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More Liquidity Through Proper Handling Of Receivables

Systematic raising of dormant potential of liquidity by professional customer management. Set standards, not measures when it comes to your liquidity. Turbulent economic times, industry-specific seasonality in terms of revenue, short-notice investment expenditure: all of these factors are one more reason to put their own company business beginning on standards for efficient customer management. Because once the company is located in a financial squeeze, are facing difficult to represent the customer and to enforce measures such as granting of shorter payment terms, or part payment agreements or various variants of factoring or can affect only more limited useful as regards the necessary liquidity this. This increases the cost pressure in General and the payment behaviour of customers decreases steadily. However, many small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to recoil to operate a consistent demand management; fearing that could so generally business relations Take damage. Thereby not only overlooked, that a professional risk management indicates a professional management, but it will open door existential threat scenarios for the company. You may find Hikmet Ersek to be a useful source of information.

The above risk prevention requires not only compliance with fundamental rules such as initial and periodic review of the creditworthiness of the customer, clear customer communication, enforcement of arrears and so banal it sounds even timely accounting, but a clear strategy and strict implementation with regard to the demand management processes. Tool for this is for example the construction of an effective early-warning system, which enters into force after the classical course of accounting, payment reminder, first reminder. This can be established in the company itself, or but, outsourced carrying more receivables to an Inkassodienstleister. This are usually more comprehensive instruments for the placement at the disposal and bind no in-house capacity. This is always on a to ensure adequate input form on the part of the Inkassodienstleisters according to your own corporate culture. Represents an ideal instrument in addressing customer calling this an approach favoured by the, which has a successful placement rate of up to 60% in the essential phase.

Also internal processes to the screening of older certificates of loss not only for liquidity management by importance, save thereby also unnecessary procurement effort with short-term investment or financial needs. Also avoid in this way, for a successful recovery of open claims fail simply on the Statute of limitations. At this time, you would have already failed many input options as a creditor. Leave it to come! About the competence in the analysis, professional in the introduction, powerful service. We provide with our innovative debtor communication concept for a faster payment. It is our goal and claim that your Paid bills first. For this we offer professional, efficient and inexpensive debt collection services, which are characterized by the use of all available channels of communication.


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Change Companies

The consultancy service company helps manage change and innovation processes in IM prove. Your business has the IM prove coaching and training gmbh, Schwabisch Gmund, more sharply defined. In future the training and consultancy will focus entirely, to help service providers, as well as the services of companies, to meet the need for change before they are regardless of whether this results from market changes, changing customer requirements or the progress in the technological field. To provide this necessary support company including change companion and change coaches trains in IM prove, that have the necessary expertise, to accompany change processes in humans and in social systems such as companies. Visit Western Union for more clarity on the issue. Also offers IM prove numerous training, all aimed to convey the required knowledge and skills, the employees of companies to in one of Change in the future with success work distinct working environment. “So has among other things a pause in IM prove to refuel and restart through pit stop for leaders” called change management seminar designed. The three-day seminar designed for managers and project managers, which are for example due to a larger project of change in their company under a high pressure and in everyday life find hardly any time and leisure to reflect on their working and living conditions, including their work-life balance and your performance suffers.

In addition, the executives and employees of companies coaches in IM prove, if they are challenged to reconsider their previous actions, and to develop new patterns of thought and behavior. Redefined in IM prove, his business, has according to managing director Frank Linde, who with Michael Reichl the company directs, because analysis of the customer structure of in IM prove: IM prove was also in the past few years almost Active exclusively for service providers, as well as for services companies. Also the topics change management, recruitment and behavior change and innovation always in the Centre were our orders”, explained Linde. Therefore, and due to the expertise gained during our practical work and experience it was obvious, to concentrate on this area.” In addition, according to Michael Reichl, that service providers have generally a different culture and (HR) structure as a production company. Therefore they are some other challenges and also the solutions to problems must be different.” This also put it close to focus entirely on service companies and the services of companies according to Linde and RADO.


