the games counter-strike, StarCraft 2, and Quake live hot duels can track. NY Governor recognizes the significance of this. Eurosport will show six episodes from Shanghai in early October until after Hanover at the World Championships. For the gamers from Asia, America and Europe, it’s about 400,000 dollars in prize money! Vincent le Goff, head of programming at Eurosport: “This strategic cooperation demonstrated Eurosports undeniable ability to offer original entertainment via its multimedia platform.” Ralf Reichert, Managing Director of turtle entertainment: “with the help of Eurosport the Intel Extreme Masters in new cars moves. This is the first time that our International League gets a regular broadcast on national television, which reaches millions of people. We are thrilled to be able to present the passion and intensity of the eSports millions of new viewers.” Christoph Hameed


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Hulbee Files

Hulbee Desktop Professional, the desktop search was now refined and powerful functions. Kreuzlingen/Switzerland. August 31, 2009. With the amount of existing files increases the need for tools, to find all these files on demand. The new search software for files Hulbee desktop, is now also available as professional version. One month after the launch of the free version now so companies and ambitious private users can use the program to the desktop search with significantly enhanced capabilities.

A license of Hulbee Desktop Professional costs 35,00, technical support included. Hulbee Desktop Professional, the desktop search was now refined and powerful functions. Users can browse files in almost all existing formats so that internal and external hard drives, network drives and storage devices such as USB sticks. Hulbee Desktop Professional is the ideal research tool for personal and corporate data on the computer. Hulbee Desktop Professional is now also in addition to emails Appointments, tasks, notes and contacts. Details the innovations a new, elegant menu, improved file management, and a finer narrowing of the search to thank finding even easier, faster and more comfortable by hand.

Search results are automatically pre-sorted in the categories of Office documents, texts, graphics, audio, video, email attachments, archives and other files. With a click on the respective button the matching results are ordered displayed the user relevance, file path and all other important file properties. With the help of the so-called Query Builder\”, files with certain properties can be searched selectively. To specific input fields to adjust the size or date have been built for the also from – to \”let the set areas. In addition, the search can be the so-called Boolean search operators\”to optimize. Can be multiple words at once searched and excluded terms. Even the relevance of the terms entered here can be set in relation to each other. In addition, more expressions in the text area of the searched terms as a narrowing of the search can be set.


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Criteo Builds Cooperation

The market leader for performance display advertising convinces with flexibility and skill in the technical implementation of Munich, June 4, 2012 – Criteo and SevenOne Media display advertising further expand their existing cooperation in the field of performance. As a long-term partner of SevenOne Media, Criteo decreases consistently high volumes of premium inventory of the marketer and integrated this into the campaigns of his customers. In addition to planned high turnover, Criteo is especially for flexibility regarding the technical implementation that distinguishes the company from other providers. In the framework of long-term cooperation, Criteo decreases consistently high volumes of the marketer. SevenOne Media, that as a subsidiary of ProSiebenSat.1. 1 group in addition to the TV markets all online offers of the Broadcasting Group, can expect 2012 through this cooperation with high turnover for the inventory on all platforms for the entire calendar year.

The technical performance of Criteo played a central role in the development of the partnership for our House. Criteo has our In this context most expectations”, as Thomas port, Managing Director online sales of SevenOne Media. Our customers benefit greatly from the advertising opportunities in the attractive premium environment. The click-through rates, which we generate on this high-quality inventory, is much higher than the click-through rates less exclusive inventory”, as Alexander Gosswein, Managing Director Central Europe, Criteo. We therefore very pleased, to further develop our strategic partnership with SevenOne Media.” Criteo collaborates with 80 percent of the top AGOF marketers today. Long-term and preferred partnerships have proven display campaigns for personalized performance as the most efficient for all pages form of cooperation.

That’s why Criteo is aiming for more partnerships in the premium segment. About Criteo-Criteo is the global market leader for performance display solutions. Thanks to the expertise of Criteo, advertisers can reach more customers with a return on investment, with similar search is. Every day generates millions of high-quality contacts by means of dynamic and personalized banners for the products and services that users search for Criteo. Criteo’s solutions solely on the basis of the post click performance are leaving measure and provide a cost-per-click model, with the optimizations be adjusted according to product category in real time. Criteo employs its own creative team for the design of advertising and campaign management. Criteo today more than 2,000 customers and is present in 30 countries in Europe, United States and Asia. Innovation and research & development are the core of the success of Criteo. Over 40 percent of the workforce are therefore working constantly to improve the search algorithms, to be able to offer to even more reliable and powerful solutions. The company has a dedicated research and Development Centre at its headquarters in Paris: Criteo Labs.


