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Smile and wave. This is most likely did it while Maxim pulled on a frontier, where it will give birth to the paper and he was escorted from a Guy capital. Does not do naturally and without radiation session relay towers. Geeks are lying in convulsions, others march chant. Nothing in the rush do not understand nenashensky language, after all, but you hear: 'combat …

arrrrdeee-us … ', nothing else comes, but the song is probably the winding, it is possible poorat and geeks otpinat. Stoned and relaxed going into the city. Along the way, note how the radiating tower destroyed, but signs of sedation on the faces of geeks and nedovyrodkov does not appear, on the contrary, there is panic and passion of war. Consequently, the tower is not transmitting, it is necessary for intercontinental ballistic protection from bombs that destroyed spaceship Max's book, but given the fact that an asteroid in the movie. How then could believe in the necessity of Maxim terrorist attack the towers, this movie does not show.

Guy devotes Max in the TV tower, where inadequate Professor writes mentogrammy to broadcast their television programs, like videos about the fantasies of mental patients. Maxim Mentogramm two, it's memories of films seen by Maxim on vacation, the first the movie was about a dragon in the mountains, the second – the mummy returns – eleventh version. Viewers experience Maxima of these two motion pictures very much, and so mentogrammooperator not overjoyed popularity of television transmission and waits for the continuation of movies.

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State Cooperation

Infrastructure: Has an important network of road, airport, telecommunications, electricity, water, natural gas and industrial parks, among others. Quality of life: the people of Yucatan is known nationally for his human quality. The State is regarded as one of the safest at the national level. Also stands out in the provision of medical, educational and financial services. Natural and cultural riches: the State has great natural wealth in which the reserves are found ecological Rio Lagartos and Celestun, Cenotes and beaches. The Mayan cultural heritage is also impressive, beginning with one of the wonders of the world, the pyramid of Chichen Itza and other important archaeological sites; historic sites, colonial, etc.

Workforce and technical services: the provision of technical services is competitive, given the wide range of professionals and technicians trained in various areas of the agricultural sciences, health, administration and technology among others. On the other hand, the hiring of technical services and labor is done at very competitive costs. How to develop international cooperation activities the development of initiatives depends more on the will of those concerned, of the regulations and governmental decisions. Government institutions can open doors for the development of projects and opportunities but will be actors who should build their own relationships and mechanisms for achieving success. Have initiative and put it in action international cooperation activities are initiated from the interest of individuals, organizations and institutions, which have to get down to work, to build the entire network involved, relationships and resources needed to succeed in their projects. Therefore, it is not enough to achieve good ideas, but that action and constancy in the work is required to achieve the expected aims. Approach of results is necessary that from the beginning of the activity proposed objectives, goals and results that are expected to achieve, since in this way will be verifying the effectiveness of the project and including the scopes can measure. It is not recommended to start without a clear purpose to activity because this would lead to the dispersion of efforts, resources and movement to the drift of the activity.

Ensure the backrest and the wills of the political actors in any geographic region develop generate interests of political order that are unique to the area and that must be understood properly for earning the support of its principal actors. Some international cooperation activities in territories belonging to different political boundaries, which may involve including various levels of Government. Under these circumstances you must ensure the cooperation of the various bodies and the revision of the regulations in force for the achievement of the proposed objectives. Development of technical skills is a fact that technical knowledge is a necessary resource for the development of the activity. We also agree that in Yucatan we have capable and enterprising people to address projects of this magnitude. However, due to the growth and complexity of tasks that must be performed, necessary human resources to acquire ever-increasing technical capacity to avoid limitation of the results and their consequent stagnation. References Petrantonio, Marcela, 2002, international decentralised cooperation as a tool for development, paper prepared for the seminar cities in the 21st century, Fundacion Ciudad Policy, article retrieved on February 4, 2011. Sefoe, Secretariat of economic development, competitive, recovered the 8 February 2011 in M. at Arq.

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Towards health today intercultural interaction in day there is a health-oriented behaviour, where any activity of a person, regardless of their real or perceived health status, is aimed to promote, protect or maintain health, so if this conduct is objectively effective to achieve this end or isn’t it. In this behavior-oriented, towards health and specifically in our Western world we have a social education that includes learning opportunities, consciously created within our social scope of advocacy for health and health, which represents a form of communication intended to improve what could be called a health literacy. As well as the knowledge of the population in relation to their health and the development of personal skills conducive to individual health and to that of the community or social group, regardless of the philosophical differences, beliefs and acts. We should not forget that these inequalities or cultural diversity of people are framed inside of a more general context in which other pluralities, as those associated to the social, economic, cultural, ethnic class or own immigration are also present. Therefore, the point that is closest to the health professionals is the inequalities of gender and its relationship with the health of our environment. Therefore, identifying and measuring the sources of this widely social divergence, they may lay the basis for a quality assistance and to human. All health professional should make use of their social skills in terms of those behaviors that allow to perform its tasks while respecting the rights of other persons, these skills include communication.

It promotes interpersonal relationships with patients and is a key factor in the process of care provided by nurses to patients. For years, and in a traditional manner, the work of health professionals has been focused to offer care to the patient but social and everyday reality demonstrates that this by itself one is not able to cause changes of attitude in the patient. In addition to a good listener and Communicator, the workforce must be a connoisseur of cultures. Each patient is different and the approach is different in each case. If we extrapolate this base of knowledge to different cultures, ethnic groups or social groups, communication between professional and patient must be a relationship of aid that is realized in the interrelation of two people seeking solutions to cope with the same problem of health and adapting to the personal and socio-cultural circumstances. The intercultural performance of nursing is that which is carried out with scientific, technical and human quality and is perceived as such by the patient. The current social dynamics, makes that nursing care becomes a permanent challenge, because you must consider the values, beliefs and practices of individuals under your care, as well as express respect for them. The dimensions that nursing professional should consider providing your care, -given the incidence on the cultural diversity of human groups from cultural competence perspective – they are the acceptance and respect for cultural differences, the sensitivity to understand how these differences affect relations with people, and the ability to offer strategies that improve the cultural encounters, as prerequisites because transcultural nursing care can consolidate.

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