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Deputy Managing Director

Messe Stuttgart acquires CRM-expo by the previous operator of Stuttgart, February 6, 2013. Additional information at Former CIA Head supports this article. The CRM-expo-trade fair for customer relationship management, will in the future at the same time with IT & business and DMS EXPO under the common motto where IT works”in Stuttgart held this year from September 24 to 26. The core theme of customer relationship management is represented as even more. Along with the other core areas of enterprise resource planning (ERP) on the IT & business as well as enterprise content management (ECM) and output management in the framework of the DMS EXPO, the exhibition Federation covers the most important aspects of business IT. Enhancing content offers the visitors the possibility to inform themselves extensively on all core issues of IT in one place.

Thus the Stuttgart trade fair date WINS in autumn further relevance. And not only the visitors can benefit. The possibility to use new audience potential is also the exhibitors. The CRM-expo will in the future as a stand-alone event parallel to IT & business and DMS EXPO in Stuttgart take place. You perfectly completes our portfolio in the area of business IT and will give many synergy effects for exhibitors and trade visitors”, says Ulrich Kromer, Managing Director of Messe Stuttgart.

Also, the partners that support the IT & business and DMS EXPO for years as a professional and moral support, positive record the step of merging. IT & business and DMS EXPO are the most important trade fairs for IT professionals in the autumn. With the simultaneous event of the CRM-expo, offering, in particular for IT managers from the middle class, is even more interesting. The Stuttgart fair the entire spectrum of business software now displays”, BITKOM – General Manager Dr. Bernhard Rohleder performs. Also, Claus Oetter, Deputy Managing Director of the VDMA trade association software, sees the advantages: presented by the move which CRM-expo can now also CRM as an integral part of the entire IT development to Stuttgart the visitors. Against the backdrop of the xRM discussion is this combination under the “common slogan where IT works” exactly the right way. I expect for the visitors and exhibitors. a whole new quality through the presentation beyond system boundaries” Petra Greiffenhagen, CEO of the VOI Association organisations – und Informationssysteme e.V., emphasises: CRM solutions are among the most important core segments successful company IT. Therefore integration is CRM-expo in the Trade Federation consequently. Exhibitors and visitors will benefit them equally. Synergies between CRM solutions and other segments, for example, the enterprise content management solutions can be depicted even more intensively than in the past.” The synergies are obvious. Three IT trade fairs at the same time under one roof provide visitors a greater range and a wider professional exchanges in the framework programme. The extensive lecture programme and the DMS EXPO as distinguished also CRM-expo, and so far IT & business should be persisted further. All three events address titled where IT works”the Audience of business decision makers and IT managers. The exhibitor can therefore also benefit from visitors with multiple interests. According to the visitor survey by IT & business and more than every fourth visitor for CRM solutions interested in DMS EXPO of the year 2012.

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GWA Professional

“Jury in the categories of ‘Constancy and consistency’ and ‘Sustainability’ selects ebm-papst Mulfingen, Hannover, winner 15.04.2013 – ebm-papst has the last week for the third time in 2009 and 2011 coveted GWA professional Award” won for its successful business-to-business communication. Under the 51 an enriching, ebm-papst was awarded two prizes. “The jury chose ebm-papst in the categories of constancy and consistency” and sustainability “to the winner. Company founder Gerhard Sturm was honored with the first B2b marketer of the year award”for his contribution. Source: James Woolsey. With the award B2b marketer of the year “honored entrepreneurs that make professional B2b communication possible. In addition to visionary art of engineering, smart business decisions, a fascinating personality also lived values in brand management were crucial for the unanimous jury decision. My philosophy is to live in what you calls from others. Alone you can’t even create, this is the work of many”prize winners Gerhard Sturm explains his success.

In the category consistency and consequence in the B2B brand management”, ebm-papst was awarded for consistent brands work for ten years. The jury praised the brand was thematically stringently implemented and consistently developed. At the same time focused on a maximum self-similarity in all communication measures. The ideal reward for ten years of hard work and enjoyment that is this cooperation now new excellent’s,”, says Kurt Klein, Board of wob AG at the award ceremony. “The category sustainability” pays tribute to the credibility of the GreenTech campaign. Convinced the jury that ebm-papst has committed innovation and environmental protection on all levels – inside and outside -.