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Central Topics in the revised design with current image material from online photos and images around the issue of animal rights and animal welfare are journalists, editors, reporters and photojournalists on the redesigned Web site of the German animal protection Office. With blunt images, the German welfare office here reflects the reality of the industrialized farming and addressed other problem cases in Germany, including private livestock. Photos and image galleries to the issue of animal rights and animal welfare in General, as well as many individual databases, including on the topics of animal hoarding, poultry, Turkey fattening, pig, piglet castration, cattle for fattening, circus animals, exotic exchanges, plug mast, egg industry, animal testing, fur farming, hunting, animal, slaughterhouse or bird flu can be found on the page. Photo journalists and animal protection organizations looking for relevant images and photographs will be found in our archive. Animal welfare is one of the Central Topics of current public discussion, many media formats are already equipped with our images. Animal rights not least trapped in the wake of the intensified controversy over the discovery of unnecessary animal experiments in the focus of media and consumer protection agencies. With our pictures, we uncover the truth behind the facades of the animal factories has often with colorful advertising pictures and move the issue of animal rights and animal welfare at the Centre of public and media interest.

The German animal protection Office published with. Images and photographs, which relentlessly uncover the grisly daily routine behind the doors and gates of pole plants, fur farm and slaughterhouses. Also, we could cast glances behind the otherwise closed doors of animal laboratories and create startling images. The offer of our comprehensive archives is aimed at journalists and press agencies in search of compelling imagery. Pictures and photos on the subject of animal rights are now available for all Image journalists, photo editors and other media professionals also of course interested in available animal protection associations, associations, and organisations under the newly designed Internet presence of the German animal protection Office. Are you looking for updates and authentic photo and image material around on mass – and animal husbandry, Zoo, circus, animal testing, fur farm, shafts and other topics? Then you are exactly right with the German animal protection Office. Our range extends from materials for individuals and small associations and services for media representatives and large animal welfare and consumer protection organizations. The media work to educate consumers in cooperation with various organizations, clubs and associations among our priorities and core competencies.

For a picture to all relevant to the issue of animal rights and animal welfare areas of interest on our site. Ingo Schulz, German animal protection Office, Tel.: 0221-20463862).


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Despite Switching Cheap Code Take Advantage reveals, as call-by-call blocking can be circumvented by EUR 19.99 for Internet and telephone Flatrate a monthly fee not expensive sounds. Many consumers be persuaded by such offers and switch to another provider by Telekom. But at the latest at the first phone bill it is clear that the fine print in the contract was obviously overlooked: the flat rate does not apply to mobile phone and especially international calls usually. And already large sums. The Internet portal suggests, as with callthrough”bypasses this issue.

14.9 cents per minute for calls in Turkey, 7.9 cents per minute in the United States and whole 1.20 euros for phone calls with friends in Australia. These are just a few examples of various international rates by DSL providers. In addition, that the cheap primaries such contracts usually do not work. The consumer must make so something new come up with, in order to save costs. A well-functioning help and cost can do that here Callthrough method? How does callthrough? The system is similar to phone cards. First, the consumer calls a number in the German fixed network behind a single choice computer.

There the user indicates his PIN number and the desired foreign phone number with which he wants to be connected. Sometimes the connection may take a little longer – might also not concluded the conversation for the first time. Patience pays off here. However, call-through provider of the middle price segment are most reliable. Here can the customer be sure that he is not brought by a bogus bankrupt company to its quota of phone money. Who however cares, really to read through all his telephone contract, will be pleasantly surprised that, for example, from $5 more a month abroad flat rates offered. More information: article/4419/cheap code-despite telephone flat rate contact: Tilo Sommer University first media GmbH barefoot streets 11 04109 Leipzig Tel: + 49/341/49288-240 fax: + 49/341/49288-59


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