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EPIC information overload undermined the communication objectives and we plan to extend this concept to our two other target groups, it is also possible to offer the whole thing in the modified form, wait, that I can show you on a different chart, the presentation of of head of marketing for the sales activities of the year 2014 comprised a total of 130 films, many of the present field staff had already after 15 minutes other things, such as their smartphones, used to. So it is issued daily countless managers who come in your presentations to the point soon lose the attention of the audience. Your request is initially the completeness: If a single value of a time series is important, are all expelled, deposited as possible with its development history, when only two are relevant from a set of different features, all are still listed and described. However, the completeness claim tracked not the goal of an objectivised representation, but serves primarily the self-protection and self-representation: a variety of information is the consideration of the epic expression for competence, commitment and care. Hyper-information but also to change the filtering of the result, reduction and decision ability scale: important can be indistinguishable from unimportant, because you want to make it all right and no corners. Also the now increasingly sprawling operational working group and meeting mischief is responsible for this, because many managers no longer decide (can / want to), but transferred the decision-making groups. Can that be used in presentations of course not to and so you holds open on all sides, goes on to different alternatives and inflates the content as a result. This leads to the consequence that the ‘average’ management presentation without information loss by half is shortened. Companies that want to eliminate the problem of epic and strive for a reasonable, but especially productive presentation culture, must adopt rules that define a framework for content, form, and time. Once implemented an adapting occurs so it shows practical experience for fast initial resentment and there is a noticeable increase in quality. Klaus-Dieter Thill


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Hulbee Files

Hulbee Desktop Professional, the desktop search was now refined and powerful functions. Kreuzlingen/Switzerland. August 31, 2009. With the amount of existing files increases the need for tools, to find all these files on demand. The new search software for files Hulbee desktop, is now also available as professional version. One month after the launch of the free version now so companies and ambitious private users can use the program to the desktop search with significantly enhanced capabilities.

A license of Hulbee Desktop Professional costs 35,00, technical support included. Hulbee Desktop Professional, the desktop search was now refined and powerful functions. Users can browse files in almost all existing formats so that internal and external hard drives, network drives and storage devices such as USB sticks. Hulbee Desktop Professional is the ideal research tool for personal and corporate data on the computer. Hulbee Desktop Professional is now also in addition to emails Appointments, tasks, notes and contacts. Details the innovations a new, elegant menu, improved file management, and a finer narrowing of the search to thank finding even easier, faster and more comfortable by hand.

Search results are automatically pre-sorted in the categories of Office documents, texts, graphics, audio, video, email attachments, archives and other files. With a click on the respective button the matching results are ordered displayed the user relevance, file path and all other important file properties. With the help of the so-called Query Builder\”, files with certain properties can be searched selectively. To specific input fields to adjust the size or date have been built for the also from – to \”let the set areas. In addition, the search can be the so-called Boolean search operators\”to optimize. Can be multiple words at once searched and excluded terms. Even the relevance of the terms entered here can be set in relation to each other. In addition, more expressions in the text area of the searched terms as a narrowing of the search can be set.


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Despite Switching Cheap Code Take Advantage reveals, as call-by-call blocking can be circumvented by EUR 19.99 for Internet and telephone Flatrate a monthly fee not expensive sounds. Many consumers be persuaded by such offers and switch to another provider by Telekom. But at the latest at the first phone bill it is clear that the fine print in the contract was obviously overlooked: the flat rate does not apply to mobile phone and especially international calls usually. And already large sums. The Internet portal suggests, as with callthrough”bypasses this issue.

14.9 cents per minute for calls in Turkey, 7.9 cents per minute in the United States and whole 1.20 euros for phone calls with friends in Australia. These are just a few examples of various international rates by DSL providers. In addition, that the cheap primaries such contracts usually do not work. The consumer must make so something new come up with, in order to save costs. A well-functioning help and cost can do that here Callthrough method? How does callthrough? The system is similar to phone cards. First, the consumer calls a number in the German fixed network behind a single choice computer.

There the user indicates his PIN number and the desired foreign phone number with which he wants to be connected. Sometimes the connection may take a little longer – might also not concluded the conversation for the first time. Patience pays off here. However, call-through provider of the middle price segment are most reliable. Here can the customer be sure that he is not brought by a bogus bankrupt company to its quota of phone money. Who however cares, really to read through all his telephone contract, will be pleasantly surprised that, for example, from $5 more a month abroad flat rates offered. More information: article/4419/cheap code-despite telephone flat rate contact: Tilo Sommer University first media GmbH barefoot streets 11 04109 Leipzig Tel: + 49/341/49288-240 fax: + 49/341/49288-59


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