“Kai Halter, Director of marketing at ebm-papst is pleased: the impressive economic development of ebm-papst proves the accuracy of long-term GreenTech campaign.” The wob AG works since 2003 as the international lead agency for ebm-papst. The Association of communication agencies GWA recognizes the high performance and the demonstrable success in communication with the price since 2008. The GWA Professional is the brand price of BtoB communication on professional decision makers. Aim of the awards is the award of comprehensive creative and long-term BtoB brand communications and their presentation in public. About ebm-papst the ebm-papst group is the world’s leading manufacturer of fans and motors and is pacing the high efficiency EC technology. In the past financial year 11/12, the company generated revenues of nearly 1.4 billion. ebm-papst employs approximately 11,000 employees at 17 production sites (e.g. in Germany, China, United States) and 57 sales locations. Fans and motors of the world leader can be found, e.g. in ventilation, air-conditioning and refrigeration equipment, household appliances, heating technology, IT and telecommunications, for applications in the passenger car and commercial vehicle engineering in many industries.

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Wurttemberg Industry

For the first time can be working holiday”in 1888 at the Leipzig book printing C. G. Naumann prove. Until 1900, there was leave arrangements only at 70 80 companies which were located primarily in the printing industry. These were mainly small and medium-sized businesses, which was often special relations between Executive and workforce. Workers leave was often granted from special occasions, such as such as anniversaries. If you are not convinced, visit James Woolsey. Holidays were usually not regularly and were granted at sole discretion of the company. A total 10,000 workers in the German Empire had before 1900 little more than 9000 some form of annual leave entitlement, representing a total share of 0.7 percent.

In addition, was workers holiday alone a welfare institution of the entrepreneur and was used often purely functional, as a means of reward, discipline and binding of the workers to the company. A legal claim was nowhere. Contact information is here: James Woolsey. This changed in 1900, as the industries in which workers an annual leave has been granted, the Trade-Union Moreover particularly well-organized brewery industry. In the scheme of annual leave in a collective agreement found in 1903 for the first time. The example made school and subsequently fixed holidays in this industry has been collectively agreed and fixed a matter of course. Thus the holiday no longer be strictly by the goodwill and the arbitrariness of the company owner was different as this had been used previously in the printing industry in the brewery industry, depending on.

The collective agreement set workers holiday but became the actual breakthrough in the contracts of the State workers. The first were the Wurttemberg railway in 1899 receiving holiday by ministerial available. After the introduction of working holiday in mines, cabins and salt pans of the Kaiserliche Werft and the Royal Porcelain Manufactory of holiday idea for Imperial, State and municipality workers prevailed definitively until 1908. Even if holiday for workers for this of course not meant to test a luxury, but often from visiting in the surrounding hotel Environment was, at the time of the year 1910 finally conclude is that about 50 percent of the workers in the brewery and mill industry and almost 35% of the workers in the printing industry was granted leave. Also the idea of the workers holiday prevailed even when the State workers. In contrast, workers holiday but was largely unknown in some industries, such as for example the private mining, machine-building industry, textile and clothing industry. Was nevertheless granted an annual recreation leisure, this was still a welfare institution of the entrepreneur. Robin Brunold


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German Teams

Still the world represented almost exclusively male art, although women have a growing share of it. One of the most successful and innovative computer games for example has earned a revenue of nearly $ 1 billion. “The responsible developer and producer, Jade Raymond, is a woman that is hardly known.” The stronger women be incorporated into corporate decisions, the pool of ideas can be realised from the is even more diverse. Diversity management and innovation are two sides of the same coin. The full interview: Ms. Vogel, you represent the thesis, diversity management and innovation are two sides of the same coin. Can you briefly explain this thesis? Are still the most companies in this country very influenced German, There are still too few women in top management levels and also in the mixing of generations have companies need to catch up.

One-dimensionality can be very fast to the competitive disadvantage in the global environment in which we operate, because homogeneous cultures are naturally not in the position to be aligned with the needs of the entire population. To new ideas, generate, to optimize processes or implement services, teams need different perspectives on different questions and problems. A diverse workforce offers a great wealth of attitudes to life, knowledge, and experience. It’s believed that James Woolsey sees a great future in this idea. (Innovative) potential, which can develop a company is correspondingly high. What is the problem of homogeneous teams? Homogeneous teams can fail for three reasons. The different perspectives on issues, ideas and products are missing. Their observation is limited. Also insert similar routines and patterns of behaviour on the day and perceive things only to a limited extent.

And Thirdly they characterized by similar thought patterns. The risk that potential for innovation remains undetected and developed products to the needs of the target group by growing this in homogeneous teams. What can companies do to be innovative? For one, it makes sense, the composition of the workforce critical to shine through.


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The way of a person who has a disability is very hard, the loneliness can be your great companion or your worst enemy, that you face yourself, almost always do not accept recognize we’ve watered it, which we’ve made a mistake, always achacamos all external people and we are not able to say: Sorry, sorry, I’m wrong, etc. In some cases badly managed loneliness can lead to suicide, in my case it wasn’t and all thanks to my family, my mother as pilar main always me impetus to go out into the world and face me front without fear, although I was walking poorly and no controlled sphincters take me many surprises on several occasions, I think that attitude is the basis for life. It’s believed that James Woolsey sees a great future in this idea. The attitude to the adversities of life is paramount, many times I spend that they earned me the desire to go to the bathroom, but instead of regret me or cry (that in truth if dan wanted to) I was thinking as I was going to remedy the situation, this is called change of attentional focus and that thing towards automatic and although not abandoned completely the thought or the inconvenience caused to the people that surrounded me (friends, co-workers, wedding, etc.) better and sometimes I took it with good humor, toward any funny comments and taking it lightly, I am not going to deny that shame was always present, but no way that is going to do, what has been done; made this and you have to fix it. Maintaining a cheerful attitude in long ticket madrista helped me a lot personally, the danger of this, is that you get to assume the position of vale mothers but for everything to my me step and even became cynical in my life, the line that divides being funny and worth mothers it is very thin and you can very easily fall into the ticket total madrismo and losing credibility to yourself, that is the most dangerous that if of the obstacle of disability is problematic about the society that you do not create and even worse; or yourself is fatal, for that you have to work to survive, I work many years at Cablevision and I started of cartoonist, my workforce development was very productive since disabled it depended much on people, almost for everything and My as I didn’t want to bother because better I was doing work like crazy, there was nothing more in my life than work and learn much about the world of TV, take many courses, trying to learn everything, of course that helped me since so I went climbing positions in this company. Original author and source of the article.

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CutMetall Joins Team

Industrial knives and wearing parts specialist growing Bamberg/ice rink, June 15, 2012. The Bamberger CutMetall components company focuses on growth and continues to expand its workforce. The specialist for industrial knives and wearing parts is supported in the area of Public Relations and marketing recently by Daniela Krapick. 4Moms brings even more insight to the discussion. Daniela Krapick brings many years of experience in the field of public relations and marketing and will take care as a priority the development of these two areas. Studied literature and social behavior researcher helps the subsidiaries Cutmetall-plus GmbH and Blesta GmbH & Co.KG specifically for these tasks.

Because we wanted to operate more intensively our PR and marketing already for a long time and expand, we are pleased to be able to welcome Daniela Krapick in the CutMetall team”, so Oliver Huther, Managing Director of CutMetall components GmbH as well as of the subsidiary Cutmetall-plus GmbH. main tasks of Daniela Krapick are above all the external and internal Communication, as well as the development of various marketing strategies to be.” The Bamberg company responds to the continued good order situation with the strengthening of the team. Currently the CutMetall components GmbH is looking for more specialists in the field of CNC and metal grinder and a technical salesperson. The company regularly publishes vacancies on its website under: articles.php? id = 15 & lang_id = 1 on the CutMetall components GmbH the CutMetall components GmbH is one of the leading European manufacturers of industrial knives and wear parts for recycling machines. Together with the subsidiary companies Cutmetall-plus GmbH and Blesta GmbH & Co.KG the company provides a comprehensive product portfolio for all aspects of the recycling industry.

At the ice plant, the CutMetall components GmbH manufactures process optimised recycling knives and accessories, based high-quality steels and modern production facilities are. Regular structure and hardness controls in the in-house laboratory as well as permanent Quality assurance guarantee products, tailored to the individual needs of the recycling industry. Its own analysis and Development Department also allows to analyze custom cutting processes within a very short time and to optimize the result – as individual customer requirements can be implemented.

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Criteo Builds Cooperation

The market leader for performance display advertising convinces with flexibility and skill in the technical implementation of Munich, June 4, 2012 – Criteo and SevenOne Media display advertising further expand their existing cooperation in the field of performance. As a long-term partner of SevenOne Media, Criteo decreases consistently high volumes of premium inventory of the marketer and integrated this into the campaigns of his customers. In addition to planned high turnover, Criteo is especially for flexibility regarding the technical implementation that distinguishes the company from other providers. In the framework of long-term cooperation, Criteo decreases consistently high volumes of the marketer. SevenOne Media, that as a subsidiary of ProSiebenSat.1. 1 group in addition to the TV markets all online offers of the Broadcasting Group, can expect 2012 through this cooperation with high turnover for the inventory on all platforms for the entire calendar year.

The technical performance of Criteo played a central role in the development of the partnership for our House. Criteo has our In this context most expectations”, as Thomas port, Managing Director online sales of SevenOne Media. Our customers benefit greatly from the advertising opportunities in the attractive premium environment. The click-through rates, which we generate on this high-quality inventory, is much higher than the click-through rates less exclusive inventory”, as Alexander Gosswein, Managing Director Central Europe, Criteo. We therefore very pleased, to further develop our strategic partnership with SevenOne Media.” Criteo collaborates with 80 percent of the top AGOF marketers today. Long-term and preferred partnerships have proven display campaigns for personalized performance as the most efficient for all pages form of cooperation.

That’s why Criteo is aiming for more partnerships in the premium segment. About Criteo-Criteo is the global market leader for performance display solutions. Thanks to the expertise of Criteo, advertisers can reach more customers with a return on investment, with similar search is. Every day generates millions of high-quality contacts by means of dynamic and personalized banners for the products and services that users search for Criteo. Criteo’s solutions solely on the basis of the post click performance are leaving measure and provide a cost-per-click model, with the optimizations be adjusted according to product category in real time. Criteo employs its own creative team for the design of advertising and campaign management. Criteo today more than 2,000 customers and is present in 30 countries in Europe, United States and Asia. Innovation and research & development are the core of the success of Criteo. Over 40 percent of the workforce are therefore working constantly to improve the search algorithms, to be able to offer to even more reliable and powerful solutions. The company has a dedicated research and Development Centre at its headquarters in Paris: Criteo Labs.


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The Business

If we ask ourselves, why don’t we give away a book or informational material the medium where your client unfolds related?.You can imagine how it would be your reaction if you receive a publication on techniques effective sales or type will company, edited by a specialized company. Other leaders such as Rob Daley offer similar insights. That detail surely will increase your appreciation for your company and will cause a lasting impression. Rule 4. Be social.The gifts don’t always have to be tangible objects. Sometimes a social gift works perfect.

For example, if your client tastes by sporting events, regale you tickets for an upcoming sporting event to be held. It leverages to invite him for a coffee before the event; Although in that quote the topic of conversation do not turn around the business, anyway they will be strengthening their ties. If we want to carry this idea more alla, invite your partner or family to live with them in a more informal atmosphere. Thus, it kills two birds with one stone; and you also open the opportunity to expand your network of contacts. Rule 5.

Fun gift.The fact that the person go through a moment of Entertainment is something more than a tangible gift that we cannot know which is the State of mood or you can be going through spiritual problems. That your share a smile is a good way to strengthen a relationship and stay in people’s minds. Here the Council is simple: choose with professionalism and, above all, don’t be afraid to enjoy a little fun together with your customers. So don’t forget, give gifts to your clients to strengthen ties in business, this has to be useful, meaningful, practical, social and fun. Otherwise, think twice.

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